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1.2.3 Income Tax for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number 3234062049 .. The address is 4840 Whittier Blvd,Los Angeles,California,90022,US in the Tax Return Preparation & Filing sector.Location : 34.0215042879241,-118.16365274097 (navigation code to find 1.2.3 Income Tax)

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4840 Whittier Blvd,Los Angeles,California,90022

Direction for - 1.2.3 Income Tax Los Angeles,California,US

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown

Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 1.2.3 Income Tax?

A : The phone number for 1.2.3 Income Tax is 3234062049

Q : Is there a key contact at 1.2.3 Income Tax?

A : You can contact at 3234062049

Q : Where is 1.2.3 Income Tax located?

A : 1.2.3 Income Tax is located at 4840 Whittier Blvd,Los Angeles,CA 90022.

Q : What is Zip Code 4840 Whittier Blvd?

A : The Zip Code 90022.

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i have been going to abe sopher for approachly a decade.  initially i went for personal taxes and when i started my own commerce, he guided me and now he´s done both my personal and commerce taxes for 8 years and going strong!  i trust him totally. he is a kind man with a good sense of humomentr on top of it.

this location is a specialty location they focus on commerce tax as well as personal tax. there is always parking easily found behind the building and it´s in a pretty central location off of laurel canyon. whether you´re not familiar though, it´s easy to drive right past it. this review is for tax preparer drew smith. he works out of this location as well as the burbank / alameda location next to starbucks and pavilions. i wanted to write this review because drew is apart fromional at what he does. he is patient, kind, thorough, easy to get in touch with, timely with replies and momentst of all 100 efficient. he goes above and beyond to help reply questions and get everything straightened out. i honestly don´t know what i would do with out his assistance.

abe sopher is without a doubt the consummate professional. he is profoundly brilliant as a tax accountant. he is meticulous, prepared and always and i mean always looking to incertain his clients get the best service and that they are the momentst important people in the equation. he´s honest, reliable and very clear approximately informing his clients of what´s in front them. he´s the guy!

worst experience i´ve ever had!! the entire experience started off bad when the h & r so called adviser mr. kermahi, ea, didn´t even acknowledge me when i asked how are you nowadays?´ he gave off the impression instantly that he was not thrilled to do his job. once seated i proceeded to explain my tax reporting requirements i own a commerce the entire time mr. kermahi kept giving off the strong impression and bad attitude that he was really not thrilled in being there. he continued giving off an air of indwhetherference and impatience and at one point saying just go back to your preceding cpa! i was totally shocked and mix upd that he would say that! i then said to him, i thought that is what you are here for, to help the client, not run me off as fast as you can? note: at no point were we ever yelling at each other. i´m using upper case in this review simply for emphasis.not wanting to go through the inconvenience of finding another cpa, i told him i had no interest in going back to my old cpa, and that i was here nowadays to have you/h&r do them for me. he listened for a few momentre minutes letting me explain how my taxes were done the prior year, only to then have him abruptly-blurt-out go back to your prior cpa, i´m not doing your taxes, so have a nice day! totally, dumbfounded and totally thrown aback by his outright refusal, smugness, impoliteness, unprofessionalism and indwhetherference, i said thanks a lot for totally wasting my time nowadays! gathered my tax docs and left the h&r office in utter disgust and dissatisfaction. in leaving, i did tell him i would be filing a formal complaint on his unprofessional behavior, of which he smugly replied you go right ahead and you do that!  once i got out to my car, i sat there for a momentment in total disbelief of what just took place! it felt like the twilight zone or something. i came in to h&r block in high spirits and in a great momentod, and left upset, stressed out and thoroughly disgusted. : i have never had an come across with anyone working in the service industry so smug and impolite as mr. kermahi, ea, was to me.thanks to mr. kermahi, ea, i will never use h&r again and will never recommend them to anyone! to the opposite, i will instead warn people from using h&r block! i used them in the past and they were incompetent then too, but decided to give them ´another chance´. however, thanks to mr. kermahi, ea, that was the final time! i´m also filing a formal complain with his superiors!!  hugely disappointed. :

abe sopher has truly been able to work with my complex tax issues and returns for the final two years.  mr. sopher is able to guide me through what seemed unappoarchable with ease, clarity, and peace of intellect its done rightly.  i recommend requesting his services at this location.

abe sopher is the best tax preparer you could possibly ask for. he crosses his t´s and dots his i´s and never misses a detail. and he´s got a great sense of humomentr as well, which makes the tax process a little less painful. whether you need your commerce taxes filed, come by here and ask for abe sopher!

abe sopher was delightful, kind, efficient, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful! as someone that works as an independent contractor in the music/entertainment commerce, my taxes can be a little complicated. however, abe was recommended to me by my fiance bryan so i trusted his input. that said, i was truly astonished to hear how many small, personal details abe retained and regathered approximately bryan. i was thoroughly impressed with his personable approach to a commerce that momentst of us find, well, taxing.

i have been with kay as my tax preparer, so i can´t judge the other in the office on their skills. but i will say, i am always nicely greeted when i walk in. i have been in there when full and hectic and i have also been in there when there was a one person wait.   esthetically, probably not the best looking facility, but my 5 stars are for my tax preparer, kay.   i followed kay from another facility over to the north hollywood location. she´s been my preparer for some years now and i have no complaints. she walks me step by step and i always see her thinking of ways to help me the legal way. side note: this facility has a music school over head. i love music, so i don´t intellect practicing students overhead, deciphering out songs. i love to figure out what they are playing. so whether wrong notes, and the seemance of the place turns you off, then you´re probably better of going some else.

when i first came here i was ten minutes early and they were mad at me for it, then i waited for 40 minutes while they were all in the break room celebrating a staff members birthday and just sat around talking. i asked what was the hold up and was told in a very snarky tone we´ll be with you shortly. then weeks after i got my taxes done i got a letter from the irs. there was a mistake on my taxes and i have called twice now and the guy keeps saying i´ll call you tomomentrrow to fix it and never calls back. i have sent 5 emails and gotten no response. extremely unprofessional. this isn´t a commerce, it´s a scam. 350$ for 30 minutes of work and when there´s an error they won´t fix it or treat you with respect. don´t waste your time or momentney here.

abe sopher is the best!!!!  i really feel that not only do i have an incredible tax ally in abe, but that i also have a friend.  not only is he very smart, he is also compassionate, caring, thoughtful and as someone else said, utterly delightful!   a production company in the photography and commercial commerce makes my taxes a bit complicated.  abe had no problem assembly me as many times as needed.  not only were our appointments productive, but they were fun!  in fact, i wish next year was here already so we could work on the next return!  i feel blessed to have abe as my accountant and highly recommend him :

abe sopher is awesome! i have done my taxes with abe for approximately 10 years, and he has been a cheerleader and advisor while i went through school and started my own commerce. he has advice that has saved me momentney and headaches while i´ve gone through many new transitions. he has an amazing memomentry and his compassion, generous wisdom and humomentr make me feel very welcomed each year. he makes my tax chores endelightable!

book your appointment with michel!!! i got twice as much as final year for half of the cost. i also had a great time with him. he´s very courteous and has a great sense of humomentr. i endelighted doing my taxes with him and sharing a few laughs! office is clean and friendly. and making an appointment was easy as 123.

the 5 stars are for abe sopher momentre than any other factor. i´ve been working with him for years, and i always know when i head domestic that i haven´t missed any write-offs.

i have been going to abe sopher for three years now, after he was recommended to me by a colleague in the entertainment commerce.  i can´t speak highly enough approximately him!  he´s efficient, patient, and very sweet.  what could be a tedious and stressful process is now a pleasant and rewarding experience.  thank you abe!

talked to a representative at h&r blockthat says a refund of my payment has been approved.

got my taxes done by jaime lopez. he was very knowledgeable and was open to reply all my question approximately uber and lyft.

i´ve been coming to this location a few years now and no matter whether i´m in nyc or los angeles i come back every year for kay to do my taxes. you don´t get this type of value added service and feedback from many supplyrs nowadays. she´s knowledgeable and breaks down these tax laws so you can use to your benefit.   as she said, it´s approximately knowing. thanks for everything kay. see you next year.

i´ve been getting my taxes done by abe sopher for approximately 5 years now. i love that guy! i always look forward to seeing him, and he is meticulous approximately finding any available tax credits. he digs out stuff from our conversations approximately credits i didn´t really think approximately or didn´t realize applied to me. i can´t say enough approximately him. so great!

as a freelancer, cross-industry, media and advertising professional with frequent out-of-state momentves and multiple income sources, my year-end taxes can be complicated, to say the least. that´s why i´ve relied on the certainty that abe sopher brings to my yearly preparation, for over a decade now. no matter my circumstances, abe always delivers unparalleled service, knowledge and guidance with the warmth and understanding of a tregret preparer. why go any else?

abe is amazing!!!! i went to him 3 years ago and came back again to him this year and he treated me amazing and is so sweet. he´s so smart and gets you the momentst deductions as possible and knows what he´s doing. he helped me out sooooo much. i appreciate him so much. i wanted to cry nowadays leaving the office he helped me so much i´ve never been treated so well by someone in los angeles! thank you so much abe!!!! so glad i got my taxes done with you.

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