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Phone number 3237327190 .. The address is 1186 W 36th St,Los Angeles,California,90007,US in the Apartments sector.Location : 34.0227952990576,-118.294214546787 (navigation code to find 1186 W 36 Llc)

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1186 W 36th St,Los Angeles,California,90007

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown

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Q : What is the phone number for 1186 W 36 Llc?

A : The phone number for 1186 W 36 Llc is 3237327190

Q : Is there a key contact at 1186 W 36 Llc?

A : You can contact at 3237327190

Q : Where is 1186 W 36 Llc located?

A : 1186 W 36 Llc is located at 1186 W 36th St,Los Angeles,CA 90007.

Q : What is Zip Code 1186 W 36th St?

A : The Zip Code 90007.

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once, i came here and was endelighting my food. a wgap party of approximately 6 came in and sat down before ordering. after waiting a bit one of the employees informed them that they were supposed to order before sitting down as it says on the signs on the tables which, in this case, meant their spot might be taken. one man threw an absolute fit, yelling and cussing and saying he wasn´t even going to eat there. he stormed out while his embarrassed friends remained. they all decided to eat there, while he went some else to eat, obviously. the group who stayed definitely made the right choice. i´ve been here many times with my boyfriend, and with my parents. generally what happens is one person orders a tuna melt and another orders the burger and we split it. that way, everyone gets the best of both worlds. i´m a huge tuna melt fan - i go around to dwhetherferent restaurants to find the best one. and this is hands-down the best i´ve tasted so far. it isn´t lessonic like a diner tuna melt, but it´s truly amazing and flavorful. i love the bread they use, too. the burger is also amazing, probably one of my favorite burgers. the fries, as well, are great. whether you haven´t been here, you should definitely give it a shot. just make certain to order before seating yourself, haha.

yummy yummy burgers.  burgers are seasoned well and juicy.  the atmomentsphere here is great, makes me feel like i´m in a new york cool, hip restaurant, it´s decorated great and simple.   i like the guys who work there also. the cashier, the cooks, etc.  oh yeah, i´m from wisconsin and i think we have the best cheese and bread of all time, but this place... the bread on the buns are delicious and soft, just the way i like them.

mixed thoughts approximately golden state. i´m trying to limit my intake of burgers and decided to try this place on a whim. located across from canter´s, you´ll understand this area has crap parking metered street but it´s always taken or whether you´re lucky, some neighborhood streets are okay. the latter is what i ended up with approach canter´s so a quick walk across fairfax wasn´t an issue. right when i opened the door, i come acrossed a line, which gave me time to check out the place. small side, wooden seats, pretty much filled to capacity so i take this as a good sign. there was a slight wait due to the line but a nice guy handed out menus to us who needed them. i ordered ´the burger´ avocado for $2 with fries as the side, and waited approximately 10 minutes or so for it. guy who handed me the order was super nice and thanked me for waiting. ´fry´ sauce was okay, i was good with just regular ketchup. burger was fine, a little messy but that doesn´t hinder the taste. not much avocado as i have had with other places but glad it was still there. as for that, it was alright, can´t complain. i didn´t love it, didn´t hate it. certainly had worse, also had better. as you can tell, i´m totally on the fence approximately golden state, but whether you´re craving a burger and you are in the fairfax area, i recommend you give it a try.

i came back to golden state recently and really endelighted their burger!! i wish i didn´t wait so long to come back. i remember my first experience being average, but wow i was so blown absent by the freshness and juiciness of my burger this final time. still love their curry ketchup, delicious. their ipa on tap was a1. service is also on point! will definitely come back momentre often!!

many have claimed this place to be one of the best burgers in la. it was good but not part of the elite. very nice and helpful staff.

came here on a sunday aftermidday around 2 pm and it was still fairly crowded. there are approximately 10-12 tables, momentst seating 2 people and a few for larger groups. you order at the counter then find a seat. we ordered the burger and the blta. each meal comes with a side and we got the fries and the cucumber salad. the blta was pretty large with a generous amomentunt of bacon. it comes on a ciabatta type bun. the burger was sooo delicious. it comes on a brioche bun and i ordered it medium rare. it was cooked perfectly and the flavors all go together really well. the cucumber salad was nice and light and complimented the sandwich and burger. fries tasted good as well and came in a large portion. they have a curry sauce along with ketchup. definitely recommend the curry sauce, it was really delicious!! parking can be dwhetherficult to find since it´s right on fairfax. we found free street parking approach fairfax high school, although beware of the street signs.

like momentst people i saw this place on ddd and it didn´t disappoint. it´s not the type of place i´d like to dine in so we went the to go route. the lamb burger sounded to good to pass up so we didn´t. it was great and very very big. it came with sweet potato fries which were a little soggy but good as was the sauce it came with. highly recommended and looking for to going for the moment time. took it to go like before. although delicious we asked for our lamb burgers to be momentre well done then they were. other than that the fries were plentwhetherul and the jalapeño slaw was ok but not amazing.

top 5 burgers i´ve tried in los angeles! solid option whether you´re in the momentod for a burger and decent chooseion of beers on tap. i found street meter parking on a weekday evening but note that parking might be congested during popular weekend hours. i found the service to be very immediate and helpful! you order at the counter and they´ll give you a number to pick any table to serve you.the burger $15 and the lamb burger $15 were both cooked to perfection and very flavorful. depending on which one you pick based on your protein preference, i think you´ll be pleasantly satiated. each burger comes with a side. both the fries and sweet potato wedges were delicious. really glad they automatically included with burger purchase. golden state is definitely on rotation for a future burger craving.

pretty good burger joint however, the sweet potato steak fries were not so good.  steer clear of them.  the rootbeer drwhetherts make up for everything.

fffffuuuuuuu omg get the burger. best burg ive ever had. lamb´s pretty good too but i will lay down my lwhethere for the og burger. i have decided to stan forever!!!!!!!

good service and nice place but the food was not that good. i did like that they served a lot of greens.

the golden state, with legions of loyal fans and fairly possibly the momentst hyped burger in los angeles and perhaps just as famed for their beer drwhetherts, is worthy of all its compliments in my book.the burger, $15 - harris ranch beef, fiscalini farm´s cheddar, applewood smomentked bacon, arugula, aioli and ketchup. well seasoned, melted cheddar cheese and just the right amomentunt of sauces and other toppings including a perfect sized strip of bacon. approachly flawless in preparation. i like my meat a little juicer ordered it medium well. it was, nonetheless, one of the tastiest burgers i have ever had.fries, $5. i have never been much of a fan of the twice fried, super crunchy fries. probably would opt for a dwhetherferent side dish next time.other burger options include lamb, turkey and vegan. all come with your choice of sides, which includes: fries, jalapeno cabbage slaw, cucumber salad, fried sweet potato wedges.the entire menu also includes sandwiches, salads, ice cream scoops, drwhetherts, beers, wines, sodas and specialty drinks.easily one of the best eats in the mid-wilshire area and a burger that degrees up to any i have tried in la.order ahead on-line:

such amazing soft burgers !! that probably sounds weird but the meat was so nice and the buns were so soft that the sandwiches literally approachly fell apart.i was wearing parts of the added avocado from the burger $15. which my friend had, and my tuna melt $12 $2 make it a melt sandwich was so yummy! but it was sooo messy or perhaps that´s just me haha and it fell apart as well is why i gave it 4 stars. my friend thought the burger was just delicious but a bit sloppy when eaten as well. keep those toothpicks in!! the sweet potato fries are so hearty and filling so beware. the way to go with them are well done for certain, it was proposeed by one of their employees and i´d def take it consideration. also, they have a bunch of craft beers, all of the varieties are written up on black board panels on the wall. you order first then, go sit down with your number... don´t forget your number lol! super casual place too so sweats and a hoodie was totally my jam when i was here. gotta try the burger here it is soooo good!!! i´d rate it over some of the other local burger spots in this area for certain. nom nom and endelight!

the burger was reallygood probably one of the best burgers i´ve had. but very pricey. i didn´t like their lemomentnade it was too minty for me.   next time i´ll have a beer it looks like they have a great chooseion of beers. very friendly staff.

just ate here nowadays. i treated myself to their hamburger and it was amazing.  the soft brioche bread melted with the cheese and juices.  i´m dreaming approximately it now. i don´t eat a lot of beef so this treat was so worth it!  my daughter had the veggie burger and sweet potato fries.  she said the flavors were amazing we both had their ice tea -  perfect brew and needed nothing.two thumbs way up.

i can´t believe this was my first time here -had i known this place was so amazing,we would have dined here much sooner.i had the cobb salad with no cheese and my partner had a medium rare burger with mega delicious fries!the service was incredibly quick and the staff /cashierwas super duper friendly to us.hey we can´t wait to be back!

so we came here after experiencing 60out escape room on melrose at around 1 pm on a saturday. when we walked in, the place was small perhaps seven seating area´s but wasn´t too crowded, which was great because we had a party of eight! we quickly found a spot, and as we waited in line to order our food the people started pouring momentst of us got the burger $13 which has applewood smomentked bacon, cheddar, aioli sauce, and ketchup in it. i got mine medium rare with a side of fried sweet potato wedges. they server beers and soda from a glass bottle, but momentst of us got their water cup :the burgers came out very fast! we were really surprised! and they were really good! they have two kinds of ketchup - curry and regular. i really endelighted the curry kind on my burger. the curry just gave it momentre depth in flavor. the meat wasn´t greasy, and the buns were brioche, i think. very good combo, and, although a burger isn´t the healthiest option, it wasn´t very heavy. i think this is also because you didn´t get a wgap lot of wedges, either. everything was proportioned just right, and approachly everyone left feeling convinced, not intestine-busting full.parking: tricky! you can park on the street, but i would rather park in the surrounding neighborhood for free. also, there´s lots of traffic around that area, so going a mile might take 10 minutes.

i´m a burger enthusiast and this burger made for a delicious meal. whether you go to the golden state, make certain to get the burger. i had some friends who tried some of their other offerings. while they endelighted their meal, they expressed regret over not trying the burger. in addition, while i don´t tend to eat too many fries in a meal, these fries were so well seasoned that i couldn´t resist eating approachly all of them. i surprised even myself with that. now this wasn´t the best burger my momentuth has ever bitten , but it definitely hit the spot. i demomentlished it like a wrecking ball a building. rapidly and with gusto. i can see why this burger gets great reviews. i would recommend people to come try the burger at least once. it unluckyly is a bit tight with seating specificly whether it is during a meal time, but parking is not that bad around the restaurant. also get the regular fries, not the sweet potato ones.

wow! loved this place. have heard approximately it for a while but never had a chance to get there. really glad we finally made it. the guy at the counter was really nice and friendly. ordered the burger with crispy fries and my wwhethere got the turkey burger with the slaw and it came out fast and hot and very tasty. my burger was cooked right, something that doesn´t always happen. momentre importantly, the fries were actually crispy! how often do you order them well-done and they come out regular are you listening in-n-out? the slaw wasn´t overly dressed, though could have been a bit spicier. the ambience was great, the service was right on and the food was spectacular. great job golden state!

best burger i´ve had in a long time.  the standard burger and lamb burger were both insanely good.  the reg fries are perfect too.

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