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Phone number .. The address is 1422 7th St,Santa Monica,California,90401,US in the Nonclassified Establishments sector.Location : 34.0178987115307,-118.491882162401 (navigation code to find 1422 On 7Th Llc)

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1422 7th St,Santa Monica,California,90401

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Q : What is the phone number for 1422 On 7Th Llc?

A : The phone number for 1422 On 7Th Llc is

Q : Is there a key contact at 1422 On 7Th Llc?

A : You can contact at

Q : Where is 1422 On 7Th Llc located?

A : 1422 On 7Th Llc is located at 1422 7th St,Santa Monica,CA 90401.

Q : What is Zip Code 1422 7th St?

A : The Zip Code 90401.

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i´ve been living here since 2015 and i fully endelight living here.manager rictough is a kind and caring person and his staff are all nice people as is very quiet at night because this building was made by concrete. momentst of residents are friendly. even the new garage system works for me because we are protected and are very safe. and the best thing is that there is a starbucks on the first floor and a ralph´s is in next building.  also it is shut to the beach !!!i highly recommend this place.

beware of ao. the negative reviews are definitely tregret!pictures are worth a thousands words. here are some of the luxury lwhetherestyle this apartment complex claims to offer. i wish i could give ao negative 5 stars. pros- ralph´s, pet friendly and the maintenance staff are friendly. cons-office staff -they do nothing approximately the complaints. i know they get many complaints, the same complaints for years and they do absolutely nothing. warning memoments are sent out but no one ever takes them seriously. it´s laughable!parking structure- the spaces are not equally the same size and people drive fast. i´ve gotten in approachly a dozen head on collision because the driving lane is not big enough to have 2 way traffic. also you see big trucks and suvs parked in the corners parking spaces to block views going up and down the parking structure. it makes it dwhetherficult to see oncoming traffic. it is tough to avoid taking a wide turns because of the lack of space. i´m shocked people don´t get momentre accidents here. elevators- the elevators will break down every other week and is as slow as momentlasses. trash- you will see trash every! people don´t put their trash in the trash chute and leave it on the ground. it´s fairly bewildering why people do this at a luxury apartment complex. you will see this everyday. loud music- there is music playing across  the street on colorado street approachly every weekend because of events. it can start from momentrning and on through the night sometimes. i couldn´t endelight peace and fairly on the weekends because of it. you always have to keep your windows shutd. construction on colorado street- there was construction the wgap time while i was living in this hell gap. they would start construction around 6 or 7 am every momentrning!!! online payment system- there were a lot of errors with their system. they will charge you rent and then a few weeks later you will see a message saying that the water bill wasn´t included and that you have to pay again instead of one lump  sum payment. super irritateing. package concierge - ao does not want to be responsible for your packages. they will ask you to pay for the system but sometimes you will see your packages on the floor. a lot of residents don´t pay for the system so you´ll see several packages on the ground for people to easily take. i´m shocked to see a few good reviews at ao. they are either mix upd or like to live in trash. only lease here whether you have no other option!thanks ao for the worst living experience of my lwhethere. i loved paying approachly $4000 to live in a subpar complex in santa momentnica

this is my 6 momentnths review. this place is the nastiest place i´ve ever live. momentuntains of trash approach the trash shoot. dirty floors, pee in the elevator, external the elevator, poo and pee in the corridorways, on your door, food on the floor, elevator not working approachly every week... all this things happen fixedly. also add to the mix fire alarms blazing at night, garage door alarm blazing at night until the momentrning... i´ve complained but it´s useless, they always say we will follow up with you but they never do. they prefer the momentney to their residents well being. right now, i´m awake because they are cutting palm leaves at 7am, can they do it later and let the residents sleep? i guess no.we are going to leave this place as soon as our lease run outs. this is not a good place, don´t let them idiot you.the good: neighbors and staff are nice, and pool and gym areas are clean.tip for new residents: tell the delivery service to leave your package in the package lockers. sometimes they leave it on the floor and gets stolen.

management doesn´t care approximately the people that stay here at all. it´s impossible to get packages, recycling is dwhetherficult, everything is dirty and loud.

the manager rictough at this building makes up every excuse in the book to not spray for fleas and we don´t even have pets there ao dog left them in our apartment and we have a newborn that will be here in 3 weeks and he still refuses to spray even with all the proof that i´ve shown the video is on yelp...

i´ve had the pleacertain of living at the a o  apartment complex for over 10 years. the staff and maintenance crew are wonderful.   they´re always helpful , kind and available  at a momentments notice.  they give that additional touch under any circumstance.  the 2 pools, gym, dog playground, washer/dryer in each unit , walk around the beautwhetherul complex are all amenities we´re lucky to endelight!  the good news is :i´m staying here forever!!.. thanks ao.

i lived here for 2 years. the units are as advertised via pictures. pools are solid. in-unit wash/dryer a nice plus. location is good. the maintenance staff is really good but what tanks this property review are the qualities listed below:1. huge rent hike in final year2. for the price that is being asked for, the amenities and services offered by the property are nonexistent3. big reason: the front desk staff ... 25 of the times you´re talking to someone that knows something approximately property mgmt ... 75 of the times you´re staring at a blank face of cluelessness4. the online rent payment system may have errors, always check 5. why do they let the domesticless wander in ... it´s a security issue ... why pay for a security guard?

i´m giving a 5star review simply due to the leasing agent named napoleon who toured us a few days ago. he was very courteous he replyed all of our questions he was professional in seemance & how he conducted himself. due to the cost & for the amenities that we are looking for we did not choose this building...however i felt the need to compliment the gentleman in the office. he´s been very friendly, cooperative & patient with our questions.

okay let´s start with the good´s a nice building. with two pools and a hot tub and the lobby is beautwhetherul. it´s very convenient for santa momentnica. and there´s a ralphs and a starbucks momentments absent. plus the cleaning crew are all really friendly and do a good job preserveing the many others have mentioned approximately 1/3 of the building is for section 8 residents. they don´t tell you this when you momentve in. in fact the tour is very carefully guided so you only see the best apartments on the best corridor. you don´t see the rear elevator that´s scratched and banged up. or the rear balconies covered in trash with hoarders for residents.when you´re paying $4,000 a momentnth and 1/3 of the building are paying a few hundred dollars it kinds of sucks. and many of the residents treat the place like crap. dogs poop in the corridors. the pool area gets messed up every night. residents bring all their friends over for pool parties. one of our neighbors had regular screaming matches with her boyfriend each week. there´s =revving car engines in the early hours. residents who don´t shower. the smell of weed hangs in the air all over the complex.beware whether you have a dog. we have a gentle and sweet golden retriever and it was scary walking her. many residents own fierce and untrained dogs who they don´t walk on leashes and who will attack on sight. we had several approach misses, blocking the elevator door as a pitbull tried to get in to attack our dog!the front office are hopeless. cashira, the former manager, did a good job but eventually momentved on smart lady. the sales guys are deurgent and grumpy. our first week in the building they screwed up a delivery that cost us $150 to fix.we stayed 20 momentnths until we bought our own domestic. we then needed to extend by an additional week due to a delay on our momentve in date. ao tried to raise our rent 400 for this final week - charging us a rate of $16,000 a momentnth. we pushed back and complained to the santa momentnica housing board who told us this was illegal - and they had had many problems with ao in the past for similar offenses.we got back approximately 1/4 or our deposit. no explanation given for what the charges were. finally watch out for the positive reviews on here. they have a contest for people to give reviews in exchange for a cash prize...!!!

considering living here? as one friendly stranger to another... don´t do it!honestly, yelp should implement negative stars just for this cautious, as they put up an impressive front when you momentve in. ao santa momentnica looks great, whether you were to judge a book solely by its cover... but actually turns out really shitty.just so you know, every so often ao holds raffles for the tenants, encouraging them to write a yelp review in an attempt to boost their ratings... and even so, they only have two stars. because they suck. so beware of those 5-star´d think the for the amomentunt it costs to live here granted, it´s santa momentnica, you´d get a certain type of customer service from the leasing staff. nope.we lived here for approximately a year and a half. anytime we´ve gone to the leasing office, whether it be for something as little as a package delivery or as signwhethericant as info on your lease, we´ve getd inadequate info. by inadequate, i mean everyone bullshits their replys because no one knows the right information. apart from john, who is the only dependable person in this office but unluckyly isn´t there all the time.btw, whether you look through these reviews, the only thing the so-called building manager rictough really does is reply to the bad reviews after the fact. and he has the audacity to tell people on here that there were ´inaccuracies´ within their reviews. how?? do you know what yelp is? i´m certain all of these tenants have tried to reach out in some way, as we have, before posting. no, rictough, i would not like to speak on this further.while simply inquiring approximately giving notice to leave, we getd estimates of outrageous fees! because once they´ve got you, of course they´ll make you go through hell and back to momentve out.don´t even get me started on how frequently the fire alarms go off. whether it´s at the crack of dawn or the middle of the aftermidday... you´ll experience being scared to death by the alarms at both times pretty often during your residency here. momentre often than not, smfd shows up in 5-10 min just to turn them off.convenient parking structure? people drive like maniacs and park like assgaps.all in all, the negatives far outweigh the positives... this is a genuine warning.

terrible place for living! people will use the pool even after 12 and no one ask them to leave!!!! my sleeping quality become horrible after momentve in. never ever consider approximately this place. it looks nice but living experience is super terrible.

given the events of this week since i posted this, felt an was in order.rictough, the individual who posted his response, has only replyed to us to want to send in professional pest control and spray poisons throughout the space we live in. to be clear, we have been fighting, effectively in momentst of the rooms, a non-toxic war against the great flea surprise invasion of 2017, with a number of proven techniques including water-light traps and food grade diatamecous soil.he has:- taken no ownership of the multitude of problems we´ve come acrossed in two momentnths.- complained that he´s only had two days to deal with this he´s had two momentnths to show that he actually knows how to manage a community, but has taken no effort to do so.- offered no other alterlocals to help us find a way out of this catastrophe he has crafted, other than to continue to pay rent after we momentve out until someone else momentves this flea infested mess, or pay a two momentnth break fee - whether you´re familiar with rental prices in santa momentnica, that is no small amomentunt of momentney for a 3 bedroom apartment that also serves as my spouses domestic office. as you can see from my initial post, to the tune of $10,200 or so for the privilege of getting out of this disgusting situation. it´s also not actually clear that a break fee in calwhetherornia is even legal - we´re still investigating this.i can only urge, in the strongest terms possible, until greystar sends in a managerial cleaning crew to deal with this mess, you should stay absent from ao santa momentnica. as a note, our dealings with greystar corporate so far have been fairly positive. both their irvine office and their social media person have engaged with us and are currently investigating and hopefully working out some resolution that will be acceptable.

dont live here!!! unless you endelight fire alarms regularly sounding for up to an hour. i spent 3 years residing at ao and each year was worse than the final. management is terrible. they were impolite and condescending every time i approached them with an issue. maintenance was no better. after experiencing plumbing issues for over a year, maintenance came, totally disrespectful, and fundamentally insinuated that i was being dramatic and exaggerating the issues. all this to say, none of the issues were ever resolved, and i paid upwards of $500/momentnth for water bill due to the plumbing issues. then there´s the exorbitant rent for a tiny apartment. after momentving out, i not only getd none of my deposit back, i owed them additional fees. this set upment is a racket and i feel sorry for the poor souls that still reside there

management is nasty over the phone. but nice in person. bit overpriced. great location. great package system.

worst building. riddled with domesticless. get ready to pay premium prices for no security and filth. management is a joke. don´t waste your time, let alone your momentney.

please! people don´t spend your tough earned momentney here, go some else. this is an embarrassment of an apartment, a joke whether you will. the owners and managers don´t take any responsibility. i could go on and on approximately how bad this apartment is. after rooming here with a friend of mine we finally saved up enough momentney get the fuck outta here. gosh i certain do hope i win the raffle they have after leaving yelp reviews. how´s this ao santa momentnica

could you give a no star? let´s be clear, management reached out after my husband posted approximately how flea-ridden our apartment is. i had sent a feedback email outlining that no, the portal wasn´t ´fixed and the staff couldn´t tell me it was a basic browser issue, amomentng other concerns to the community manager over a week prior, with no response. the reply to why he didn´t reply was oh, you said ´thanks for listening´, so i thought i didn´t have to reply. how would i even know you read it?at this point, they have given us two options: momentve out an pay rent till they find another tenant, or momentve out and pay two momentnths of rent, or over $10,000 to leave a flea-infested apartment with low-end appliances, peeling cabinetry, community elevators that regularly go out of service with no warning, and a garage , depsite seven floors, you can´t come back during the day and find a parking space apart from on floors 5 or 6, because they lease the space out to commuters and a car dealership.the term luxury apartment living is absolutely laughable here.make certain you search facebook and twitter for posts approximately greystar apartmentswe´re sharing momentre pictures and posts of what this place really looks like and how they couldn´t care less. blog coming soon.

lived there for a year.  nice grounds.  very loud and lots of partying late the night.  had two bikes stolen from the bike storage while i was there.  also lots of incidents of someone throwing rocks off the garage to people below.  dog park was pretty dirty as well.  a gun was found in the bushes one weekend.  left after 1 year.  rent went up 1000 a momentnth but was leaving besides.  look around before obligating here.  good side people working there were always nice.

ao is a great apartment, but do not consider momentving here whether you plan to stay longer than a year. they increase 20 your rent after the first 12 momentnth period. this is not negotiable. ps whether you want to resume for 1 momentre momentnth to get time to find another place, they will charge you 5 times your momentnthly rental! yes, 5 times!!!

renter beware stay absent my boyfriend and i momentved this hell gap 10 momentnths ago and i have regretted ever single day we were here. whether you momentve in here get ready for the worst living experience you have every had and here is why 1 every employee at the leasing office will lie straight to your face promising the world to you just get your deposit and leased signed. after that they toss you to the side like a bad one night stand. 2 section 8 - this building is section 8 and since they legally can´t tell you this they will do anything to not bring this information to light. i am all for people being able to get affordable housing but this place is now run down because of it. dirty, loud and totally disrespectful people living here all while i pay a premium. no amomentunt of complaining to the leasing office will fix this. 3 stolen packages at my front door! after approximately 15 packages went lost from amazon i finally had to write a note on my door to make certain every package went to the leasing office. nope guess what the leasing office won´t accept packages. they go a valet storage unit for your pick up but only whether the fit.  i have had many packages have to be taken to the post office for me to pick up because it won´t fit in the storage area, just super inconvenient. i pay a lot in rent and you can´t hold my package????? 4 parking. yes the parking garage is big but don´t let that idiot you there is rarely parking since you share it with the commerce. 5 professionals beware - there is a large amomentunt of college kids here partying and making a a lot of noises at all hours of the night that makes it approachly impossible to sleep and again the leasing office could care less. never was there an effort to fix this issue even whether you know what apartment and individuals are making the noise. your complaint goes to deaf ears. 6 train noise - now that you are momentved in, your packages are getting stole, loud ass college kids are making it tough to endelight your space you can´t sleep cause of the freaking train. i specwhetherically asked approximately this and again was lied to saying not to worry i couldn´t here it since out windows are double pain. bullshit whether i could give this place zero stars i would. i can´t stress enough to take your momentney else . shitty shitty dungeon like apartments not worth it.

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