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Phone number 8184013734 .. The address is 17914 Magnolia Blvd,Encino,California,91316,US in the Electrical sector.Location : 34.16508,-118.52273 (navigation code to find 1 1 Electric Inc)


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17914 Magnolia Blvd,Encino,California,91316

Direction for - 1  1 Electric Inc Encino,California,US

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown


Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 1 1 Electric Inc?

A : The phone number for 1 1 Electric Inc is 8184013734

Q : Is there a key contact at 1 1 Electric Inc?

A : You can contact at 8184013734

Q : Where is 1 1 Electric Inc located?

A : 1 1 Electric Inc is located at 17914 Magnolia Blvd,Encino,CA 91316.

Q : What is Zip Code 17914 Magnolia Blvd?

A : The Zip Code 91316.

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my power went out and i called nexus and they came out right absent and helped me out. they saved the day and are very nice guys. thanks nexus.

i was referred to ismael and his company by another happy client.  he was extremely professional when he came to give me an estimate, and when i showed him around my domestic with some things i needed to have done, he pointed out a couple of things that really needed to be repaired as it was kind of dangerous or had been repaired badly before.i thought, ´here we go, now i will end up paying a load momentre for things i hadn´t asked approximately´ .... but i couldn´t be momentre wrong.he, and his partner, were so polite, did everything i asked him to do, and repaired a couple of other things for me because it made him feel better to fix them properly.i am attaching photos, as he did a beautwhetherul job.  i wish i had a before photo of the wired piping, but this is the end result, and i was, and still am, so yourself a favor and hire this company.  you won´t be disappointed, i´ve already referred him on, and his prices were incredibly fair, they were honest, he really didn´t upsell me at all, and really seems to take pride in his work.i now have a few other projects i want him to do, now i´ve had the chance to see their work.

i have to say i had the momentst positive experience with mr. valadez... he was extremely efficient and professional from start to finish he replaced 68 light fixtures and outlets in two days for a very fair price...i will momentst definitely recommend him to my family and friends...

in a word nexus electric is outstanding!!!   i´ve just recently totald a momentdest but fairly comprehensive remomentdel of my humble little living room in reseda. i needed help installing some recessed lights, dimmer switches and a 5.1 domestic theater system with ceiling speakers.  fairly ambitious for my little love shack, but i wanted to go big so i needed to find the right company.  that´s important!i had several companies come out to tender on the electrical work, but only one, nexus electric, supplyd me with the competitive tender, professional attitude, confidence in their abilities, and momentst importantly the right ´vibe´ to help me with my project.  vibe is important!i knew from the start when i first met ismael and his crew that they were the right choice.   instantly friendly, totally professional, they listened carefully to my ideas, politely proposeed a few of their own that were supportive of my vision, supplyd a very competitive tender, and instilled the trust i require to have people working in my house. trust is important! ok let´s do it!we started right in with the electrical work, while i was still gathering tenders for the carpentry and masonry aspects of the job, which unluckyly caused some delays and ´leap frogging´ with the other workers no fault of anyone,  ismael and crew were exceedingly patient with the process, always honest, professional, tough working, attentive to details, tidy, reliable and thoughtful throughout the entire process, all of which are important!i now have a beautwhetherul living room with d electrical, and a rockin´ domestic theater set up thanks to the awesome work from nexus electric.  thanks guys!  you´re the best!so make the associateion!  call nexus electric right now.  you will not be disappointed. because that´s important too

this comes a little late but is still deserved. after a few weeks i was noticing that one of the new gfi outlet was not working so i called ismael. he sent his guys right out and they replaced the outlet quickly. they told me that a sprinkler was causing the gfi to go bad, they adjusted it and replaced it free of charge. i was fully prepared to pay for a replacement however ismael stood by his work, telling me that they should have taken the sprinkler account. when getting work done on your domestic there is no better feeling then working with a company that stands by and tregretst does guarantee their work. since using nexus i have recommended them to a friend of mine and he was just as pleased with the work done on his house as i was.

ismael was very quick to reply and thorough in diagnosing and fixing the problem we had with the electrical outlets. his fee was fair as well. very professional and friendly, highly recommended!

omg! he is the best! i was worried when i bought new domestic and all the electric was done wrong. i had cables sticking out of the wall associateed to extensions. ismael and his crew came in and fixed everything for me. he added lighting in the rooms and made the outlets safe. he was very affordable and was kind and  informative and punctual. he was just amazing

they were so informative and knowledgeable. they replyed all my questions and went the additional mile by working around my schedule. i feel very confident in their work, and i will recommend nexus electric to all my friends and family.

ishmael and maurice came on a service call and were excellent! i had an attic clean by pure eco they did a lovely job and a little wire had been disassociateed for the doorbell. eric of pure eco instantly sent out an electrician - so both companies get my seal of approval. highly recommend!:

we had power to our kitchen go out on a saturday momentrning right before our daughter´s birthday party. i started calling electricians with good yelp reviews including nexus. ismael called back to say he was working in another part of la but could stop by later in the aftermidday. meanwhile, i had another electrician come out to do the job. i had already checked the panel with a meter and determined the breakers were fine. that meant a short some. the first electrician not from nexus reachd and went to the panel and confirmed what i had told himno problem with the breakers. then he said he would have to come back later because it would take a while to identwhethery the short was in the circuit. i said no thanks and called nexus back to have them over asap. ismael and his coworker reachd at the time they said they would and quickly identwhetheried the problema fried outlet the microwave and fridge were plugged behind the fridge. they replaced the outlet in under an hour. they were very courteous and cleaned up and put things back as they found them. they also gave us quotes on a few other projects. in the end the repair price was fair given their same-day response and efficiency. would definitely recommend and use nexus again.

whether you need electrical work done this is the company to work with.ismael and his team are excellent to work with.  immediate, courteous and fairly priced.  this is the only company to hire!

had an electrical outlet that wasn´t working. ishmael from nexus electric came out and found that one end of the circuit was not associateed at the power panel. he was able to associate it and he even took the time to level all of the outlets in that room. this will be my go to electrician in the future. 6/2/2017 had nexus electric back out to install some dimmer switches. ishmael supplyd great recommendations via text on the right ones to purchase. he installed all 3, tested them and cleaned up the walls of any fingerprints. these guys really go out of their way to supply great service along with great customer service.

ismael is incredible. found him on yelp to diagnose a short in one of my switches. he found multiple problems and fixed them for nothing. he also installed five smart switches for way less than i would´ve expected. all in all, he stayed for 4.5 hours because he wanted to make certain my house was safe, and that the job was done right. it is so tough to find good, honest people out in the world, but i can confidently say ismael is someone you should call whether you need an electrician!

i met ismael, the owner of nexus electric at a job that we were both tenderding on. i asked him for a commerce card and told him that i was remomentdeling my house and i needed an estimate for a new panel box and wiring with new lighting inside and external the house. his estimate was momentre than half less than the other two companies i called. he took care of all the permits with the city of l.a. and the ladwp, all the examineions passed with no issues . ismael and his crew are friendly, reliable, and helpful and always left the areas they were working at clean at the end of the day. i´m the owner of a demomentlition co. and whether my customers ever ask me whether i know of a good electric co, i´m always going to recommend nexus electric. whether your looking for a awesome, friendly, tough working with good pricing electrician company call ismael.

ishmael & his team @ nexus electric come from a line of family that are electricians. it´s in their blood! when we bought our first domestic in los angeles, we needed over 30 recessed led lights installed as well as in-wall speakers, some chandeliers including a very heavy dining room chandelier, and vanity lights for the bathroom. nexus was momentre than half less than everybody on yelp that i could find. plus, they did such a nice job that we gave them a bigger project including: 200-amp panel upgrade, installation of ring doorbell & smart thermomentstat, momentunting and wiring flat panel tvs, installing outdoor lighting, as well as swapping out all the existing electrical outlets & switches in the domestic with newer usb outlets. ishmael and his team were a big part of making our recently purchased house a domestic. couldn´t have done it without them. please whether you are on the fence approximately an electrician, call nexus. from the momentment they step your domestic, you will feel like family. ps, whether he brings his cousin jimmy make certain your ready to laugh and reminisce. awesome team.

i´m super happy with ismael and his team. they did an outstanding job on my house. new lights, new wiring, new bathroom fan, new electrical plugs and switches. all well done at fair prices. good job!!!

amazing service and quick reply. i found  mr valdez thru yelp. my house had a huge electrical problem he found the problem and took care of it. by the way really dependable price and really professional service. thank you mr. valdez for your honesty and work, highly recommend.

awesome work from mr. valadez and his team. replyed quickly and professionally to our emergency electrical problem. his work is outstanding, our lights flickering and then stopped working, mr. valadez quickly diagnosed the problem as a faulty circuit breaker and replaced it immediately. we have since had nexus electric install 12 recessed lights in our domestic and a dinning room chandelier. i was very impressed by their ability to make minimal gaps on our walls and kept the project clean and organized.  overall, very happy with my experience with nexus electric, honest, knowledgeable, and friendly. thanks again for a great service!

approximately a momentnth ago an outlet started smomentking and lost power. i called nexus and they sent ismael over the next momentrning to look at it. ismael was greatimmediate, professional, friendly, and he quickly diagnosed the issue: the outlet had been wired inrightly. he fixed it on the spot and was in and out in less than an hour. i´m so relieved to finally have this taken care of and only wish i had called nexus sooner. i would definitely use them again. calidad papa!

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