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Phone number 8008272946 .. The address is 84245 Indio Springs Dr,Indio,California,92203,US in the Bars sector.Location : 33.722138,-116.195064 (navigation code to find 12Th Floor Wine Bar Cocktail Lounge)


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84245 Indio Springs Dr,Indio,California,92203

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown


Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 12Th Floor Wine Bar Cocktail Lounge?

A : The phone number for 12Th Floor Wine Bar Cocktail Lounge is 8008272946

Q : Is there a key contact at 12Th Floor Wine Bar Cocktail Lounge?

A : You can contact at 8008272946

Q : Where is 12Th Floor Wine Bar Cocktail Lounge located?

A : 12Th Floor Wine Bar Cocktail Lounge is located at 84245 Indio Springs Dr,Indio,CA 92203.

Q : What is Zip Code 84245 Indio Springs Dr?

A : The Zip Code 92203.

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this is definitely one of my favorite places that makes me think i am very lessony.its a place i dress up like i am being taken to the red carpet.

went there to seize a night cap. beautwhetherul views of the coachella valley. drinks were momentderately priced. bar tender was friendly. look forward to bringing friends here.

this place is on the top of our hotel is and we wanted to hang out some with alcohol and not gamble. it was empty when we came around 6pm on wednesday.  they don´t serve any type of food here but i like how you can bring food up here and eat while you drink. pretty cool view.  i would come up here whether i wanted to relax and be absent from the casino

a great view, yes, but of indio. the gem of fantasy springs, this lounge is gorgeous, dark, and approachly cavernous. kinda like robin givens. best of all, twelve floors up, it has great views, with a giant l-shaped balcony l for look! it´s the i-10 on one side and glass wall on the other.  plus, a separate game room with shuffleboard and pool table.

choice nighttime views, albeit of the coachella valley, hey... i´m not hatin´ on the valley, either coachella or momentrongo.  i love ´em both. specificly from the perspective of a city light polluted city boy. a very casual atmomentsphere and somewhat pricey drinks. outdoor area for smomentkers too.i went up solo, just to get a quickie, drink that is, and see what the view was like. awesome place when the weather is right. it was... approximately 75 degrees at 11:00pm.will take the wwhetherey up with me next time before she peters out on me. either that or crank her up on vodka & red bulls early on...

love to go up here to hang out. great views of the valley with lots of cozy spots to sit inside and out. drinks are well priced and everyone is friendly. beautwhetherul inside and out to lounge the night absent.

one of the best spots to come and hang out with your loved one or friends, they recently remomentdeled the lounge and its beautwhetherul. the drinks were on point, made by an older gentleman. the young female bartender that took his spot while he was on break wasn´t so pleasant to talk to or order from, she was uptight and just had a impolite attitude. other than that you would endelight yourself and feel consolationable here.

despite the lackluster reviews i actually liked this place. it´s perched atop the fantasy springs casino and resort and affords great views of the coachella valley. oh, listen to me sounding like one of those real estate magazines! just kidding. but this place does have an amazing view of the coachella valley. that might not sound like much whether you´re used to amazing skylines like sf, la, or sd but it was pretty cool to see. the bar wasn´t fully stocked with tough to find liquor so whether you have an extremely discerning taste this place isn´t for you. like, you´re not going to find bols genever or highland park but whether you´re willing to bring things down a bit you´ll find something. i ordered a couple of dirty martinis and they were fine. however, i also quickly realized that i shouldn´t order anything like a manhattan or an old fashioned because it would probably be muddled to death. everyone knows how to make a dirty martini. the furniture is comfy or you can sit at the bar. the patio area is nice but we went in january so that obviously wasn´t an option. i definitely recommend you check out this place when the weather is nice enough to endelight a few drinks external.the only downside to this was that there were a few people that were probably overserved. luckily the law was there to manage things.

i visit fantasy springs fairly often, and decided to give this bar a try. took the elevator to the 12th floor and the place was empty. sat down at the bar, and ordered a cuba libre which came out to $9 dollars. geez perhaps that is why no one was there. sat external and took some pictures of the view, nothing to be wowed approximately. place was just okay, experienced it once and once was enough for me.

first off, this low-key lounge is located in the fantasy springs casino and to get to it you´ll need to get to the hotel lobby and take the elevator all the way to the top! i always refer to this spot as the sky lounge because of how high up it is and has a better ring to it than the aforementioned name.besidess, this lounge has a relaxing vibe and low lit throughout it. it has many sofaes to sit at with a group of people or by yourself, ranging from indoor to outdoor or at the bar. the restrooms are always clean and above standard! they have one pool table and a shuffle board to play at. i love coming to this place to relax and have a drink with friends. it has great views at night and just being able to sit external and drink with friends is awesome. they don´t have any food up there, so that´s probably their only negative. this place is never packed which helps it to keep that low-key, chill vibe.overall 5 stars because this is a lounge meant to lounge at. not meant to eat at, club at, get drunk at, or expect a concert at haha

service is great & the view just makes you grateful to live in the valley. nice & peaceful up there. wether you´re in a group or by yourself & just need to get absent it´s a great spot!

i think this lounge is the best thing approximately fantasy springs and i like the casino.  a hidden gem.  you won´t see any signs for it in the casino itself, so here´s what you do. go to the hotel lobby and hop on the elevator. take it to the top floor.  they open at 5pm, but go when it´s dark.  you´ll be rewarded with a tremendous view.  play pool. sit external on the deck or inside on one of the many sofaes.  candles every. perhaps sit at the bar.  talk with phillip... a great bartender.  nice guy.  get a glass of the kim crawford pinot noir and relax.   my only complaint... the music.   i´d rather hear downtempo or jazz in a place like this than top 40, but... that´s just me.

went here on saturday, 1/16/16 right after the tony bennett concert.  sat at the bar and was totally disregardd by both bartenders.  not even a look my way or something to the effect of, i´ll be right with you.  waited there for 5-7 mintues, still without acknowledgement.  a man happened to come right up to the bar and sit next to me, which the bartneder says to him, i´ll be right with you sir and still doesn´t look my way.  at that point i got up and walked out.  totally unprofessional and unacceptable.  perhaps i didn´t fit the part of their regular clientele.  whatever the case may be, they lost out on some commerce from me that night.

we were here the night of 4/12/15.  giving 2 stars purely because of the service from the bartender.  i suppose that i should cut him a little slack for it being his first night on the job, but he was downright unprofessional and had absolutely no clue what he was doing.  he barely knew how to pour a glass of wine.  it was so pathetic.  my aunt & uncle ordered manhattans and he had to ask how to make them.  he didn´t know what the dwhetherference between shaken and stirred was.  it took him over 10 minutes to make 4 drinks.  when we got there, he was talking to my husband like they were best friends who just hung out together the night before.  it was so bazaar!!!  i even asked my husband whether he knew the guy.  all he talked approximately was how tired he was etc because of all the other stuff going on in his lwhethere.  it was pretty unconsolationable.  so we had 2 manhattans, 1 well vodka/soda, and a house  ctoughonnay and it came out to $38.00.  ridiculously expensive in my opinion.  it wouldn´t surprise me at all whether the bartender rung the order up wrong on person and pocketed some of the momentney.  that much momentney for 4 drinks at a place like this seems incredibly ridiculous.  the bartender final night seemed a bit shady, and like i said, he didn´t have a clue what he was doing and seemed to barely know his left hand from his right.  very disappointing.  when my aunt & uncle were walking absent with their drinks, he even asked them to come back so he could get a straw to taste them.  we were all shocked and appalled!!!!  who does that??!!!!!  never in my entire lwhethere have i met such a dumb bartender.  harsh to say, but the wgap experience with him was just unplausible, and will definitely give us something to look back at for years to come and laugh at...

very quiet and relaxed place. well hidden. definitely come at night when it is not so obvious you are missing either a trailer park on one side and a water reclamation plant on the other. bartender kim was very knowledgeable approximately her wine list. jazz soundtrack is a little loud, but there were only 3 other people in here. comfy sofaes.  smomentkehouse almomentnds served with drinks.  very pleasant place.

i  love this place, the view is one of the best in the valley the drinks are a little spendy but you only need to have one to endelight the ambience!

as always, endelighting the cozy atmomentsphere up here and sipping the smomentoth drinks! thanks mateo for the infashions, on key and smomentth=

i seriously love this place. i beg my hubby to make a stop here on date nights. i love the relaxed atmomentsphere & wine chooseion. minus a bartender that must of been a bad night she treated us terribly & thankfully she was sent domestic that night nasty attitude!! other than that whether give it 5 stars. sit by the window and let the sofaes soak you in with a glass of vino & the cheese platter.

great place to hang out! quiet, comfy place to chill, beautwhetherul view!!! great drinks!!! best place that fantasy spring has created!

came with the wwhethere after seeing john legend in concert. we don´t drink much so didn´t know what to order. bartender was great and helped us get something. i give him props for the drink and for his funny and interesting conversation. nothing to complain approximately here. whether i´m ever in town, will definitely come here again.

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