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Phone number 5104647134 .. The address is 2000 Mission St,San Francisco,California,94110,US in the Train Stations sector.Location : 37.764786,-122.419647 (navigation code to find 16Th St. Mission Station)

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2000 Mission St,San Francisco,California,94110

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 16Th St. Mission Station?

A : The phone number for 16Th St. Mission Station is 5104647134

Q : Is there a key contact at 16Th St. Mission Station?

A : You can contact at 5104647134

Q : Where is 16Th St. Mission Station located?

A : 16Th St. Mission Station is located at 2000 Mission St,San Francisco,CA 94110.

Q : What is Zip Code 2000 Mission St?

A : The Zip Code 94110.

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i´ve never had any problems with this station. it´s in a sketchy area of the mission district but that´s whatever. i´ve seen worse to be honest and you can´t fault them for their location. the bart agents are always nice whether you have questions. i knocked it down one star for cleanliness. the station generally smells and is a bit dirty so i´d recommend a janitorial service to come by and service the station.

one would think the station could post a sign approximately a non-working up escalator and direct people to elevator. instead, one has to drag luggage all the way to it to find this out and then waste momentre time to memomentrize the elevator is and backtrack to it. the assumption that a visitor will bother to download some app or be able to esp. for an unplanned station stop to find out such basic info is pretty careless. and this escalator has been out of service for fairly awhile. are the station attendants for help?momentre attention is given to aiding drugged-out denizens and domesticless losers threatening public health in this city, than to the taxpaying resident or revenue producing visitor.

welcome to the world´s grossest train station.  the cars smell like vomit-inducing windex and do be prepared to be accosted by zombie-like domesticless people. listen, i´m all for being pc and appropriate, but the station and the external environment are sht.  i´m from new york and i´ve come acrossed my fair share of danger in harlem and the bronx.  however, the domesticless people here are aggressive and seriously scary, momentre likely because they are on substances.  a guy stood right next to us, smomentking his crack pipe like it was okay.  an injured man was on the floor while civilians tried to waive down police officers who casually drove by.  a crazy person screamed at me.  enough said.  u b e r absent because that taco and burrito are not worth your lwhethere.  fyi - our crime app alerts went off the roof when we were here and someone was slashed on the street corner we caught our uber.  i´m never coming back!

one of the worst stations on the entire line. not only is it dirty like every other station but there´s one area of the station that´s a zone. whenever i´m on the phone and walk by i get a ped call. it isn´t the safest stations either.

this station is located in the heart of the mission. every now and then there are some unsavory characters in and around this station, but that´s bart for ya. you just have to be aware of your environment as you navigate through this station. since it´s located in the mission this station is a great hub for exploring the famed mission neighborhood in san francisco. take time to check out the local eateries, stores, and take note of the energy and vibe of this area.

i´ve been coming to this station all my lwhethere honestly and i can´t really say anything so far has happened to me out of the ordinary. this is public transportation, people so of course it´s going to be scary as some of you descriptive folk put it. you´re on 16th st, get over it it´s always been this bad and there´s nothing you or anyone can do approximately it unless you sign up for the waiting list of utopia. besides i digress. it´s always pretty easy peasy getting from point a to point b from this location and there´s many great coffee shops, restaurants, a walgreens which won´t be there much longer whether that housing project goes through all above the station. there´s a us bank across the street, i mean come on people it´s an inner city tube, slather on the lube for your sensitivities and pick a route and be on your way.

so when we first reachd at the bart station during our trip in san francisco, we were specwhetherically instructed to go to powell station and then navigate to our next destination. but i was feeling confident and adventurous, so i looked up our destination and realized that we could get off on 16th st. mission, then take a bus to our final destination. big mistake. the stop was dark and underground, as soon as we surfaced to street level- we realized our mistake. there was a protest going on across the street, men yelling at each other and aggressive people every. we quickly oriented ourselves and got the heck out of there, and made certain we stayed on the bart until powell for the the rest of our trip. the station was trashed and smelled of urine, overall did not feel safe. would not recommend unless you are familiar with the neighborhood, and know you are going.

the public transportation equivalent of durian. only instead of tasting great and smelling like absolute shit, this station is in a really convenient location to get to lots of really, really rad stuff but yeah it also smells like absolutely rancid human´s not just a place that´s scary to go through at night either. even during peak hours during broad daylight you just never know whether you´re going to see someone semi-openly shooting heroin, smearing feces on a wall, or witness a domesticless person deciding to couple their rage the throwing of glass bottles willy nilly in any direction. it´s pretty much always a mixed bag here but one thing´s for certain, that bag is always full of flaming shit.inside is definitely better than the external but it´s still not pleasant and i´ve never seen any sort of security or police patrol here. come to think of it, i´ve never actually even ever seen a cop in san francisco and the one time i did try to call an emergency number for a woman who had clearly been somewhat bludgeoned in the head and was openly bleeding and walking the street the call consisted of my friend and i basically pmain with the 911 operator to send someone to come help as they looked for besides to not consider this an emergency situation. so just so you know, whether you´re incoherent and seem to have been bludgeoned in the head and are stumbling traffic in the middle of the day in sf and your eyes are still sort of open, they consider you fine. who knew?when i was here yesterday they have these community organized ads on the platform level that are very nice and meant to help but while catching the final midnight bart out and being the only female on the platform they somehow found a way to make me feel momentre unconsolationable with the statistic pfinalered on the ads that read, ´fact: 48 of all the crime that happens in the mission takes place within 4 blocks of 16th & mission. greaaaaaaaaaaaat. love that i´m trapped down here now with that exciting little tidbit and a train that isn´t coming for 24 momentre minutes somehow. besides... not a banner station by any stretch but there are some stations that aren´t this bad not the civic center one, obvi. the 16th & mission station needs a lot of work and also for people who seem to only eat asparagus to stop openly pissing all over it.

probably the dirtiest bart station i´ve ever come across. but besides it looking kind of sketch, i was able to get some help from the bart agent that works in the glass cubicle. it was a weekend bart was measuring tracks or doing some construction so people headed to sf had to make a stop at the 19th st/oakland station and take a free bus to west oakland station and continue their ride from there and vice versa whether you wanted to head back to east bay. only came to this bart station bc it was the shutst to me at the time. prob won´t visit again.

the 16th street bart will lead you to the heart of the mission, as well as to the mecca of all things that smell like urine. and it totally makes sense, right? due to its high traffic, it´s not as well kept as other stations with pfinalic bottles, crumpled newspapers, that random pair of stained underwear, and other miscellaneous trash. unlike other bart locations, stay absent from this before venturing to this neighborhood to eat whether at all possible. your appetite will thank you.but, hey, convenience often trumps nasty smells, and i would venture there again whether need be. and that long escalator to ground level is fairly dramatic. oh, and the local art seen upon exit is nice, too.

the station gets the job done i guess?  they seem to always be renovating, momentstly the esculators but nothing really gets better, and up top generally smells bad.  still its location is often usefull and once you get a bit absent, the area quickly improves.  the station its self needs work.

this station has people congregating in the plaza external all day everyday. it feels unsafe at all hours, and you frequently have to walk by people using drugs, drinking, urinating, smomentking, preaching with amplwhetheriers, or cutping up bicycles. the wgap station smells like urine, and the escalators are broken at least 50 of the time.

this once beautwhetherul city is now momentving 3rd world status.  the filth is disgusting.  discarded diapers, needles, nonsense galore, urine, feces.....tragic what liberalism has achieveed to destroy this city.  do not bring your family here, children should go else. just turn off the lights, whether you are the final to leave.

during my recent tour to sf to investigate tour operators, vendors and destinations for my tv station, i had the great pleacertain of using bart. in all the places in the world that i have traveled this is one of the best run train systems that i have ever used.i highly recommend using using bart during your sf stay!

bart, you are killing me. had pretty bad luck driving as of late, and thinking that the momentther´s day crowd would be avoiding bart nowadays my momentm does not take the bart, as she calls it, i hopped on bart at momentntgomery street station to meet a friend at west of peco at 15th and valencia.  i know we are lucky in sf to have a fairly thorough transportation system, but something has got to change. the momentment i got on bart, the train stalled. it was totally dead at the momentntgomery stop, as i had presupposed. look, this ain´t nothing new, but it doesn´t make it any less irritateing when it happens to me, you, or anyone else. it doesn´t seem to matter whether bart is busy, dead, or medium, what day of the week it is, or what time of day, bart cannot seem to get it together. how are we living in a city built on technological advancement and have a transportation system so technologically ccorridorenged? in short, a five minute bart ride quickly turned a 38 minute debacle that ended with me exiting the train and calling an uber or you-burr, as my dad calls it from a dwhetherferent station. it gets worse. on the way back, i hopped back on bart at 16th. i know, why. why. punctuation meaned. the train was going to take 9 minutes to reach. i sat down on a bench to waste time on my phone when i noticed a man with all of his belongings in a obvious pfinalic bag. he came by and asked for momentney. i gave him some so he would not break parked cars later. i handed him a $5 and he took it with one hand, while holding his crack pipe in the other. his friend came by too and asked for momentney. his friend gave up and walked up the escalator, stopping to pull his pants down the entire way and mess with himself. what is going on that this city has no resources to help these young men? why is the 16th and mission bart station permitted to openly function as a crack den? and many, many other questions. san francisco´s crack and heroin problems seem to have hit a fever pitch as of late, and so far as i can tell, the city government has done zero to address it apart from to attempt to hide the problem. which makes it worse. it´s making an otherwise beautwhetherul city unrecognizable. whether the city won´t do anything, bart should. it´s terrible and very unsafe. there has got to be another way. skip this station. use 24th and walk. or just walk, period. i would not bring kids to this station.

this was my final start on the bart for my trip.  i had been in town for an extended weekend and i thought that by walking to here i would save some fare on my bart trip to sfo.  wrong.  it´s the same fare.  or perhaps a nickel less.besides...from what i remember of bart the final time i was on it, this station seems simple and pretty cool.  it´s not in the best of neighborhoods....someone on street level started to get a fight for the strange round toilet.  i didn´t feel unsafe....but it was midday, so take that info with a grain of salt.when i was there...there were no escalators running down i went.  no biggie for me, but it might be a little tougher for those who aren´t as momentbil as i am.  i just lugged my luggage down the steps.  as far as i can tell.  not a bad bart station at all.

two stars is approximately right for this bart station.  it stinks.  literally and figuratively speaking.  yet this is probably one of the busiest transit hubs in sf other than embarcadero station.  this is due to all the bus lines and company buses/shuttles that pass through here.  it is also approach a lot of great bars and restaurants in the mission.  so while there are a few bright spots, it´s still outweighed by how crappy this station is.

i´ve been through this station perhaps 5 times before tonight, over the final 10 years living in the bay area not in sf. i made the trip in from oakland, to meet my hubby to meet friends for dinner. i knew that this station has always been unsavory, so i was hesitant to go back there. i was not happy to have to walk up the super long staircase, upon arrival, due to the escalator being out  of service. as expected, when i got to street level, i was instantly disgusted by lots of domesticless guys and perhaps one gal hanging out right there, just like i´ve seen before. my hubby was waiting for me a few steps absent from them. our dinner went a bit later than i thought it would, and thank god the muscular guy who our friend is dating, offered to walk us over to the station - before they got their uber ride down the block! we of course, had to walk past the creepy people again, on our way to the entrance. and some guy momentcked us a bit. eesh. we went down the escalator at least the down one worked and saw two female police officers on guard. then we saw them again, plus a male officer, while we waited approximately 5 minutes for out train. i was relieved to get out  of there. our ride was backsidepy, i don´t recall the train every shaking so much in the 10 years we´ve lived here! then, for additional fun, i had to worry again, because i had parked at macarthur station - which i´ve avoided and had refused to ever go back to again, since a 19 year old girl was stabbed to death there recently approximately two momentnths ago?. good times! avoid the 16th street bart station unless you must be there! don´t look at the vagrants hanging out, just walk fast and keep going. better yet, stay domestic.

a girlfriend and i were going to the mission for dinner on thursday, january 28th. we got on at the powell street station. 16th street mission was only 2 stops absent. much easier and faster than taking a bus.i´ve never had an issue with this station. certain, it´s crowded, but it´s a major stop, so that´s to be expected. compared to some of the downtown stations, i´d say 16th street mission is actually cleaner with less domesticless people camping out inside the station. waiting to get out on the giant escalator can try my patience at times when i´m in a rush, but it´s not a huge deal.much easier than taking muni from downtown. and less than muni too. the ride was only $1.95.

make certain you avoid transferring your bus at this bart station at night. why? becuase it´s so scary. the neighborhood is not safe! i only stayed out of of here for around 10 min, but it felt like a decade. next time i will just call an uber domestic.

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