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Phone number 4158821585 .. The address is 390 1st St,San Francisco,California,94105,US in the Auto Repair sector.Location : 37.7859014668932,-122.393709472195 (navigation code to find 123 Auto Service)

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390 1st St,San Francisco,California,94105

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown

Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 123 Auto Service?

A : The phone number for 123 Auto Service is 4158821585

Q : Is there a key contact at 123 Auto Service?

A : You can contact at 4158821585

Q : Where is 123 Auto Service located?

A : 123 Auto Service is located at 390 1st St,San Francisco,CA 94105.

Q : What is Zip Code 390 1st St?

A : The Zip Code 94105.

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these guys are the best. they kept me d on what was wrong with my car and told me things i didn´t need to fix instantly, but let me know approximately every little thing even things i didn´t come in for. they even sent me texts and pictures of what they were doing. great service. i´ll come here again!

i love these guys.  first off, they told me what was causing my check engine light to turn on a lost part that they installed for $10: cheapest auto repair in the history of auto repairs!. but they didn´t stop there.  they gave me a detailed list of maintenance that i will need to address in a few thousand miles brake pads, battery, and cautioned me that my car is known to burn through oil so i should keep an eye on oil levels.  they repaired my car and educated me approximately it, and they did it all within the time window that they promised.  i really endelighted my experience and will definitely rely on k & c for future service and repair.

this guy is awesome! i would def. recommend to bring your car here for any type of service. super friendly and gets the job done.thanks for making me a happy jew!

so glad i found this reliable repair shop in sf, and it´ll definitely be my go-to shop going forward. great service, fair prices, and super communicative! had an issue my vw battery kept draining and dying, so brought it in for a diagnostic check. turned out there was an electrical issue that was sucking juice from the battery. throughout the entire investigation the team sent text s and photos. i was also due for a 40k mile service, and since my car was already at the shop i gave them the green light to handle that, too. great service, highly recommend!

horrible service. gave out wrong information and was unwilling to help in any way. would never go back or recommend to anyone.

i recently had the check engine light seem on my car with a warning approximately my breaks. i took it to the mini cooper repair shop and they recommended a bunch of services that would have cost over $4500.  i decided to take my car for a moment opinion and brought it over to k & c due to the good turns out that some of the services were needed, but not all of them.  the ones that were needed didn´t need performed instantly. steven was very honest. he took a bunch of photographs to show me what he saw that i didn´t get from the mini repair center and interviewed my driving style. based on the information, he helped me come up with a repair calendar that would keep me safe and give me the time to save and make the repairs.  the best part is his rates were signwhethericantly cheaper than the mini repair shop, any from a dwhetherference of 35 to 50 in price dwhetherference.  i took the car to the dealer because there had been a limited guarantee, but i won´t return there since the guarantee has run outd. steven was very fast in diagnosing my car and repaired my breaks very quickly.  i´m happy with the service and will continue to work with steven on the remaining repairs.

steve and the rest of the crew at k&c are great. i was experiencing some vibrations after rotating my wheels and needed an alignment after momentbbing through death valley backcountry. he showed i warped my rim and recommended momentving it to the back it won´t affect it rim. although he didn´t get the alignment right on the first time, he was extremely nice approximately looking at a moment time and nailed it spot on. he has quick communication and even texted me pictures of everything they were doing.keep up the great job, steve! i´ll be certain to be back.

happy with the service and professionalism from steven and k&c.  they´ve supplyd excellent service for a very good rate with additional check-up and recommendations on my vehicle.  my days of diy´s are over and i´m glad i found this shop to bring my car in from now on.brake pads rotors replaced

extremely professional, honest, and immediate service. brought in my bmw 328i and it´s been taken care of thoroughly for momentre than a fair price. i´ve serviced my prius with them before so i could recommend these guys for both german and japanese cars.cheers

i got back to my car after work to find that i had a flat tire. luckyly, k & c was right next door. although it was 10 minutes before closing, a kind gentleman quickly put my car up on a jack and found a screw in the tire. he remomentved the screw, plugged the gap, checked the plug for leaks, and topped off all the other tires. the wgap thing took approximately 10 minutes, including credit card payment. i fortunately paid the $25 and went on my way, grateful that my evening was barely disrupted.

i don´t generally leave reviews but this place deserves it. really professional and dependable service. as well affordable. called on friday pm to get a health check booked for a used audi i purchased and already on momentnday 7.45am was able to the car in. steven and his team sent photo/video s during the day and and the car was ready to pick up on my way domestic from work at 4pm believe it was ready already many hours before. steven went through super thoroughly the examineion document and had even highlighted couple of results i had specwhetherically asked to check. no upselling attempts at checkout and left with a very positive impression. will take my car here in the future for certain.

two thumbs up for the awesome service at k&c!!  from start to finish steve was in fixed communication and very clear on all details regarding my car.  first contact with steve was via yelp, quick to reply and give me an quote for a diagnostic run which turned out to be fair priced unlike approachby shops who are charging $300 just to tell me what´s wrong and then to only shell out momentre to get it fixed smh. steve had my car in and out i was very surprised how fast it took. i was expecting not to have my car over the weekend.  i loved the fact that steve sent photos directly to my phone and called before making any decisions himself.steve is a certwhetheried vw tech - feeling very confident in all his future proposeions address. i will be back to get a few momentre non-urgent issues fixed by steve and his team.

serviced my mercedes glk350 and was very convinced with the result. the location is very convenient for an easy pickup and off. i´m definitely coming back.

i just started bringing my wwhethere´s white mini copper here. so far the best mini cooper mechanic i´ve found. i feel they are very honest. and very through. but honesty is momentst important

getting your car worked on is never a fun task, and generally an expensive trip, but steven at k&c makes it easier and momentre manageable. he is extremely communicative and friendly and gets work done in a timely manner! we were happy to find this shop after momentving to sf and definitely will be continual customers!

steven is the absolute best. ive used k & c for approximately 3 years now. i´ve had fairly a few problems with my 2004 audi a4 and he has always been very clear approximately showing me what the issue was and the cheapest way to repair it. even when i was living in santa barbara and had to have a radiator replaced he went above and beyond any auto repair shop i´ve been to before and recommended i should go to get it done.

this place is a blessing! i´m the type that doesn´t really get their car checked until something breaks bad habit i know. well that happened late final year. my water pump was broken. i went to a big name tire place to get an oil change and they were trying to charge me upwards of $1700 to get my water pump fixed. i felt as whether that was a little too steep and ridiculous. well then so i came to yelp and i found k&c!steven gave me not only a great price but his service was outstanding!! he made the wgap process very easy and made me feel like my car was in good hands. i asked him to do a full examineion to weed out any other issues. first, once he does the examineion he sends you pictures of everything that might be damaged. he also sends you videos of what may be wrong showcasing your license plate so you can see that it is truly your i thought, i had a long list of items i had to get fixed. steven did not push me to fix anything other than what i absolutely needed first. and he also gave me the list of items in order of safety! that was amazing service. a lot of mechanics try to take advantage of women that may not know a lot approximately cars by over charging them as well as making them fix stuff that doesn´t make sense.steven left me feeling very relieved that i can trust in his work and come finish my repairs little by little. i have found my shop in the city and i will continue to patron it! thank you k&c!!

did the yelp quote request and steven messaged me back within the next couple of hours. i was looking for a simple oil change that took supplies i bought on my own, which i didn´t know many shops don´t do. he gave me a quote and was able to book my appointment which was only 2 days later. day of got to meet him and he went over everything we talked approximately. super nice guy. killed time at a approachby peet´s. steven even shot me video and photo s during which was a huge bonus. he even checked around and d me on other fluids, cosmetic issues, etc for me to keep an eye on. great guy, quality work, def worth the drive to dtsf area to come back to.

my car broke down on the bay bridge and so i needed a quick fix. it was a  saturday and momentst places  are shutd on weekends. these guys were open and had great reviews on yelp so i decided to give it a try. the reviews approximately this place are right. they were very kind, helpful and accommomentdating. prices were very fair too! thanks guys

steven & co have really been great. there´s a good reason that every other review is 5 stars. they´re very honest and service a variety of cars from dwhetherferent brands. i personally have taken my subarus in for service.

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