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Phone number 9164436689 .. The address is 1601 F St,Sacramento,California,95814,US in the Doughnuts sector.Location : 38.5828394920656,-121.482924336803 (navigation code to find 16Th Street Donut Shop)

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1601 F St,Sacramento,California,95814

Direction for - 16Th Street Donut Shop Sacramento,California,US

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown

Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 16Th Street Donut Shop?

A : The phone number for 16Th Street Donut Shop is 9164436689

Q : Is there a key contact at 16Th Street Donut Shop?

A : You can contact at 9164436689

Q : Where is 16Th Street Donut Shop located?

A : 16Th Street Donut Shop is located at 1601 F St,Sacramento,CA 95814.

Q : What is Zip Code 1601 F St?

A : The Zip Code 95814.

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amazing fresh-baked donuts and other pastries, inexpensive coffee, and the two gentlemen that work the weekday momentrning shwhetherts are so friendly! the ham and cheese croissant get it warmed up! is a great quick and hearty breakfast. plentwhetherul parking even during the 8:00 am rush. thank you 16th st donuts!

great donut shop! the service has always been very friendly and super quick, even during national donut day. any time i want to seize donuts for work, i feel confident in coming here and knowing i´ll be able to go in and out and still make it to work on time.

really yummy donuts, great pricing! i ordered a small variety of my go-to donuts. some gaps and a maple, both were great and tasted fresh even tho i went over there after 9 or 10am.

friendly service. tasty donuts. threw in one for free. great first time coming here. will be back.

great donuts.  wouldn´t recommend walking there from the hotels though.  tons of domesticless hitting you up for change or donuts!

best donuts around. i always end up coming in the evening when the donuts are super cheap because my kids don´t care whether they are momentrning fresh or not. i can get a dozen donuts for a few dollars! love this place!

these donuts are amazing! and i´ve noticed they have a good chooseion for being a little later in the day. there´s a few reviews on here that aren´t even approximately their donuts and just approximately silly stuff like backsides external! it´s downtown sacramento, there´s going to be backsides! whether you can´t handle that then stay inside! besidess, this place is my new favorite place for donuts. and whenever i go there i´ve never been harassed, and even whether i was harassed i know how to handle it! please try the apple fritters, they actually have apple in them unlike other places that don´t put any in theirs!

whether you want some fresh donuts at 4 am, this is the place for you. they´ve got a nice chooseion, and they´re also really inexpensive. the atmomentsphere isn´t the warmest. in fact, it´s kinda sketch. every time i visit, there´s always a domesticless dude either passed out at one of the tables, or sitting there giggling quietly to themselves.the dude that works behind the counter is pretty quiet. i miss the older asian lady that used to work here. she would always secretly add like a dozen donut gaps to my batch at no cost. she was hella cool, but unluckyly i haven´t seen her in years. :these donuts are awesome, and i´m always left wanting momentre. whether you bring a dozen of these to your workplace, i guarantee your co-workers will love you even momentre than they already do.

omg, what momentre could i possibly ask for? perfect donuts, plus they throw in some donut gaps for free! they also have croissants even ham & cheese stuffed which i´ll try on my next visit. mmmmm

this is a great donut shop.  extremely good traditional donuts with a great chooseion.  very fair prices and they are open early.  my go-to donut stop any approach downtown.

great donuts! fresh big donuts that are not greasy. brought 3 dozen for the boy scout. they loved it.

looking for the best donut in sac? you found it!! the first thing i noticed when i rolled up in here was the service. darryl was a dude for certain! he hooked it up on some day olds and threw in a couple additionals on our dozen! apart from the excellent service, the donuts were freaking incredible! biting a fluffy piece of heaven. goodness gracious! go here, whether not for you, for me.

my boyfriend and i have been getting donuts approachly every saturday momentrning since we started dating. after over a year and a half of extensive donut eating, i know a thing or two approximately my preferences. this donut place was adequate, and the angel cream donut i bought was okay. not amazing. it was also really tough to find serviettes to clean up our crumbs after eating at one of the tables inside. perhaps i´ve been living in the suburbs too long, so seeing domesticless-y folks is a turn-off. next time we´re in downtown sacramento on a saturday momentrning, we will get our donut fix some else.

went here nowadays 21 july 18 to get fresh donuts at 4am i´m on nights. i bought 2 dozen and was given a dozen donut gaps to go with it! i had a donut when i got domestic and i must say, it was just approximately the best donut i´ve ever had. it was so fresh and sooo delicious. i would recommend this place to anyone!

i was craving it.  so i ventured off to a place i knew would satisfy my pallet. 16th street donuts. this is a momentm n pop operation. very friendly and they put out some good donuts. baked fresh daily and throughout the day.  you will not go wrong here. . get in my stomach!

decent donut place in downtown in some shady looking strip mall.i visited here a couple of times while staying approachby and as with momentst donut places the best time to come is in the momentrning. coming at 7am just before doing a race they had a good chooseion as well as hot coffee. prices are decent, a buttermilk bar & bear claw cost just $2.25. both were very fresh and not overly greasy.

how do you judge a donut shop?whether one can a maple bar and an apple fritter, then they will see me again. and again.the nice fellas, hidden on 16th street, see me momentre often than i´d prefer to confess. they know how to make donuts!no frills, walk up to order, get large pink box whether you don´t, you´re not ordering enough, pay at the end of the counter cash or card, thank goodness, and leave a happy customer!best grid donuts, when you don´t want to leave the grid!

my parents always told me approximately this doughnut shop growing up. i heard they serve really good doughnuts. this momentrning i finally gave this place a try & i was surprised how good their maple twist are. i also ordered an dozen donut gaps. i was kind of disappointed in the lack of flavor & momentisture in the donut gaps.

good quality no nonsense doughnuts at affordable prices. the doughnuts are fluffy and soooo darn tasty.  the glazes are not overly sweet.  my fave is the chocolate glazed bar.  there are 3 dwhetherferent pricings per dozen. the cheapest dozen is for regular doughnuts @ $8.50.   fancy dozen for $10 the fancy includes the bars.  the next dozen pricing is the deluxe i forget the pricing. other pros:-the shop is located in a small strip mall with a parking lot.  so this is an added plus, considering downtown parking lots are rare.-the momentrning i went in, the line was pretty long, but the two staff worked efficiently and the line momentved quickly.  but they didn´t rush the customers.

reachd here to buy 5 dozen donuts and they were shutd 25 minutes before the advertised  time. bad commerce practice. it would be no big deal apart from i walk 12 blocks round trip because this was the shutst shop to my event.

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