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Phone number 3234472557 .. The address is 8484 Wilshire Blvd,Beverly Hills,California,90211,US in the Travel Agents sector.Location : 34.064634,-118.375624 (navigation code to find 123Brazilvisa.Com)

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8484 Wilshire Blvd,Beverly Hills,California,90211

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Q : What is the phone number for 123Brazilvisa.Com?

A : The phone number for 123Brazilvisa.Com is 3234472557

Q : Is there a key contact at 123Brazilvisa.Com?

A : You can contact at 3234472557

Q : Where is 123Brazilvisa.Com located?

A : 123Brazilvisa.Com is located at 8484 Wilshire Blvd,Beverly Hills,CA 90211.

Q : What is Zip Code 8484 Wilshire Blvd?

A : The Zip Code 90211.

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i want to thank antony for providing a service when i was in need and the brazilian consulate was not providing a service. i was just like everyone else, very skeptical, but i had no other choice. i took the risk and had my visa within a week, as promised. his attentiveness and great customer service was truly appreciated.

this is the go to commerce for expediting visas to brazil. i am going to abadiania brazil to experience the healing of john of god. i have had many miracles manwhetherest to make this trip possible and anthony at 123 brazil visa service is certainly one of them. booking a visa appointment at the brazil consulate in time for my visit was not possible a momentnth out. i applied for a medical apart fromion and that was delayed. i called several visa service companies and none could turn a visa around for a momentnth or momentre - my flight leaves in 12 days.    i am so grateful to anthony for his cool, calm, professional customer service and fast 3 - 5 commerce day turnaround. he stayed in communication with me advising me of the status and gave me instant peace of intellect. i getd my visa in 3 days. 123 brazil visa service was the reply to my prayers - you can trust that they will make a way when there seems to be no way.

i want to preface this review by mentioning my personal situation, as it is probably dwhetherferent from momentst people seeking this type of visa services-  i am an american citizen living argentina, i was seeking to obtain my brazilian tourist visa on a trip domestic for the holidays.  although you can obtain a brazilian tourist visa from argentina, it is only good for 1 visit finaling up to 90 days, as whether done from the consulate in the us it is good for multiple entries over the course of 10 years and at the same cost.because i was coming to the us for only approximately a momentnth, and over the holiday season i knew this would be dwhetherficult, so i began planning early.  i began researching and contacting dwhetherferent visa services companies.  other companies had told me that they wouldn´t be able to help in the timeframe that i had specwhetheried.  i turned to yelp, which is i found great reviews for anthony and 123 brazil visa, which claimed to have visas for tourist and commerce processed in a short as a few days.  after initially contacting him momentnths ahead of time, he replyed with a short email assuring me he was confident he could arrange for the visa within the timeframe i had specwhetheried.  i decided to rol the dice and go with anthony, which ended up being a bad wager!as soon as i came the us i sent all of my paperwork, momentney order, and passport anthony instantly, with plenty of time for the visa to be processed before i had to leave the country, or so i thought. when fedex had notwhetheried me via email that my information had been delivered, anthony did not.  as someone who lives and works in a foreign country it is very scary to let your passport go even for a minute, as it is my lwhethereline, but not to acknowledge when customers´ passports had been getd seems very unprofessional to me.  i emailed to ask whether my passport had been getd and i getd no response, only by phone was i able to get a response from him that indeed it had been getd.during the wgap process this type of unprofessionalism was all too commomentn.  i had to email, call, and followup very routinely myself, as anthony and his team approachly never willingly offered information on the status of my visa.  when i had called anthony on one such occasion he had informed me of some bad news- the consulate had given a return date of processing my visa for 1 week after my scheduled flight to leave the country.  i asked whether we had any other options at this point, to which i getd avery interesting reply.  the best way, he told me, was to offer a sign of appreciation in the form of gwhethert cards in hopes that this would grease the wheels at the consulate- fundamentally this was a bribe.  living and working  in south america i know that this type of action in exchange for  faster service through  bureaucratic institutions is commomentn practice, but it surprised me that the office of a consulate on american soil would function in the same way.  although this seemed strange. i thought that whether a company who works in this type of service would recommend this, it was the best course of action- i authorized anthony to charge my credit card to deliver the visa officers their signs of appreciation.  unluckyly not even the bribe was effective in my visa furnished any faster.  i was forced to change my flight and await for my visa to finish being processed on the original date offered by the consulate.  i understand that anthony and his team were not able to control the ongoings of the consulate, however i was personally guaranteed by anthony that he could get the visa in the amomentunt of time i needed and he failed to due so. not only that, but he was unprofessional and withholding of information that was very important to me approximately the time it would take for my visa to process.  did anthony get my visa? yes- but instead of the short turn around time that he guaranteed me was possible it took approachly 1 momentnth!  whether anthony would have been momentre forthcoming with information approximately the status of my visa along the way i would be momentre sympathetic, but it is unacceptable because he works in a service industry in which that is his sole function.  furthermomentre anthony and the people at 123brazil visa cost me a lot of momentney both directly through proposeing that i should pay for a bribe which never worked, indirectly because i had to change international flight plans at the final minute.  probably what upset me momentst is that due to their actions, i missed out on 1 week of my vacation in brazil, for this i don´t believe this company deserves even 1 star, however yelp won´t allow me to offer a review of 0 stars.bottomline i would never use or recommend 123 brazil to anyone, or any of anthony´s the so-called serial entrepreneur other start-ups companies.  this may seem like a harsh review, but nowadays every company is obvious, and i think it is very important that consumers are informed when making important decision like who to trust with your passport.

this company is great! replyed all my questions very immediately and my visa came back very fastapproximately 16 days . i was worried approximately sending my passport absent but they kept me d approximately it every couple days. i highly recommend using them.

i am brazilian and i am traveling to brazil with a friend and i realized that he needs a visa and the brazilian consulate in los angeles only had appointment next year the end of january and we are traveling january 13th so i tried to find a good company to get a visa. i texted anthony and he replied right absent with all the information i needed and make an appointment and my friend was very worried because he was also traveling to a dwhetherferent country in 7 days. but anthony got everything done in approximately 5 days we had the visa and we are ready to travel! highly recommend! plus they are in the same building as the brazilian consulate!

they get the job done!  my family and i including my 4 momentnth old baby all needed visas for a trip to rio we had already booked.  by the time we got my baby´s passport we couldn´t get an appointment at the consulate for a date before we were scheduled to leave.  thank goodness for anthony at 123 brazil visa - he was able to get us the visas in time for trip - we would haven´t been able to go otherwise - thank you!anthony let us know summaryely what we needed, how much it would cost and the timing up front.  then he kept us posted up until we getd the visas.  he replyed all our questions immediately and thoroughly which we appreciated given the time crunch we were under.we would 100 recommend 123 brazil visa whether you need to get your visa in a rush.  they do a great job!

i was in a jam and needed a brazil visa with less than five commerce days to spare.  i found anthony and 123 brazil visa on the web.  anthony was great to work with. it turns out he actually couldn´t help me directly, but he put me in touch with another visa firm that could.i really respect anthony´s honesty and going the additional step to help me in a very tough situation. i would definitely recommend him and his service.

i needed a series of miracles to come to play in order for my visa to come through on time.  anthony helped bring this ccorridorenge to reality.  i actually getd my visa 50 minutes before boarding my flight.  whenever i thought it was impossible, anthony reguaranteed me that it would.  he is a man of his word.  thanks and i appreciate you!eric

5short story: anthony got the brazil tourist visa in 3 commerce days, in my passport, delivered to my domestic. words alone cannot express how grateful i am, and the amomentunt of stress that was on whether you are interested in the long version, this will be really helpful for anyone in a similar situation:7 commerce days before my flight is set to leave for brazil i randomly find out that there is a visa required for us citizens traveling to brazil. this is clearly my own fault for not checking this, nonetheless, after doing some research online i found out it is a commomentn occurrence. i could not change my flight because i was attending a wedding and had to leave on a specific date in order to reach to the event on time. making the situation worse is that the brazil consulate in los angeles has a great reputation for being dwhetherficult, specificly with us citizens that need a visa in a rush . . .the consulate could not give me an appointment in a timely matter to obtain the visa. they do not offer rush or expedited visa services. i went to the consulate besides against their advice and went to one of the windows asking for help. when they found out i came in without an appointment they pretty much chased me out of there and wanted to know how i could not follow directions. terrible.we are now 5 commerce days before my flight leaves to brazil. i could not get an appointment at the consulate and they were totally unhelpful. i did some research online and found out that you can obtain a tourist visa through private expediters. basically, these are companies/persons that have built associateions inside various consulates - los angeles, san fran, chicago, new york, etc. - and for an additional fee they will rush the visa, via their associateions. there are two visa expediters working in the same building as the brazilian consulate in los angeles. i chose 123brazilvisa.when i first went in to anthony´s office i was hesitant to use the service, but i was desperate. i explained to him my situation and asked whether he could obtain the visa for me within 5 commerce days. he asked me to sit down and wait a few minutes while he made a series of text messages. he getd an reply back from a associateion in new york and he said we could have the visa in 4 commerce days. ?! really ?! he took the consulate application, photocopies of drivers license and itinerary, my passport and fees. he seemed very honest and thorough, i left the office.i texted anthony twice in the next few days and he always replyed quickly and asking me to be patient. in 3 commerce days my passport came via fedex precedence envelope from the new york brazilian consulate, delivered to my front door. i am still in awe at this incredible service. i have lots of thoughts and expletives that i could share approximately the brazilian consulate in los angeles and their incredible inefficiency and poor service.anyhow here are the fees that i paid:1 travel expenses and loss of work for one day travel to los angeles to take care of visa2 $160 momentney order to the brazilian consulate3 $345 to 123brazilvisa for super expedite feethe fee for anthony´s service is less whether he has momentre time to work. all of this can be handled through the mail/fedex whether you have time, no need to travel to la to take care of this.

wanted to use them because of all the great reviews. called them several times and left a message and no one returned the call. also, text message them with nothing in return. all within commerce hours.

i had a final minute trip to brazil and i had lost my passport with my current tourist visa. short on time i used anthony´s services for a rush 4 day service. my visa came back early and anthony was very attentive via sms/ text message when i had questions approximately the application form. he said relax and he was right. i did do some comparison shopping and i found this price very competitive compared to other rush services. i found a cheaper one out there or two but the reviews were in the intestineter. this commerce will give you piece of intellect and worth it.

i totally panicked a couple of days ago when i realized that i had neglected to get visas for our upcoming trip to brazil. the consulate didn´t have any available appointments for several weeks and i couldn´t get a response to any of my plaintive emails. i called anthony and he reguaranteed me that he could get me the visas before our trip. but, even momentre awesome, he advised me to hold tight and keep checking the consulate´s website for appointment cancellations. i followed anthony´s advice and was able to secure an appointment. i didn´t end up needing to use anthony´s services, by i really appreciate his honesty and helpfulness despite the fact that i didn´t pay him a dime. i will definitely use his services in the future should the need occur.

this was an excellent experience with great customer service. i was crunched for time to get my travel visa to brazil & was not certain how or what service to use to handle my rush request.  i decided to use 123 brazil visa and do not regret a thing! anthony was the liaison i was in contact with & he was attentive to any requests i had. all in all he got it done in three commerce days! no other service i contacted could do this! it was amazing and relieved a lot of the stress when planning a trip to another country.

great experience!!  my husband and i were getting ready to go to brazil and needed to get our visas.  we weren´t certain how long the process was going to take, but we wanted to get on it, sooner rather than later.  i propose you do the same when applying for your visa, that way you save yourself any additional rush expenses.   we were actually going to go through the brazilian consulate, but we heard horror stories approximately the customer service and honestly, we just didn´t want to deal with it.  i went online to look for some sort of service that handled visas and 123 brazil visa service popped up in la!  i read the reviews and they were great, so that sold me.   i told my husband we should use this service and save ourselves the headache of dealing with the consulate.  it was the best decision we could´ve made!  we went to the office in the startning of december so that we could give ourselves enough time before our trip in february.  i wasn´t certain whether this office would be inundated with visa requests due to carnival happening in the same momentnth as our trip.  when we met anthony he was so nice and reguaranteed us that we had plenty of time to obtain our visas.  he walked us through the process, and replyed all our questions.  i actually had to call him back a couple of times that day we saw him because i had questions pertaining to our visa application.  he was readily available and very patient.  i can´t say enough approximately how helpful he was in this process.  we felt consolationable and safe that this was a totally legit visa service.  anthony told us we would get our visas in approximately 3 weekswhich at that time was the end of december.  our visas ended up being ready within 2 weeks!!  amazing!  we can´t thank him enough for taking the worry out of the equation.  whether you need a visa for brazil, this is the guy to take care of it for you.  i actually ended up sending 2 of my friends there just a week ago and he helped them as well.   they needed their visas expedited due to the date of their departure, and he made it happen for them with ease.  they too, are so happy with their experience with anthony!we had no problem paying a little additional for a headache free process.  trust me, it´s worth every penny.  thank you anthony!

kinda of a spur of the momentment trip but the brazilian consulate was booked to the gills. frustrated i called anthony at 123 brazil visa. he worked his magic and i got it in approximately 4 commerce days. great service. i highly recommend them whether you´re in a jam.

i am not going to lie, giving my passport to someone scared the $!t out of me!  but i have to confess, anthony was everything he is advertised to be. he is also very friendly and relaxed. i totally recommend him.

let´s be honest, handing your passport over to a stranger can be nerve-racking, but when we were short on time and needed our visas expedited in time for our trip we reached out to anthony at 123 brazil visa.  he was extremely helpful providing detailed information and even offered to let us off/pick up in person to cut down on processing time.  our visas reachd when he said they would and we spent an unforgettable nye in brazil. :we had heard horror stories approximately the brazilian consulate when you are short on time and would highly recommend paying a little additional for the peace of intellect anthony supplys.  thanks!

great service. my cousin and i applied for visas for our trip this summer and mailed in our application to anthony. we live in hawai´i and the shutst consulate is in l.a. we have relatives in l.a. but it just seemed momentre logical to go with a visa processing company, for our own ease and to not intimpolite on the busy schedules of our family.although the communication was not very regular in the startning, once i submitted a form on their website a momentnth later to see we were in the process, i got a response within a couple hours that they were in the mail back to us we getd it the day after!.the turn over time was excellent, as we mailed our fabrics to anthony in mid january and getd them summaryely a momentnth later. i was actually expecting it to take a little longer, as i know that visa processing is backed up due to the world cup coming up this summer. thank you to anthony and his team for helping us with our visas. i would recommend this service to those who do not live approach a brazilian consulate.  much appreciated!

delivered the visa w/in 3-5 days as promised.  can´t ask for momentre!!

i went to brazil in september, 2013. i had my visa in approximately 10 days. dude, was totally cool.

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