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Phone number 3106599238 .. The address is 1210 S Corning St,Los Angeles,California,90035,US in the Fire Alarm Systems sector.Location : 34.055305,-118.377048 (navigation code to find 1210 Corning St Llc)

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1210 S Corning St,Los Angeles,California,90035

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 1210 Corning St Llc?

A : The phone number for 1210 Corning St Llc is 3106599238

Q : Is there a key contact at 1210 Corning St Llc?

A : You can contact at 3106599238

Q : Where is 1210 Corning St Llc located?

A : 1210 Corning St Llc is located at 1210 S Corning St,Los Angeles,CA 90035.

Q : What is Zip Code 1210 S Corning St?

A : The Zip Code 90035.

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i applied and toured for a unit in burbank and had a pleasant experience.  roxanne was the manager for the building and was super helpful and responsive. then alana i think that was her name at the main office was helpful as well with processing my application quickly. i ended up passing on the unit solely because it wasn´t shut enough to work. however i will say i felt the property was in great shape from what i could see. i have to say seeing some of the bad reviews was concerning so i wanted to share a recent positive experience.  would definitely consider renting with them whether i find a place approach work!

i lived at the 14220 burbank location. i had to momentve. it was terrible. first of all i did not like the manager. for the 2 years i was there, there were 4 dwhetherferent managers! the final one seemed to just care approximately his filming side hustle. we were told there was going to be a gym, however the manager selfleshly combined 2 units so he can have a large unit that was irritating. probably so he can store momentre filming equipment!maintenance requests never got done on time. the pool was always dirty and tenants always had parties that got loud. no 1 guest per tenant rule enforced. trash was always in the front and the trash dumpster was always full and spilling over. which is irritateing since tenants pay for trash....water prescertain sucks! the manager told me they got in trouble from the city for using too much water. so they changed our toilets with shitty, no pun meaned! cheap toilets that would barely flush. i brought this up with the manager and he said the prescertain was better than his and i should be grateful...well i´m sorry excuse me,  i pay for rent and am the sir live here since it´s your job!it took forever to get hot water in the kitchen with prescertain. i was told to let it run to get let it run to get hot was 20 minutes straight..did i mention we had to pay for water!!some dogs walked approximately without a leash which created a tripping endanger and just irritateing. however, for being a dog friendly apartment they certain do not make it easily accessible for throwing dog bags absent. ceilings leak from rain and they take forever to fix. laundry room is disgusting and can take weeks for machines to get fixed.then to momentving out....the manager wanted to do a walk thru while we were still momentving out. we were still momentving which means we still had to clean. we finally drove back and did the walk thru. he did not have the proper paper work that shows we checked off from the paper we marked all dings and such from when we momentved in...he said that was not protocol...he did a walk thru and said everything looked great and that we would have to pay a cleaning fee which was irritating since we cleaned! then come the deposit refund check. do i start..first of all my partner and i were going out separate ways and needed 2 checks..the manager said we could not have 2 checks. which i am sorry, we totally can. he kept saying it was not protocol. so whether we were in dwhetherferent cities/states how in the hell would we cash this damn check?! so silly. then he messed up on the address and forgot my new apartment number so the check got returned. i had to drive over to been leeds to pick up the check which took them 15 minutes to find. i noticed we also got charged $40 for a smomentke alarm?! wtf, i am not certain how and why since we didn´t do the walk thru properly! so literally irritateed with this place.  overall, way to overpriced. i could see the cost for rent whether the place was kept up to code and clean. the apartments are narrow and long with the ac in the front and no way to cool down the bedrooms in the back. apartments are also dark since there are only 2 windows. one in the front and then the one in the bedroom. balcony apartments cost momentre which is funny because they are so small and have zero privacy. kitchen way too small. only plus side is the shutt space! i would not recommend this place and ben leads as the management just overall sucks and clearly upper management does not follow up and check in on apartments to make certain they are appealing.

i live in new york and wanted to rent an apartment in hollywood ca to be a snow bird with my husband . after signing lease for a year . soon after  a neighbor told my son the preceding tenant had committed suicide with a hanging!! i was shocked and beyond upset that i wasn´t told . after my legal responsibility of paying my rental agreement and giving my 30 day notice the management asked me why we were leaving , never went to apartment after finding this out i told soloman property manager we´re leaving due to the suicide he emailed me in writing telling me he told my son after signing lease !!my son was going to be staying there till we reachd .the suicide  happened 3 momentnths before i signed the lease . i´ve spoken to ben leeds and they deny that that have any knowledge , which i don´t believe but i know for certain the property manager soloman knew . i would have never obligated myself financially whether i knew this . worse property management i´ve ever seen . we never stepped foot the apartment i told my son i cannot go in there so he stayed there . i met soloman the property manager the day we flew in and handed him the keys! we also had the apartment cleaned by a service which i was charged a cleaning of 118 they took out of security . after sending pictures and receipt of clean apartment they refunded me. i think my next step is to speak to an attorney in regards of not being told approximately the suicide !!one star is too many for this company

i wish i could give 0 stars. don´t rent from this company! the manager was so impolite and was supposed to be living at the property but was managing another property and never at the building. she was so uncommunicative and any maintenance requests were met with a bill. my blinds were broken due to normal wear and tear and they said i needed to pay $75 to fix. there was endless construction, noise, workers looking in my window. they overcharged for my momentve out saying i owed for cleaning dust on an air vent, but let me know the rest of the apartment was cleaned. every time i called the office, they were so impolite and inconvenienced by doing their job. i called and spoke with someone who said they would call me back..never did. and when i called again she had no regatherion of speaking with me for 30 min a couple days prior. run far absent from this management company!

you would think that with all the negative reviews that there is a problem with this company. you have been warned. this office is a scam. clear and simple. they pretend to supply valid job offers and then give a fake salary. they exploit their apartment managers and employees.whether you work for them you will regret it! fidel alonso and bill schwartz should be ashamed of themselves, specificly ben leeds for letting his office take advantage of people. shame on you!

poor management the place is always dirty trash area laundry room front entrance. time for a new on site mgr

ben leeds properties has one of the momentst frustrating apartment application processes. i had to call them every single day for a week straight just to get a status for my application. and every time they gave me a dwhetherferent excuse as to why the leasing agent wasn´t able to call me. even after my application got approved, i had to keep calling the leasing office over and over again because no one bothered to call me back. for anyone potential thinking approximately renting from one of their properties, i honestly ask you to reconsider, this place is definitely not worth the trouble and the horrible customer experience.

refuses to take calls will hang up on you. owes me momentney from a settlement they lost too. cancelled the check owed. never returns calls. never returns messages. still waiting for my momentney even after leaving many messages in which the momentney was ordered to pay from the judgement by the court. nicole has yey to reply and the front desk is so unprofessional you want to pau for her to go back to school. all i want is my momentney owed from january. still waiting on nicole and the  staff at ben leeds to do their jobs

haven´t momentved in yet, but wanted to post my experience so far with the approval and leasing process.  ilana in the rental office was always pleasant and helpful- even when i called her four times in one day! tamarit, the manager, was very responsive- by text and phone- again even when bugged multiple times in a day.  when we changed our intellects approximately a pet, he volunteered to credit the pet deposit- no arguments, no hassles, just professional.

terrible company. i´m wondering how the actually rent properties because they never get back to you when you submit request for information. i have texted, and called a guy named ken for a property on corning. he has never once gotten back to me. i finally called the office again nowadays and was told it had someone put a deposit on the property yesterday. the only reason i gave this company to stars is because there is one person i think her name is ashley who is very nice at the leasing department. she promised to give ken my information again earlier this week but of course he didn´t call. do not bother waiting around for this company to get back to you whether you would want to lease a property from them.

i had an excellent experience from start to finish with ben leeds properties.  yoana was always available, helpful, and courteous.  any questions we had or anything we needed, they were there to help.  even when we needed to unexpectedly extend our lease, they were so helpful.  i have zero complaints - only good things to say approximately this company, and the lovely condo we rented from them.

this company is lucky to have yoana g. as a regional supervisor.  i generally give bad reviews unless a company has displayed something additionalordinary.  yoana has truly been extremely professional kind and nothing but amazing. i highly recommend this property management company.

i´ve been living in the roscoe property for over a year now and since james took over there has been great changes happening around the building. communication has been great with all the repairs happening round to make certain there is no inconvenience. it also feels momentre safe with all the upgrades to the surveillance system and front door access. the pool is kept clean and the new umbrella makes the place look good! definitely, proud to call this my domestic!thank you!

whether i could give negative stars i sooo would. i was told you would need 650 credit score to get approved for an apartment. my sister applied for a two bedroom and she has a 735 credit score and was denied. our combined salary made well over the payment needed. so what was the problem??? nothing that´s what.

first off this company needs to train their employees on customer service. specificly nicole bustos. she is the impolitest person i´ve ever dealt with.on february 14, 2019, i gave a 30 day notice that i would be momentving out.i paid rent for all of february and the apartment manager stated that for 14 days that was due for march rent it would be deducted from my apartment was cleaned from top to bottom and, i even took a paint sample to domestic depot,  so they could match the paint color of the apartment. i did my final walkthrough examineion with apartment manager and everything on the checklist was checked off as good but will need standard cleaning from their people.per the apartment manager regardless of how good you clean and paint your apartment, you will be charged a minimum fee of 250.00 for portray and 100.00 general cleaning.per ca law you cannot charge a person for normal wear and tear when you have lived there for a certain amomentunt of time this includes normal portray and carpeting. i lived at this property for approachly 3 years so there was normal wear and tear.on march 15, 2019, i was contacted by nicole via email to contact the office. upon contacting nicole she claims she sent a check to my new address, but supposedly it was returned as undeliverable. on march 20, 2019, nicole stated in an email that she was sending the check again.on march 28, 2019, i contacted nicole via phone informing here i still hadn´t getd a check and it was past the 21 days. she became impolite with me on the phone and stated she doesn´t work for the usps, she doesn´t control the mail. it´s now 30 days after i momentved out of the apartment still no security deposit refund.according to nicole the reason i don´t have the refund isn´t her problem because she claims she sent the check out a moment time.  so two times you mail my check and i don´t get it?this is what ben leads does to scam people and keep people´s deposit. they claim they mail your check but never really do. they try really tough to make you think you´re going to get your deposit back, but then tell you to contact your mail person. when i asked for a check number issued or a copy of the mail showing it was undeliverable, she got impolite and told me she didn´t have a copy of the envelope.i asked nicole whether she could issue me another check and i would personally come pick it up. she stated it would be a 25.00 fee to stop payment on the supposed two other checks that i never getd.on march 28, 2019, i asked nicole when the check would be ready for pickup, she stated to give her max until april 1, 2019, to have the check ready. around 1:00 p.m. on april 1st, i still haven´t heard anything back from nicole. so i decided to go the office. once i reach a young gentleman with glasses at the desk asks me whether i have an appointment. i told him i didn´t have an appointment. he asked what brought me the office and i told him, i was there to pick up my security deposit refund. he gets on the phone and calls nicole. after getting off the phone he tells me that he has bad news. i ask him what the bad news, he tells me the check isn´t ready. i ask him why isn´t the check ready the office has had plenty of time to get the check ready. he stated that the person who signs the check is currently not in the office. i said, okay so since the person who signs the check is not in can someone else sign the check? the gentleman tells me both people are out to lunch. i told him okay how long would it be before the people return from lunch. the gentleman says 90 minutes. i told him i´d wait.approximately 90 minutes later the gentleman comes down with the check in hand. upon looking over the check, i notice it says there´s a 30.00 charge for a cracked microwave. i took pictures of the place to include pictures of the microwave and there was no crack in the microwave. whether i could give this company zero stars i would. but i´ll give them the one star because the gentleman working the front desk was polite and courteous. this company targets people who are minorities and people who don´t make a lot of momentney. this is their scam to keep your deposit because they think you don´t know your rights, and the law. please be careful when renting from this company. take pictures and video before and after you momentve in, and when you momentve keep copies of your 30 day notice to vacate. sorry for the long post but ben leeds does not function in good faith.

so the review that i had precedingly left that was 5 stars was only submitted because i was being blackmailed to do so. i was told that i would not get my full momentney back whether i did not write a good review i have the receipts, so question me approximately it, i beg you. the place had horrible momentld - i was sick all the time and when i momentved, i found momentld growing on everything that was in my shutts. when i had precedingly called them approximately finding momentld, they literally wiped it up and painted over it and called it a day. i also told them approximately my damaged items when i momentved out and the new manager disregardd my text. he ended up texting me asking me which parking space was mine after that, though, so he clearly was receiving my messages. blackmail story: dillon, the manager at the time that i lived there, lost my signed document i was filing my momentve-out date. so they momentved my momentve-out date a few days back which obviously cost me momentney. that´s when dillon said whether i write a good review, he would take off that momentney, even though it was his fault! well - come to find out, dillon had picked up and left to texas during that time, so they did not give me back my momentney. i wanted to go to the office and complain and demand my momentney back, but at the time i was so frustrated that i really just wanted to be out of there and done with them and that apartment.they fixedly went my apartment without asking, even when i had checked the box for them not to let themselves in, since i have a pet. there was a side yard attached to my apartment that smelled like straight up sewage, always...and they charged momentre for my apartment since it had a yard. they fundamentally charged me momentre because it was attached to a sewer, so thanks for that, ben leeds! everyone i ever dealt with in the office was impolite. the management sucks. the buildings are not taken care of and at least mine was so momentld-infested that i´m certain an soiltremble would take it down quickly.the entire process of momentving out was hell. i would never live in a ben leeds property again and i will advise everyone i know to do the same. _________________________________________________________

worst property management company ever. it takes them forever to fix things. they´re not following the calwhetherornia house in code or the los angeles housing code. they have multiple building code violations in the building i live in. they don´t even keep up the property. chipped cracked and peeling paint probably full of lead trash all over the place. they don´t care approximately their tenants. and they discriminate against homomentsexuals and lesbians

i´m writing this review on behalf my girlfriend,tulin, m.i lived in canoga park from 2015 until 2018. overall my experience was great with the company.the building was clean. no noise complaints, and no crazy people. i also want to say thank you to jeremy, the building manager. he gave me the best service. you are awesome!!!!

. leeds just kicked me out of my apartment for writing a negative yelp review! zero stars. worst management company. deurgent to deal with. violates rights. retaliates. price gouging. rent goes up 10 a year. max security deposits allowed by law. flooding problems. rent from anybody else. there´s a reason my building in pasadena is empty.

a mess. i submitted my online application, was approved, was told the manager would contact me. he called let the phone ring a couple times then hung up. i instantly called back multiple times because i was ready to put down a deposit instantly. he didn´t reply. by friday i heard nothing and had to wait until momentnday to find out that the apartment i loved was rented.since i was already approved with the company i decided to look at other properties. i contacted one property manager on a momentnday who told me she couldn´t show it until friday. i expressed urgency telling her i was ready to momentve asap and have deposit ready and was already approved with the company. all of a sudden she is available the same day at 6pm. when i reachd to the apartment, it needed repairs and renovation. she started talking in circles approximately how it would all be fixed and also sounded uncertain approximately when it would be done. no real time estimates, just arbitrary promises. she also mentioned how she´s been showing it every day and i should put my deposit down so i won´t miss out. whether you didn´t want to show me the apartment until friday, how am i to believe that you have been showing it every day??? i momentved on. i viewed another property of theirs right across the street. the manager wasn´t there so she let me view it with a key in a lock box. i walked in to a mini bar for the construction workers. there were tequila bottles and beer bottles on the kitchen floor. so those repairs and renovations probably won´t be the better.

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