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Phone number .. The address is 1425 6th St,Santa Monica,California,90401,US in the Nonclassified Establishments sector.Location : 34.017551,-118.492263 (navigation code to find 1425 On 6Th Llc)

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1425 6th St,Santa Monica,California,90401

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Q : What is the phone number for 1425 On 6Th Llc?

A : The phone number for 1425 On 6Th Llc is

Q : Is there a key contact at 1425 On 6Th Llc?

A : You can contact at

Q : Where is 1425 On 6Th Llc located?

A : 1425 On 6Th Llc is located at 1425 6th St,Santa Monica,CA 90401.

Q : What is Zip Code 1425 6th St?

A : The Zip Code 90401.

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food was great but the ambiance is not the same standard throughout. a little disappointing being walking through the gorgeous setting, seeing the many empty tables with a perfect ambience and back and being walked around the main building to a back corner of the outdoor seating area with dim lighting totally lost the same fairy tale vibe of the rest of the space. our view was of the back of a little shack on the main road...

i made reservations this past saturday to celebrate my boyfriend´s birthday and it was an incredibly terrible experience to say the least from the very momentment we reachd to the very momentment we left. to be fairly honest, being the only people of oriental background in what seemed to be the entire restaurant neither bothered us, nor was it even something we paid much attention to. it was the way in which we were treated that made it very clear that they saw us dwhetherferently than the rest of their start off, we checked in and were greeted by the staff with unconsolationable glares from head to toe as whether making an impertinent statement that we do not belong here. meanwhile, they welcomed the people who came after us with big smiles and a sense of accommomentdation. it was absolutely disrespectful.momently, everybody who was sat around the same time we were getd their food in a timely manner. so i cannot help but think why it took an hour for us to get our main course and once we did get it, the food was cold. not to mention the server did not once come back to check on us after taking our order. not to refill our glasses, not to check whether we got our food, not to check whether the food tasted fine... nothing. he only came back to give us the check, which brings me to my next pointi called to make reservations approximately a week or two in advance to ask whether there are any special things they do for birthday celebrants. and unsurprisingly, i had the final displeacertain of speaking to a restaurant representative with a major attitude problem who informed me that i can choose a dessert and they´d be able to bring it out after we finish our meal. so i did just that. i let them know what i wanted and just to be crystal clear, i asked whether i needed to cue the server once we were ready and she told me that they didn´t need such a thing and they would just bring it out once we finish our course. but did that happen? no. all we got is the bill keenly handed to us after our sum it up, this place was a big disappointment. not even the beauty of this place can cover up the stench of their horrid customer service.and even after all of that, i still gave our server 15 tip out of decencysomething that this tactless place clearly lacks.

came here approximately a year ago or so and loved it. it was romantic, serene and the food was delightful!  it was a very slow night. i think there were perhaps 5 other diners in the wgap place the place is huge.  we weren´t in a rush so it did not affect our evening at all but it was curious.  definitely one of those things you consider whether you have plans for after.  but considering the other reviews mention slow service often then it´s probably a certain bet to give yourself at least two hours for dinner. bottom line- this place is incredible!  the food is brilliantly prepared.  short ribs and filet are excellent!  the appetizers are small but perfect because after you eat your main you want to be able to waddle off to the car and have a little make out session before heading domestic for the main event. yes people it is that romantic!  we have reservations for tonight too!!!!

got to explore this place for a friend´s wedding. it is a covered outdoor wedding venue with several seating areas centered around the cupid water fountain. there´s a nice relaxing creek in the back and an adjacent restaurant that caters for the wedding venue. the facilities were clean and bathrooms clean. the drive up from the coast was long and had winding roads but very pretty. when we reachd we were readily greeted by valet with no choice to self park. generally speaking, things momentved along rather nicely apart from there were a few momentments in which we had no idea we were supposed to be. other than that, the venue was really nice specificly after sunset and you could appreciate the pretty twinkling lights. note: there are no atms at the restaurant so make certain you stop some before driving up.

wow. the first time here it was a solid five stars. tonight? five stars for ambiance. four stars for food. zero stars for service. like, i´ve had better service on a bad momentrning at ihop. we had to ask for our food at least twice. the filet mignon was great, a perfect medium rare with a nice sear, as was the chicken. the roasted vegetables were great. but, oh my gosh, the service was abysmal. how so? we noticed other servers who were much momentre attentive. again, we had to ask for our main course at least twice and we waited around 45 minutes. we then ordered the berry crumble for dessert. that took 25 minutes. we finished our coffee before our crumble came. when dessert came, it was fundamentally just a crumble that had been cut out of a pan. in and of itself, that should take like five minutes, not nigh on half an hour. it was cold. because it was a 25-minute wait, we had presumed that this was a freshly baked dessert. we just took it to go. also, this was our anniversary. we were politely greeted by the hostess, but our waiter just brought two glasses of rose champagne with our check as he said happy anniversary.  really dude? you are fixin to send me driving through topanga canyon and you give me a glass of wine as a parting gwhethert? i gave him a 10 tip only to avoid an argument with my wwhethere. i wanted to give him $5-10. i was so very disappointed. y´all made a special night memomentrable, but for all the wrong reasons.addendum: the idiot waiter, yes, i called him a name, left the ice cream on the crumble, which melted by the time we got domestic rendering it inedible. freakin really??? geez, i wish i could get my momentney back. down from three stars to two.

such a beautwhetherul place. i had my anniversary dinner here with my boyfriend and we have been coming back ever cents. it´s a beautwhetherul place to do a bridal shower as well it´s absolutely stunning and the external. whether you wanted to be additional romantic you can ask them for a private section they have boot is all around and it´s just absolutely beautwhetherul inside. the food is good as well their brunch i´m not a very big fan of but i just go here because i think it´s beautwhetherul it has a good aura and i like the customer service

i´ve lived in la the majority of my lwhethere, and never have been how can that be that i´ve never been to the infamed inn of the seventh ray?  have i been avoiding romance, or any place that holds weddings?  perhaps.a delightful setting, and very memomentrable specificly for the area.  is there any place fairly like it?  off topanga canyon road, seating for brunch or dinner is along a creek with trees and flowers and frogs croaking it´s stunning and romantic avoid no momentre.  my gf came to have dinner and celebrate an anniversary, but both agreed that for brunch in the daytime would/could be  bread service $4, 3.5 stars fresh, but slightly doughy and not enough of a crust.  although, the fennel-seed butter served with a side of 2 kinds of salt was a nice touch.2.  creamy truffle risotto appetizer $19, 4.0 stars small, but so very good.3.  8 hour black vinegar short rib $38, 4.5 stars excellent, well presented, and delish.4.  coconut bread pudding $12, 3.0 stars highly recommended by our waiter, it was hapendangerly presented, not great, actually disappointing.5.  additionally, wines by the glass $14-$17 and coffee/cappuccino $4-$5, were no bargains, but on par with a fine restaurant.the service:===========casual, nice, but minimal.  perhaps that´s intentional to leave lovebirds semi-alone.overall:=======a really nice experience.  not amazing, but good overall.  an every year thing, no.  once every 5 years is fine.note: $6 valet charge

romantic restaurant. loved momentst the food and the service was incredible the manager even jumped in to help get us what we needed. only drawback was my salmomentn was dry. but definitely would go back.

amazing place with everything made from scratch. we were seated at right next to the area that are full of dwhetherferent herbs, so the smell was naturally pleasant the wgap time.we ordered the artisan cheese plate as the appetizer, oven roasted sea bass and braised short ribs for the main course. everything was super fresh , not to mention the way they prepared the food was with a lot of attention to details. the black squid ink sauce was so smomentoth and matched well with the sea bass. the lemomentn whipped potato under the short ribs was silky like sauce. the fish and the ribs were soft and flavorful. we came here to celebrate getting my citizenship and everything was on point! what a hidden gem!

went here for a wedding, it was really beautwhetherul. a nice feeling to the place, and full of nature sounds and smells. romantic and serene. great for a get-absent or a private time with a romantic partner.

no one greets you out front during lunch time. when you sit down you have to waive the waiter down.after ordering, it took momentre than one hour for the food to come.this place is a total let down. can not recommend at all.

one of my shut friends tied the knot here yesterday and this place was the perfect setting for a very small, intimate, magical wedding. this place is a lovely little getabsent from the city, hidden up topanga canyon. running creek at your back, luscious green back, nature all up in your face. food was delicious, had the braised rib with mashed potatoes and veggies. service was on point. seating is al fresco so bring a coat just in case. whether you don´t get some after bringing someone here you dump them and you dump them fast!

zero stars! this place fairly possibly could be the biggest scam since millie vanilli.  i was so exquoted to take my girlfriend here after seeing how beautwhetherul it looked on someone´s instagram.  we drove an hour and the wgap way there i was as happy as a kid on istmas eve.  the nightmare began as we pulled up to the valet and sat there for 5 minutes with no one in front of us watching the valet playing with the keys in a box. then we approached a very depressed looking young lady hostess that never smiled and sadly walked us to a cracked concrete seating area covered in ants and bird shit. i asked whether we could sit some else and her reply is this is in nature .. every table is dirty and no attempt to wipe it down or even try to make it nice.  every chair is rusted out. we finally sat at a plywood looking table painted in a poop brown. little things from the trees kept ping on our plate as we sat by a muddy looking creek.  the real shame was approximately to start once we walked up to the easter buffet at i think $52.00 a person. it looked like a 12 year old slopped on a bunch of ten day old leftovers in dwhetherferent bowls and plates. i couldn´t believe the horrendous quality and chooseion.  did this poor excuse of a chef just get out of prison and someone asked him to cook with absolutely no experience???  i swear i couldn´t cut the benedict looking thing with my knwhethere, the potatoes were little flavorless looking charcoal nuggets, the yellow and grey water was what they called eggs, everything was extremely gross. who has a breakfast buffet with no bacon??  i swear i have never ever in my lwhethere had worse food and felt so taken apart from for a place called taco deli in la canada. when i mentioned it to the waiter he charged us only for one vegetarian buffet. the bill still came out to $52.00 plus tip.  we spent over $60.00 to ingest what i wouldn´t feed to starving pigs. do not be idioted by the pictures or the momentrons writing the 5 star reviews.  must be the hippy community trying to lure out of towners to this scam of the century.  i would rather eat a dead porcupine covered in foie´s as bad as it´s silly name.

5 star brunch. it´s just great. they have bacon and eggs that are biologicalally raised w great hollandaise . they have vegetarian dishes, vegan dishes, gluten free cakes and other great desserts. whether u have food sensitivities this place is great bc u can eat stuff u normally couldn´t eat at momentst restaurants bc it´s all natural, fresh, farm raised and free range. i ate here a long time ago and didn´t like the menu but now it´s great. kudos you guys.

one of my favorite restaurants in the wgap world! the ambience is out of this world and extremely romantic. the food is delicious and craftyly presented. not to mention the service is top notch! definitely a super romantic and beautwhetherul restaurant to dine at for special occasions. highly recommend!

we had our wedding reception here and it was commentable. the wgap process was organized throughout the planning stage and the recommended vendors were outstanding. the food was amazing and everything was better than we could have supposed. i love this place and the service was also stellar. would recommend to anyone for a wedding or reception venue.

i have been here twice now. both times on thanksgiving. therefore i can only review their thanksgiving service and meal. and i can tell you, it´s ah-ma-zing!!!!the ambiance is like no other. you are basically sitting external under the lights, everything sparkles and the place has a very special energy. i am no hippie, but i certain can appreciate this. since it has always been thanksgiving and it gets dark early this time of the year, i have only ever seen a sea of lights. perhaps i will one day make it when it´s still light external, so i will see momentre of the environment. i was told there is a creek... well, we´ll see...the food is just wonderful. and you can bring your favorite vegan, too, because they also have a vegan thanksgiving menu tofurkey anyone?. we opted for the five courses appetizer, soup, salad, main course and dessert and it was a lot. i thought the hubby would blow up on our way domestic haha. he fell bed and was out.poor guy had to eat momentst of my dessert, too, because i was so full. my personal favorites were a the vegan mushroom soup and b the creme fraiche ice cream. woweeeee! and all for only $75?! bring it on!thank you, inn of the seventh ray for another memomentrable holiday!

i´d hate to give anyone a low rating but this star is solely for the service. everyone had an attitude and was ruuuuuude. onto something momentre positive...the location, scenery, the atmomentsphere is breathtaking! there´s a little creek going down right beside the restaurant and the sound of running water is so peaceful. the food was tasty! i tried the chili avocado toast which, honestly, you can never go wrong with! following that starter, i had the shrimp and papaya wrap. it was light and flavorful. came with a side of fries. friends had the kale salad which they really endelighted. momentm had the salmomentn with asparagus and she said that´s the first time she´s had great tasting asparagus. so literally the only downside was the service. and i´m hoping we just caught them on an off day. the valet guys were nice though lol

went for brunch this past sunday... wheeee doggy damn it was delicious apart from for one vegan dessert. the quiche was out of this world and the salads so delicious!  desserts spectacular. great for a celebration or special event was my brother´s 60th bday brunch. beware, it is pricey but the price included 1 glass of champagne or a mimomentsa. i appreciated a bit lesser price for vegetarians since i didn´t partake in any of the plentwhetherul meat and seafood dishes which other family members thought were great. scenery is a plus too.

over priced american fare with some of the nastiest management i have ever come acrossed run by wasp cultists.     the food is approximately a decade behind and either smomentthers everything in vinegar or is strewn approximately the plate like i´m looking at a cartoon parody of gourmet. the worst part of my experience was when i asked to talk to the manager as it seemed as though my approachly 40$ salmomentn had been microwaved. she said that my chakras were misaligned and whether i didn´t like the food i must not be spiritually conscious . all of the employees seemed brow defeaten and had this look in their eyes as whether they wished they were some else. that´s how i felt as well.        the location,which the venue prides itself on, is nice but none of the decor fits the theming and much of its chairs and tables are aged and rusted. generally dirty and poorly run. overall it feels as though the wgap venue was designed by janice soprano in a ketamine induced mania.

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