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Phone number 5102148005 .. The address is 150 W Juana Ave,San Leandro,California,94577,US in the Garage Doors-Repairing sector.Location : 37.723282,-122.154491 (navigation code to find $29 Garage Door Repair 94577 Ca 510-214-8005)


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150 W Juana Ave,San Leandro,California,94577

Direction for - $29 Garage Door Repair 94577 Ca 510-214-8005 San Leandro,California,US

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
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Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for $29 Garage Door Repair 94577 Ca 510-214-8005?

A : The phone number for $29 Garage Door Repair 94577 Ca 510-214-8005 is 5102148005

Q : Is there a key contact at $29 Garage Door Repair 94577 Ca 510-214-8005?

A : You can contact at 5102148005

Q : Where is $29 Garage Door Repair 94577 Ca 510-214-8005 located?

A : $29 Garage Door Repair 94577 Ca 510-214-8005 is located at 150 W Juana Ave,San Leandro,CA 94577.

Q : What is Zip Code 150 W Juana Ave?

A : The Zip Code 94577.

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this review is long overdue. in 2016, my garage door spring broke in two pieces. i called several places to check out the garage door. one local company came and estimated 300 dollars. that company also told me inright info didnt realize it until after all bay garage doors repaired the garage door spring. i was keen to fix it right absent and was approximately to pay the 300 dollars. however, my wwhethere hesitated and later contacted all bay garage. all bay garage doorsgave me a fair quote, approximately 125 dollars, to fix the spring and the installer was a professional!!! a few weeks ago i recommended all bay garage doors to my neighbor and he too was extremely satiswhethered.

summary: best prices, friendly & professional staff, look no further!we´ve used all bay 3 times now at 3 dwhetherferent houses.  i´m the type of person who wants to get 3 quotes from dwhetherferent vendors before i get any work done on the house, but when it comes to garage doors, i´m going to stop wasting my time and just schedule all bay every time.  the final time we got tenders on replacing a garage door kevin was able to schedule an estimate quickly and supply a price on the spot.  his price was not only the best, but since we had worked with all bay before, we knew the quality of work was excellent as well.  kevin was also willing to replace a fungus-damaged garage door jamb for cheaper than any of the other estimates we got from termite companies and carpenters.  when our garage door spring broke on a dwhetherferent house, we were able to schedule the repair quickly, and the technician also proposeed maintenance while he was there, pointing out lost and loose screws.  it was worth the small upcharge, since the door instantly stopped rattling and screeching.  i had no idea the door could be so quiet with some tlc.  definitely highly recommend all bay for any residential garage door needs.

this is the 3rd time i´ve been coming back to kevin for his services over the final 8 years.  the first was for a gear change on my opener.  moment was my springs broke and needed to be garage opener has been acting up and not opening intermittently so i´ll have to unplug, wait a few hours/days, plug it back in and starts working temporarily again.  to top whether off, one of my door panels bent and has been causing stress on the opener.  i kept this going for a couple of years until finally, i can see the stress on the door and may become a safety issue.searched the internet on costs for door replacement and they are not cheap.  bad time for me as well since our sewer pipe broke due to some roots penetrating the pipes.  this will involve $6k of repairs.called kevin again and came in the same day.  i told him approximately my financial situation and he gave me multiple options.  he actually told me that he can put a support bar on the panels and that will be much cheaper than changing the actual door panels.  for the opener acting up, he said that it is momentst likely the circuit board and that will also be much cheaper than replacing the entire unit.kevin is a very caring and customer-oriented professional.  he´s not there to seize as much momentney as he can but momentre focused on assembly the customer´s needs and situation.  this is why i kept coming back to him after all these years.i ended up just replacing my 19 year old unit with a momentre momentdern and way quieter belt drive!.  he still worked with me on the cost and also with my crazy schedule.  this was all happening at 5p, knowing he has not had dinner and he was great enough to keep going back and forth to his shop, first to pick up the support bars, then again to pick up the new opener.  he worked until night time and was patient with me on helping program to my older cars and showing me the new controls.great service and very fair prices!  thanks, kevin!

so the door was installed nowadays and again, they were friendly and efficient. the door works and looks great. would recommend to everyone due to their prices and service. they went above and beyond and i´m appreciative.

hospitable-professional-accommomentdating-dependable-immediate!!! all bay garage doors is our local garage door service and has been for the final decade. kevin was immediate in returning my call even during the busy weekend. after explaining how fidgety the unit was, kevin instantly knew the issue and offered to come check it out after his final client. some things were momentved around in the attic above the garage and loosened up something with our unit and kevin worked meticulously to fix it. he even ran out of staples and ran back to his shop to pick up refills and finish the job. he is detail oriented and cares approximately his customers and it shows in his work and work ethic. he went above and beyond to accommomentdate us and we are truly grateful! thanks kevin!

had a little ´accident´ with the garage door and decided to get a new one instead of trying to repair the old one.  after asking for recommendations on next door, i called all bay garage doors and spoke with kevin.  kevin not only came out the next day to take degreements for a tender, he secured the old door and garage at no charge.  i still did my due diligence and got two other quotes, but kevin´s was the best and it was clear he wasn´t trying to upsell.  the new door came in sooner than expected and kevin worked with my schedule to get it installed.  it looks amazing and really totals the overall look of the domestic.  kevin was professional, kind and personable.  a perfect combination in a small commerce owner.  i´d highly recommend all bay garage doors!

at 7:56am commerce replyed the phone day before thanksgiving. i needed garage door repair asap. they sent nick, one of their technicians, over and he reachd shut to 9a. he assessed the damage i had done backing my door before it was fully open :-  and he gave me an estimate, ordered parts and picked them up by 11a. bottom panel replaced, track realigned, and weather stripping plus caulk done, plus springs were replaced, all before 1pm.  work was quality, nick was professional and quick, door done. whew. definitely hire these folks when you need door repair.

apologies for the lateness of the review.  needed to get a repair done, as one of the momenttion sensor got knocked out of alignment do not ask, besidess, was looking for a local shop that offers repairs and services.  found a couple of places, including all bay.  the receptionist forgot her name, was very cordial and friendly and understanding of what needed to be done and tried to get someone out asap.  we were able to schedule a time that was convenient to my schedule.tuan sp? was the tech that came out and quickly assessed the door, opener and sensor and said he was able to align the sensor pretty quickly.  he also said he would go over the unit and door to make certain everything was running properly and would also make any adjustments that was needed.  while he was doing this, he was telling me that the door would potentially need to be replaced as he pointed out the areas that were warped and the best time to do it is when the spring gets replaced.  he famous that the spring was in good shape and has a good number of years before it goes out.  he gave me a new bracket for the sensor, aligned and tested.  in addition, he tightened all the bolts on the door and showed me what to do with respect to lubricating the mechanism and door.  tuan also replaced the wood in the frame that was knocked out when the sensor got knocked out of alignment.  i like to support the local shops when possible, and was glad that i found all bay.  they are reasonably priced, very nice and knowledgeable staff and would definitely recommend for your garage door needs.

love these guys! they came out when we first momentved our house and fixed up our garage momenttor real nice. recently we had a phantom opening our garage door periodically. it could´ve been that the garage door opener was in my backpack, i don´t know. either way tuan did a great job of checking our garage and changing the wire just in case. he also oiled all parts of the garage and momenttor, which was really nice. they have great customer service, they´re on time, and they do great work! trwhetherecta!

kevin and his buddy who came along to replace hinges on my old heavy wooden garage door were simply awesome. the entire experience from the first phone conversation to their speedy service was simply perfect. they certainly know their stuff, are passionate approximately their work, are perfectionists, and their price is very competitive too.can´t defeat this! highly recommend.

can´t believe its been 5 years since i had my first experience with all bay garage!  one of my main springs literally separated two pieces, and now my door won´t open.  i called all bay garage doors, and they made an appointment for the following momentrning nowadays.  mike texted he was on his way, replaced both springs, and additionally performed general garage door maintenance, all at a fair cost.  he was gone in less than 45 minutes!  thank you, kevin and mike.

we needed our garage door replaced asap and from the momentment i called all bay garage doors the service was great! someone came out that day and gave me an estimate, i didn´t even have to be domestic.  then the next day kevin came out and installed my new door and opener.  they were honest and dependable. pricing was momentre than fair.  i love the new garage door!  it´s beautwhetherul and quiet! a few weeks prior i had dealt with another company who came out and looked and then never called back with an estimate and totally faded to black.  it was refreshing to get kevin and his team. would definitely recommend them to anyone!

mike from all bay garage doors just left my domestic, and i could not be happier with his performance and professionalism. in addition to his diligence and getting the job done within the given time, he was knowledgeable upon replying all of my questions.  he even helped me set the garage remomentte on my car.  the new garage door and keypad he installed works well, and the overall service was great.  obviously i picked the right garage door company to do the job this time!

we got three estimates for replacing our old wooden garage door, and all bay garage doors was the only company with a totally inclusive tender other companies required us to hire a carpenter for the new framing. they were also the only company we contacted that was local and not part of larger network.  they did a great job, and we highly recommend them.

nick came to help us with a door that was mysteriously going up and down on its own and checked everything to see what the issue could be. i´m hoping the fix he made works and won´t know yet but he was so good at calling me and letting me know that he would be delayed - although he was still in the period of time he had estimated. he just wanted me to know it would be towards the later part of that time. i thought that was so thoughtful.

two years on and one of our springs popped. kevin came out again within an hour of calling. replaced the springs, balanced the door and was done in 30 minutes.i can´t say enough approximately these people.

good to find an honest toughworking quality commerce to help senior citizens on a fixed income tune up and replace springs for our garage door that needed a tune up and new springs. didn´t try to pull a fast one and we like that!

a couple years ago, i hired kevin to rewind my garage door spring because the door was not opening fully.  he quoted a low price of approximately $80. i´d not hire him again. you should take my lessons when hiring flag 1:  he reachd and within the first minute upon seeing the exterior of my garage door he asked whether i wanted to have the entire roll-up garage door replaced?  i politely declined citing the great shape my garage door was in no rusting, no peeling paints, no fading, no dents.  i sensed right absent that the somewhat low $80 quoted price for setting the spring was just a loss-leader to get additional commerce. a new garage door, which was totally unessential, given the good condition my garage door was in and still is would have cost me thousands of dollars in unessential flag 2:  there are two springs to the roll-up garage door. the two springs put torsion on the same rod to lwhethert the garage door. instead of tightening both springs, he tightened only the right side spring. he never checked the tension of the other spring. i suspect his cranking up the tension on only the right side of the rod created an asymmetric load on the door between the left and right because the rod is really just a hollow tube and is not 100 rigid.  asymmetric torsion can slightly twist the hollow tube rode and put dwhetherferent lwhethert between left and right on this hollow tube.  over several weeks of opening and closing the garage door with this asymmetric load it created that 3/4 gap.  besides that´s my theory.  prior to kevin work on the garage door, the bottom edge sealed flush perfectly with the ground on both sides.  within a couple weeks after he left, i noticed the right corner of the door the same side he cranked up the torsional force now shutd approximately 3/4 higher than the left corner.  i never had this problem before in the 10 years i owned the house.  i called kevin to complain approximately the gap and he said based on his long experience tightening springs on one side had nothing to do with the garage door now tilting. in short he communicateed that he was not responsible for it. all i can say to you yelp readers is it certainly was a hell of a coincidence that within a couple weeks after he tightened the right side spring the door no longer shutd level to the ground and it´s that same side the right side that is now tilted above the ground.  i had used the door for momentre than 10 yrs before and it had always been level flag 3: certain things kevin did or failed to do i did not ccorridorenge him right absent because i didn´t know any better. one thing he did was to crank the up force and down force to the maximum on the automatic garage door opener settings. i found out later that turning the down force to the maximum was an exceedingly dangerous thing to do because it can crush someone to death or damage car bodies. after he left i pulled out the manual for the garage door opener and to carefully read it.  i found out that the down force is supposed to be adjusted so that when an obstruction is come acrossed a pet or a baby, an elderly adult, or a car top when closing, the closing momenttion will stop and the door will reverse direction and open up. i observed him the entire time he adjusted the spring and the garage opener settings and he never once tested the auto stop safety feature when he adjusted the down force or up force. as he was leaving he just told me he turned up the up force and the down force.after he left i tested the safety feature and found that the garage door would not stop despite me using all my strength to resist the closing momenttion. it momentst certainly would have killed a pet or a child or damaged a car top whether they got trapped under the door while it was closing. i climbed up to the garage door opener and found that kevin had set the down force to the maximum. i spent the next half hour to re-adjust the settings so that the safety feature would kick in when an obstruction was come acrossed. adjusting the fragile balance of down force just enough to shut and automatically stop whether any obstruction is come acrossed would have been a very time consuming iterative process and would have taken him a lot momentre time to total than the approximately $80 he charged me was worth to him. that could explain why he did not adjust the down force by finding this balance and instead just set it to maximum.although kevin was courteous to me the wgap time, i wouldn´t ever use this company again.reply to kevin´s comment: it´s the easiest thing for a contractor to try to discredit an honest bad review by claiming we have no record you were my customer. right, you did not have a customer named borg which is only a screen handle, but you did have my legal name as your customer.  i have no intention to use my real name on the internet. see picture of the sticker you put on my garage at the conclusion of the job.

i´ve used all bay twice in approximately the final 5 years.  both were small jobs and totald quickly for less than my guestimate.  an appointment was easy to make and the repairs handled in a timely and professional manner.the first time my door came off the track and  they better secured the frame and rails to the garage walls.   the moment was momentre of a tune up when it was occasionally sticking.  their work on the frame was still good, but other bolts were coming lose.

awesome service, products are quality, the techs are on time, thorough, clean, kind, friendly knowledgeable professionals with top quality and service skills! whether you want a job well done, call this company, their easy to work with and reliable. even the customer service brie is super nice and easy to make an appointment with, zero hassles and she helped me understand which product i needed to replace a momenttor for my garage. another happy customer for your growing list! thanks!

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