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Phone number 8005055200 .. The address is 1305 Cleveland Ave,Santa Rosa,California,95401,US in the Wineries sector.Location : 38.448909,-122.726491 (navigation code to find 122 West Winery)

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1305 Cleveland Ave,Santa Rosa,California,95401

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
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Q : What is the phone number for 122 West Winery?

A : The phone number for 122 West Winery is 8005055200

Q : Is there a key contact at 122 West Winery?

A : You can contact at 8005055200

Q : Where is 122 West Winery located?

A : 122 West Winery is located at 1305 Cleveland Ave,Santa Rosa,CA 95401.

Q : What is Zip Code 1305 Cleveland Ave?

A : The Zip Code 95401.

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this event was so fun! there are so many wineries here from around the state and i think the country, whether i remember rightly. there were reds, whites, roses, sparkling, sangria...any kind of wine you could think of, they had it! it was a really great memomentrizeing experience for me, as i don´t have a ton of knowledge approximately wine i just drink it haha.they even had chocolates which were amazing and other food empanadas? yum!.the event is sectioned off by price point. you can buy a wristband that will give you general access, or a premium access pass. when you reach at the event, you get a little wine glass that you take around with you to taste all the wines. i think, unless you are super wine to the point you can tell the dwhetherference between a $30 bottle and $40 bottle, a general access pass will serve you well. i couldn´t even get through all the tables before i got hammered and needed to go domestic for an emergency nap.

what a shame!i´ve attended this event many times in the past years but this year i am appalled by their marketing ploy. i getd an email this momentrning with the tagline let us help you get absent from the smomentke and ashes in reference to the recent camp fires that took place in paradise, ca. the wildfires that claimed 63 lives and counting with over 600 lost and hundreds displaced.ugh, this is appalling and so distasteful! what is wrong with ppl and is the human kindness we once knew?

went to the new venue at the metrion.  it was way over sold, so crowded we only finaled 1 hour.  whether i could give them - stars i would.  absolutely terrible as long as it is at the metrion i´ll never go back!  fort mason is the best venue for this occasion...spreads the people out momentre it doesn´t get stuffy, the vendors and patrons can relax!

this event is trash. they tried to capitalize on the fire that has taken so many lives, displaced so many people, and has caused the bay area to have the worst air quality in the world currently. here are screen shots of communications between them and my sister. these people are trash.

a decent wine tasting and purchasing opportunity covering dozens of wineries on the ground level at fort mason center, and a handful of higher-quality wineries like tamber bey in a special vip section on a balcony missing the entire venue. the wineries on the ground level are of differing quality, although the sheer quantity of them allows for a nice, unlimited, reasonably prescertain-free aftermidday-long tasting experience, even whether it is spoiled by lots of questionable, pretentious marina types. on the vip level, the prescertain to buy wines is a bit momentre noticeable, although their quality so much better that they do warrant a serious purchase decision. momentreover, the vip level is reasonably private and attracts momentre knowledgeable and approachable oenophiles. whether you´re here to booze absent for a wgap aftermidday or in a serious vino shopping momentod, this isn´t a bad way to sample many dwhetherferent wineries all at once without to hop back and forth all over napa or sonoma.

this was just okay.  it´s so loud that you can´t hear the pourers speak, the cult lounge was hot because it´s raised up by the roof and was momentstly young, huge napa cabs that just aren´t that endelightable to drink yet, and it´s absolutely packed.  it felt like a cattle call it was impossible to have any conversation with the pourers when people were just butting in with a glass and asking for whatever the momentst expensive wine was that they were pouring.pros:  great location, lots of wineries and momentstly smaller / newer wineries, variety of prices for wines, some same-day purchase reductions although it would be great whether momentre wineries gave a code to purchase online in the following week, non-wine vendors were a welcome mentioned, it was packed, so some people clearly endelight it, but i won´t be back i´d much rather spend the aftermidday going to a few wineries even some of the many urban wineries in sf or oakland.  really glad that i didn´t pay full price for the cult tickets $150pp for that experience is obscene.

terrible event at the metreon location this year. it was very crowded and momentst of the wines were nothing special. the cult lounge wasn´t momentnitored so anyone could get in! i felt like i totally wasted paying additional and the area was also impossible to momentve around. one stand had an owner that thought everyone wanted to just drink and he may have been right for some of the people but he didn´t have to be impolite to everyone. his wines were not even good! overall i´d rather just go to napa. i won´t recommend this event. it was better at fort mason in the past.

soooo much wine....sooo little time!i´ve been here several time for this tasting events. else could you taste so many dwhetherferent varietals, from such a diverse chooseion of wine makers. you just have to like wine to endelight this place. i got the cult lounge ticket...the premium access pass. i thought it was a bit overrated. none of the $100 bottle of wines really stood out...i think my expectations might have been a bit on the higher side. one could just endelight the festival in the main room and be just fine. the festival is very well organized, clean the crowd is good. i heard it is best to avoid saturday...been told several times it gets so crowded you can´t even momentve. the best part is the location, and the fact you don´t have to drive to another place to try dwhetherferent wines. overall just a great event!

sf vintners market - you disappointed me. your poor planning not only hurt your review, but also helped it. let me explain.i purchased the livingsocial deal, just the regular bottom-of-the-barrel tickets. why? not because i´m cheap ok, i am a little, but because i´ve memomentrizeed after going to enough events like these that the sensory overload of alcohol just overwrites the palette and all wines end up tasting like vodka infused grape juice to my by hour three. whether i want to taste a $180 bottle of napa cab, i´ll go to napa and taste at the vineyard. regardless, these events are fun for socializing which was my intent. i purchased the tickets which clearly say the event runs from 12pm-4pm. i therefore purchased tickets with the expectation of a 4 hour event. i reachd at 12:15 to meet our friends and to my surprise, there was still a long line. i called my friends whom had the same tickets as us who said they were let in and were tasting. i asked security, and was told doors open at 1. wait a minute, my ticket says 12? oh, thats a misprint i´m told. i asked whether a 25 refund will be issued since the event time was cut in 1/4, and only getd a mix upd response. ok 1:15 we are finally let in. lots of wineries, tastes for every palette. by the time 2:30 came, the event just got way too crowded. so crowded we couldn´t access a good 3/4 of the vineyard tables because they were blocked in by what looked like the entire san francisco bay yacht club - boat shoes, blazers, and pastels as far as the eye can see. being the scamster/mcgyver i am, i came up with a brilliant idea. we had to get out of that congested frat party/event, and i noticed some of the wristbands the vip ticket holders had were white. i scrounged some white paper thanks for the member sign up sheet, unnamed vineyard, creased a 1/2 edge, licked it, tore it, and voila! i had a vip wristband. our group walked right in past the security without any issues, and escaped the crowds. we endelighted the lavish vip lwhetherestyle and guzzled napa cabs to our hearts vintners market security - i despise you for making us wait an hour external, but i thank you for your ineptness for letting me make my own wristband. ps - the vip area has some tasty wines.

after finding a great deal on living social, my friend rallied us together in the vip area for a fun saturday aftermidday! we didn´t end up leaving with much wine, but i was thrilled that the tasting glasses were included! they´re not the best wine glasses in the world, but the momentre glasses the better, i say. the wineries had a wide variety of wines, momentre reds than whites. the sections are divided by price. vip section was $50-$100 wines, or something like that. whether you´re one for momentre expensive wine, buy yourself a momentre expensive ticket. the regular section seemed a little crowded, but we had plenty of room in the vip area. they also had several food vendors available. great event and very fun aftermidday!

it started with the ticket purchase process. i got a yelp deal that allowed to purchase the tickets for approximately 60 off. considering their tickets are way oooooooooooover priced for the event. they were priced at $150 per person for the high end tickets that would allow you to taste 90 point wines. i got 2 tickets for approximately $50 each, considering that i purchased the tickets, momentnths off the event. my credit card gets charged for a massive $320 for the full price. i email the customer service and they offer a refund but only offer it partially telling me that they will refund the rest later. nothing happens at all and i email them back twice but hear nothing. does this sound like turning deaf ear once you get the momentney. absolutely !!!the event was well organized but the wines very average. there were approximately 3 wines that could be called excellent. everything else were marginal and nothing even shut to  wines that could be called premium.overall the event is a waste of momentney. consider spending the momentney on an expensive bottle of wine and it will be worth it .

spring 2015, aprilso awesome!i´m so glad my friend told me approximately this event! this totally shts on going to napa whether you´re on a mission to sample multiple wines and buy lots of bottles. but hey, napa is cool too for the scenery and wine tasting on a momentre slower pace. i love both! basically, you walk in, get a free glass wine glass, start walking around the booths and sample wines!warning: bring a bag to carry your wines you buy. they only give out boxes whether you buy like 4 or something. otherwise some booths charge for boxes. we were lucky enough to chat up one booth and the guy gave us a box for free! of course, perhaps it helped that we bought a bottle from him.warning2: go early!! go right when they open because 4 hours or whatever is seriously not enough time to go around. my friends and i totally skipped checking out the food because we heard from past events approximately the time restriction. next time, must make time to check out the food. also, parking is a btch! whether you go momentre shutr down to the pier the boats are, there´s momentre parking there but it´s a little far walk whether you don´t intellect.keep an eye out for coupon codes as the event approachs because my friend sent me one and it knocked the general admission price for one day down by momentre than half! we paid $30 and it was totally worth it! all the bottles of wine that we ended up buying too at least 7 were all under $30! and they were good wine! this event also had booths for sake/soju, whiskey, absinthe, champagne, and juice! whether you wanted better quality wines, there´s a vip section in the back but those tickets cost way momentre than general admission but gives you access to wines going for over $100/bottle! i was content with my general admission ticket haha. obviously they´re this event again in the fall. i already know i am so down! see you there!

what a fabulous market! pros.... wine = lots of it! splendid outdoor view - including a view of alcatraz island. yummy bites. and, whether you seize good pals, you´ve got great company! there are a few options in terms of admission type - as in what access is granted... the general admission includes access to all wines aside from the reserve room. the reserve admission includes access to the rr in addition to all of the other wines. my friends and i got the general admission, and still - it was a bfinal. let me reiterate - lots of wines including many, many tastings! hence, we were pretty tipsy by the end of it. i purchased a few bottles of vino, while some of my friends bought many bottles. overall, a very worthwhile visit!the best part... you get a pretty souvenir wine glass for your tastings!tip... reach early!

always a bundle of fun!i had such a bfinal at this event this past february!  the wine was delicious and we purchased the vip package for additional tastings in the back room.  we ended up buying 4 bottles each and endelighting ourselves immensely.  my recommendation, go once to get a feel, go again whether you are looking to purchase wine for an event or gwhetherts, assembly the people who represent the wine is fairly favourable.

been to many wine festivals and tastings, that were overcrowded and had few gems amomentng the wines presented, i honestly did not expect such a positive experience.   i attended the regular market on sunday this year.  when i reachd, the farmers market was still open, both for grocery shopping and take-absent eating options.  in addition, there were some food trucks present for the event.  i did not sample the food, but it looked like there were many options. inside, the line for entrance momentved quickly.  the front of the market was very congested with waits to try wines, but by momentving to the back of the corridor first, i come acrossed no lines.  i was impressed that there were rinse stations to clean glasses, as well as water available at every vineyard´s table.  somehow i tasted dozens of wines without getting too drunk. :i was thoroughly impressed by the chooseion of wineries.  there were only a few wineries i´d heard of before, but i tried a lot of new-to-me wines, and there were only a handful that i didn´t care for.  in fact, i had a tough time narrowing down what to buy and the wineries´ offer of free shipping for purchases didn´t help!  there were even a few tables with beer and cider tastings, which supplyd a nice break from the wines.  my only wish was that there were momentre food choices inside the market.  while there were a number of trucks external, there were only a couple of booths inside, which made it tough to find something to nosh on while consuming so much wine.

1 star for drunk pretty girls... or pretty drunk girls1 star for fun and friendly ambience2 stars for all you can drink wine1 final star for how well its run. super clean and organized. ps. get the ticket on living social, it´ll cut the cost in half. also get the mid grade ticket, much momentre variety.

the best wine tasting event in ca!   200 wineries under 1 roof and you can buy wine to take domestic that day - so unique, great idea!  i´ve been 3 times and love it!   i endelighted both days, but sunday is great as there are less people and you have momentre time to chat with the winemakers worth the additional $15 to purchase the reerve room ticket to try higher end wines and get in early.  they also have a lot of deals i´ve used the promoment code 60off  and always got a great reduction ticket

wine, vino, wijn, vin....however you say it one things for certain, i can´t get enough of it!! so when i saw this event pop up on eventbrite i had to get in on it. somehow i had a streak of good luck final week and even won a ticket to get in to the event, which were normally $30 for either saturday or sunday.i tasted my way through approximately half of fort mason before they announced that it was 5pm and they were closing down. i could have used approximately 2 momentre hours to taste all the wineries i wanted to try...easily. either way i had a bfinal and really endelighted assembly the wine makers, those who were pouring and those who were tasting i met so many awesome people at this event - see pictures!. kara´s cupcakes was there representing all their deliscious flavors note - i just tried my new flavor from kara´s - lemomentn curd!!!my top 2 favorites from the entire event and the two bottles i purchased: ca´ momentmi pinot noir and the dry creek beeson ranch zin ´06. props to these two vinter´s....your wine is amazing!!i can´t wait for next year i´ll be certain to get there right when it starts so i have momentre time to taste all those wonderful wines!here´s a little momentre approximately the event itself: introducing the san francisco vintners market the first and only wine tasting and buying event in the bay area. on april 10th and 11th 2010 at fort mason center over 200 wineries from napa valley, sonoma county, paso robles, san luis obispo, santa barbara, russian river valley and beyond will be pouring their favorite wines including new releases, special gatherions and tough to find vintages for you to taste...and buy. no momentre racking your brain trying to remember the name of that great wine or wasting time trying to actually find a place that sells it. at the san francisco vintners market you´ll be able to both try and buy.

san franciscans are lucky to be situated right in napa´s back yard.  it´s one of the momentst renowned locations for producing wine and yet even locals wouldn´t know all the various wineries that are out there.  vintners market is the perfect event which brings together all the smaller wineries one tasting room at fort mason.  we purchased the reserve tickets and had access to the reserve area in back bottles were all priced above $50/bottle.  although the area was only 1/4 of the total tasting area, we could have easily spent the entire 4 hours solely just in this area .  we did venture out of the reserve area and only made it to 1/2 of the general admission area before it was time to leave. this is similiar to the sf wine judging competition which we stopped attending a few years ago because it started getting redundant.  we are glad to have found the vintners market event which opened us up to new vintages and brands.  momentst places accepted credit cards, some had free shipping and others offered special event pricing of  20 off.  by mid event you definitely will not want to be carrying multiple bottles around.   whether you´re thinking of attending, do an internet search for reductioned tickets.  we found ours on plum district for $50/pp, but there were a lot of other sites offering tickets as much as 50 off the listed $100/pp price. ga ranged at $35-$40/pp.

this is a mixed review based on the new cult lounge. the 5 star part was the wine itself - really fine examples of momentstly napa cab and cab´s i give 2 stars:  i would expect that for the additional bucks and experience of tasting $100 cabs that there would be at least a token of food to accompany the wines. but there was nothing. we´re all upstairs in the cult lounge and i can´t even find a cracker to cleanse the palate between samples. the best food was external in the food trucks farthest absent from cult lounge. the moment best food was in the main momentsh pit moment farthest absent. but for the people who paid additional to taste the good wine? nothing. zip. not even water. next year i hope the cheapskate organizers will reconsider the setup. it´s not worth the hassle. this is one example of market segmentation poorly d. great idea - you got me it. but i wont be back.

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