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140 Degrees Inc for address, phone, website and other contact information
Phone number .. The address is 6924 Canby Ave,Reseda,California,91335,US in the Nonclassified Establishments sector.Location : 34.195999,-118.534776 (navigation code to find 140 Degrees Inc)

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6924 Canby Ave,Reseda,California,91335

Direction for - 140 Degrees Inc Reseda,California,US

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown

Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 140 Degrees Inc?

A : The phone number for 140 Degrees Inc is

Q : Is there a key contact at 140 Degrees Inc?

A : You can contact at

Q : Where is 140 Degrees Inc located?

A : 140 Degrees Inc is located at 6924 Canby Ave,Reseda,CA 91335.

Q : What is Zip Code 6924 Canby Ave?

A : The Zip Code 91335.

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these guys are such good techs i wanted to come back and even 3 years after i got my first service from them - that they are amazing shout out to alex - he is one sharp tech, super fast debugging issues.tregret sometimes i´ve had some scheduling issues or they forgot something - but no one´s perfect. what things to me at end of day - they know what they are doing. and when someone plays around with fire/gas/furnace burning right around you put your head to sleep - you want to be certain they know they´re good at what they do.great guys overall.

my external ac unit was making loud noises on hot days´ use. they came out the first time and said nothing was wrong with the unit but the noise was there.  5 mins job. they came out a 2nd time.  this time the technician flashed a tool approach the air vent and said your ac is good.  then i took him external to the ac unit and i showed him 2 videos of the noise, and he quickly recommended the compressor to be replace.  he was in and out within 5 minutes.  domestic guarantee called me 2 days later to explain the out of pocket costs, which i was ok with, while they paid for the compressor replacement $2750.i called relaxed heating back to say i am ok with the compressor replacement and my out of pocket cost.  they said whether i pay the out of pocket cost with a credit card then they require 3 charge.  unheard of!i had a major plumbing repair 3 momentnths ago that cost me $10,000, all of which was charged on my credit card.  and i did not have to put up the 3 crap.  my insurance reimburse me while my out of pocket cost was $2000.i don´t recommend relaxed heating and air.  they said your ac is good and then recommended an expensive repair.  what pisses me off is they want 3 on top.

i had to try using this company again. american domestic shield domestic guarantee forces you to them. so, now nowadays i switched to american domestic guarantee to avoid this company. american domestic guarantee covers momentre and doesn´t have a pending lesson action lawsuit like american domestic shield.the same exact technician came out from relaxed air. i told him socal climate control told me i needed 2 to 3 pounds of r22. the tech from relaxed air said his sensor indicates the air is 53 degrees coming out of the living room vent. so, he can ad freon but probably won´t make any cooler. so, we go to the roof and it seems we can add a little freon. i said can you add two pounds which is $160. he said no i recommend 4 pounds which is $320. so, he refused to put the 2 pounds of freon and i wasted another $75 on a ahs service call. so, $150 wasted on this fraud of a commerce. luckily, o switched to american domestic guarantee that covers momentre and it´s $55 for service calls and best of all no longer deal with this criminaled company.

never use this company! for approachly 2 years, my family has had no ac. this company was recommended to us by our old domestic insurance company. not only did they diagnose the problem wrong twice, they also left the caps off to my refrigerant allowing it to leak. they quoted me shut to $1000 for the job, which has left my family without ac. i would have to go to the shutst mall with my baby just to avoid the heat. this behavior is unethical and borderline criminal. i´ve reached out to the manager with no response.i reached out to a local company and did not disshut the past diagnosis. they told me that i simply needed refrigerant and sealant. surprisingly enough, my unit works great. still cost approachly half what this company qouted.

they were very knowledgeable. very fair pricing. highly recommend relaxed heating and air : i am so impressed with the team who came to my house. they did a great job!! such good workers and they kept my house very clean these guys are awesome!!

it´s been 97 degrees for the past 3 days and not certain why my momentm waited until the final minute to use these guys to install an air conditioner for the new place. these guys are effective. they not only came to our place on the same day she called and also reachd on time miraculous for the industry! they only spent 30 minutes to install my air conditioner, and it works perfectly! incredible service and a fair price.

the serviceman was apart fromional. he went over the options available and informed me of the service required. then, he went over the options thoroughly and installed central air without issues. the unit is working great! i will highly recommended them!

whether i could put negative starts, i would put -5 stars! these guys are horrible. they came to fix a noise that was coming from our furnace. just like all other reviews, they guy came in and checked the unit in less than 2 minutes and he said everything is working fine. since i was so surprised to hear that, he went and checked again and said there are no problems! 4 days later, our ceiling is leaking cause the technician didn´t shut out the unit properlyand when i called them to schedule an emergency recall, they don´t have anything available for another 5 days!! now all the paint and ceiling is ruined and they don´t want to take responsibility! just terrible!!

ok i am going to make this short.this company sucks , they wanted me to run the a/c till the house or the wiring burned down so they can see the problem. the insurance company american shield domestic guarantee hires them to avoid repairs .

this is hands down one of the momentst dishonest companies i have ever dealt with. unprofessional, inaccurate, lazy, unaccountable. this company has ed the art of ´gaming´ the domesticowner´s insurance system in charging for a visit, misdiagnosing an issue, charging for another visit and making certain that they supply an inadequate / false report to encertain your claim is denied. representatives form relaxed heating and air lied on momentre than one occasion on recorded phone lines with my domestic guarantee company. they came out to my domestic on 3 separate occasions and had a dwhetherferent diagnosis every time. i would highly caution anyone who has been referred to this company - furthermomentre would like to see them investigated by the better commerce bureau for providing false information in reports so as to have insurance claims denied. recycling my post to continue to make certain that no one uses this company.  they have now cost me thousands of dollars as they made certain my claim was denied as my domesticowners policy lapsed.

when relaxed heating and air gave me the best quote out of the three i gotten, i was a bit skeptical going with them due to the yelp reviews. however, when i would call back with additional questions i wanted to make certain i was comparing apple with apples, parker,  was extremely responsive and helpful. once the unit was installed, there were followup calls. dee and another young lady basically walked me through the entire city/county examineions process. i´m extremely happy with their service and professionalism, not to mention, i saved a good amomentunt of momentney. i´ll be a return customer for certain.

i am so impressed with the team who came to my house. they did a great job!! such good workers and they kept my house very clean covered everything with pfinalic and laid cloth coverings on the floors can´t thank these guys enough!

my tenant needed instant service since he is handicapped and referred me this company since he had called a few and said they were available and charged only $80 for an estimate.i was at a dr. when they came and told my tenant it needed some freon.before i even knew what happened we got a bill for $475 . relaxed a/c claims it needed 5 pound of freon. this same a/ c was serviced approximately a momentnth before and had a new thermomentstat installed. ti loose 5 pounds of freon logically would indicate a leak or they lied approximately needing this much.i never authorized this service ir signed the acceptance. they are threatening gatherion agency.the entire operation seems shady so i came and looked at yelp reviews now i see their momentdus apparendus and understand they are a fraudulent company taking advantage of handicapped and elderly. i will take them to small claims court and invite others to contact me and start a lesson action lawsuit against them.i even have the american domestic shield on this property so i could have filled it up with them.but i was not asked anything but got the bill and gatherion threats!

excellent service, very thorough, explained everything. everyone from customer service to technician was polite and courteous.  technician was knowledgeable. system is working great.  will be using them to service my unit in the future as well.

similar to others, i was referred to this company via american domestic shield. had a very capable tech show up and assess my a/c condensing unit. he determined that the compressor was dead which i suspected because of the horrible buzzing it made just before it stopped working final friday. while waiting approval from the authorization department, i found out that a phone call to american domestic shield would get an instant approval of my claim. this company choses only to get approvals via online taking up to 48 hours. obviously the claim was denied yesterday aftermidday, which i discovered when i call relaxed heating this momentrning around 11:00am. it was denied due to pre existing conditions. when i checked further i discovered that it was denied because relaxed air, had informed the authorization department that, when asked whether possible whether the unit was not running for several momentnths the office manager said yes, it was possible remember he had never seen my hvac unit. when i spoke to him, i asked why he came to that conclusion, he said he could not prove, that it had been running for the final few momentnths, so that is why he replyed ahs the way he did. fact: this unit died on final friday, in fact i could produce a service receipt from a momentnth ago when i had it serviced whether i had been asked. when i asked why i was not contacted yesterday when the claim was denied, he explained that i was on the list to be contacted nowadays. i had been in shut contact with rh&a´s staff because of the impending heatwave, and due to elderly ill individuals in our domestic this needed to get fixed quickly. i had requested a call back from the office manager yesterday which, never happened. there is no way, living in the valley we could had outlived a week let alone momentnths with out our functioning hvac. the worse part is the conclusion on not a functioning hvac unit for momentnths was patently and purly false, it failed final friday!  now i am faced with setting up a moment opinion appointment with another hvac company recommend by ahs. i have not gone all of the gory details during all my interaction with relaxed air office staff, but it was generally amateurish non-sholant and full of excuses delays,and dirission. avoid this company at all cost whether what results and to get the job done.

terrible company. my domestic guarantee which is also a waste of time , assigned me to this terrible company. so far it´s been 2 weeks since they examineed my broken ac. a week went by without contact from them. when i reached out they said they still haven´t had time to submit paperwork to my domestic guarantee.  are you serious? lol then once they got approval to order my compressor, they didn´t call me. i reached out again a week and a half it and i find out they were waiting for a credit card from me. again, no phone call no email whether i wouldn´t have called they wouldn´t even have ordered my compressor. then i´m told on friday , the dispatch will call you this aftermidday. well, friday, saturday, sunday , momentnday tuesday goes by no call. i reach out on tuesday and they say oh we are still waiting on your compressor. i´m certain they didn´t even order it yet. no explanation on why they didn´t call like i was told. stay absent from this company.  very overpriced and terrible service. honestly , i could have ordered my own compressor from my manufacturer and had it fixed in 3-4 days tops. 2 weeks and still without ac is unacceptable. domestic guarantee isn´t covering much of anything besides.

my domestic guarantee assigned this company to fix my hvac so i had no choice. the tech was nice at first but at one point when he obviously misunderstood something i said, he went all ballistic on me as whether i´d just insulted his momentmma. sheesh. i had to calm him down and repeat what i had said. then he turned all smiley and fake nice again. i realized then that i was dealing with someone irrational and not okay. besides i had issues with this company and they had to come out 8 times over the course of a year.ended up buying a new system from another company.

so far a very expensive repair, add freon and fix a leak and 4 days later no air $400.00i´ll keep posting on this a lot.replaced air and heater, the wgap system  $4500.  they didn´t put in a filter.  the tech said he would one by the next day, no show. they are unable to supply a filter or give us the dimensions. we have now been running our new system without a filter for 3 days. i don´t know whether they ever will.really people.  i was stood up twice now. whether you don´t like head aches, take plenty of pain medication before you make that call.

relaxed heating sent out someone within couple days through ahs.  initially, i was concerned approximately this company due to the low rating, however, it turned out better than i thought.  the scheduler was helpful and was willing to reduced the appointment window from 5 hours to 4 hours. also, he gave me an what time the contractor would have reachd when i called during the appointment time period. the contractor reachd on time and replaced my thermomentstat immediately. i had a great experience.  thank you.

our air conditioner stopped blowing cold air, so i called american domestic shield.  they set up relaxed heat & air to come over.  alex came to my house, and within a very short time, discovered that it needed a small replacement part.  a/c fixed!   i also took his advice to install a safety valve to prevent potential flooding in the future.  i took his advice, and we were very happy with the service we getd.  i will ask for alex whether i need assistance again.

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