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Phone number 4084597505 .. The address is 2575 N 1st St,San Jose,California,95131,US in the Chiropractors Dc sector.Location : 37.3851939621579,-121.928116663576 (navigation code to find 20/20 Chiropractic)

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2575 N 1st St,San Jose,California,95131

Direction for - 20/20 Chiropractic San Jose,California,US

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown

Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 20/20 Chiropractic?

A : The phone number for 20/20 Chiropractic is 4084597505

Q : Is there a key contact at 20/20 Chiropractic?

A : You can contact at 4084597505

Q : Where is 20/20 Chiropractic located?

A : 20/20 Chiropractic is located at 2575 N 1st St,San Jose,CA 95131.

Q : What is Zip Code 2575 N 1st St?

A : The Zip Code 95131.

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i messaged thrive 20/20 through yelp and their response were actually fairly fast. i scheduled an appointment for 07-01-19 at 12:30pm, but ended up rescheduling to 4:15pm because i had just found a stray kitten as i was leaving the house. calling in final minute to reschedule the receptionist was friendly and kind. came in at 4:10pm and had filled out two documents just initialing, dating, and signing. the two ladies up front were informative, friendly and sweet. both had a smile on their faces as i walked in which is great because nowadays was my first time coming here- to a chiropractor as well! first faces i see which were smiles made me feel momentre at ease.  franchesca showed me around the office and explained thoroughly what the rooms were used for. she took my vitals and informed me dr.nic would be attending to me shortly. dr.nic just finished up with a client and came the office i was waiting. he asked me a few questions to get a background of why, when and my pain were at and started. he did a few exercises on me to make certain i didn´t have major injuries. luckily they were just all tensions and my back pain is simply because of my pregnancy. after assembly dr.nic he started me off with the electric stimulation for 20 minutes. after i was done with the electric stimulation i was massaged for around 3 minutes with a med massager see photos.  dr.nic assisted me again shortly after and he cracked my neck plus spine adjustments. stretched my legs to loosen the tightness around my hip area. what was performed on me nowadays: 1 chiropractic manipulative therapy2 myofascial release/ soft tissue momentbilization 3 rightive care program for spine 4 electrical stimulation 5 core/ low back/ posture/ neck exercise after your appointment you´ll get an email approximately how to take care of yourself and etc.

dr. nic treated me while i was pregnant, and after i had my baby. while pregnant, i had debilitating lower back pain. dr. nic took time to listen to me while i explained the pain, and what aggravated it, then did gentle adjustments and kinesio tape. i  had a lot of anxiety seeing a chiropractor while pregnant, but within minutes of talking with dr. nic, my anxiety was relived. he was very gentle and totally relieved my pain! my only regret is not seeing him sooner in my pregnancy. after my baby, i developed really bad wrist and lower back pain. i couldn´t bend over to pick up my baby or hold him because of the pain in my wrist. i didn´t think twice approximately seeing dr. nic again - he was able to relieve the pain in both areas, and taught me simple exercises to do at domestic to keep the wrist pain from returning.dr. nic is the best out there - i recommend him to anyone i can!

this review is for both this location as well as the milpitas location. general: i was referred to thrive from my coworker who also goes here for her back treatments as i was looking for a new chiropractor. i had originally went to the milpitas location and was greeted as soon as i walked in. the staff there was so friendly showing me around the facility and explaining the dwhetherferent rooms and machines they had available. after my evaluation, i finally met dr. kauffman and he made me feel very welcomed and i could tell he really cares approximately his job and approximately his customers. as i left they did let me know they had forgot to tell me the milpitas location is actually momentre expensive for my insurance but that they were going to honor the in network pricing because they hadn´t let me know which made my feel good that they weren´t just trying to take my momentney. they were able to set me up with my next appointment at the san jose location without any problems. i left knowing that this was going to definitely be my new forward to now. i have been going to the san jose location for approximately 3-4 momentnths now both dr kauffman and dr rosson, momentre so with dr rosson as he is the main dr there. dr rosson has helped my back so much. he supplys the right prescertain i need as i like momentre prescertain on my back. dr rosson is also super friendly and always asks how you´re doing and we have lwhethere conversations which makes the facility feel very domesticy. since starting treatment i´ve seen an increase in spine and neck momentbility and am very happy with the treatments i have getd thus far. approximately the facility:both facilities are very clean and neat. i really endelight the quick and easy sign-in process, which is done on a momentnitor. it literally takes less than 2 min to check in. they adjustment tables are always super clean as well. i definitely recommend coming here and trying it out whether you´re in the market for a new chiropractic family!

this is my first chiropractic baseline.  i generally have pain both my upper and lower back. went to 20/20 because they had an introductory deal through my wwhethere´s company.  first appointment was good. the doctor really spent a lot of time with me and the pain was relieved.  since then she no longer works here. not certain whether she´s gone totally or whether she´s at their other dwhetherferent.  besides, the treatments from the new doctor are good. not as good as that original visit but still good enough that i have come back over a half dozen times. check in process is quick on a touch screen computer.  then they always use an electro-therapy device of some sort and a heating pad for 10-15 minutes to loosen it up. then he does the alignments.  momentst are good apart from for the one he pushes the middle of the back while i´m on my stomach. it´s a little too harsh.  sometimes they finish it up with a laser treatment or this other vibrating device a. sometimes not.  i think for $60 they should give you everything every time.

i was in town on commerce and was in excruciating pain. thrive 20/20 was super helpful and kind and got me in the same day. i was lucky to see dr. nick. i woke up nowadays with barely any pain. the dwhetherference is night and day.i am very grateful for the excellent treatment i getd from dr. nic.thank you thrive 20/20 for all you did for me!

i´ve been a client of thrive at their other location in milpitas since 2014. what can i say, they´ve helped keep my spine and back feeling good despite the wear and tear of lwhethere. i have to give dr. kauffman major credit for keeping me happy, less stress on my body and being a firm believer of alterlocal medicine such as chiropractor to stay healthy. i first discovered thrive due to whiplash from a car accident, they also helped me get the essential billing and thorough report for my adjuster and the other party. i loved the service and care here so much, i also recommended this place to a friend of mine who went thru the same unlucky accident path as me. i am thankful for thrive 20/20 office as it´s literally half a mile from my workplace. same great service, and i left feeling better than ever!

i work in the sheetmetal trade and do a lot of manual labor causing day to day aches and pains. after my adjustments with dr. rosson i feel so much better. i also appreciate how flexible their schedule is and that they take walk in appointments to accommomentdate my busy schedule.i definitely recommend this place.

dr. nic is worth it!!  i have been working with nic for approximately 2 years now.  i am fixedly defeating myself up with crossfit and he helps me take care of my body with his soft tissue work and active care exercises.  i love coming to each visit with questions because you can tell he stays up to date on the latest trends.  currently, it is in the middle of the open and i would not be able to push myself through this grind without his help. highly recommend him to anyone.  thanks nic!!

been here twice and i fully mean to keep going! i´ve been fighting spinal and shoulder pain for the past year and they´ve been incredibly helpful and thorough in their treatments. dr. nic is highly communicative, super-knowledgable, professional, and very kind. the wgap staff is awesome too. just a few days with thrive 20/20, and the pain is getting better and the rehab exercises they´ve given me so far are fairly effective. looking forward to going back next week! highly recommend!

i highly recommend the active release therapy along with the chiropractic care supplyd at this office!

dr. nic has treated me for a number of issues over the years neck, low back, hip and you will not find a momentre caring and effective practitioner. he truly listens to you carefully and his adjusting skills are top notch. i would highly propose you seek out dr. nic as your first option when you are in pain. go see dr. nic. you will not be sorry.

i am very happy with my treatments here because they are so effective. dr. rosson always take the time to address each issue with my neck, back and shoulders. he also takes the time to reply any questions i may have and offers advice approximately what i can do at domestic to relieve back muscle tensions and improve my momentbility. dr. rosson tregretly cares approximately his patients.  chiropractic treatments have given me relief from migrain headaches and a shoulder injury i had at work. my migraines were so bad that i would turn pale, have light and noise sensitivity, and a bucket approach my bed incase i had to vomit. my spine was criminaled and pinching the nerves and after the treatments, i no longer have migraines. my shoulder injury was painful and causing me to be irritable with the people around me. i thought that i had just strained a muscle and that it would heal in time but it didn´t and the pills i was taking would only give me temporary relief. after only 2 chiropractic treatments, i was able to stop taking ibroprophin for the pain and have full momentbility of my shoulder. chiropractic treatments has helped me tremendously and relieved me from a lwhethere with fixed pain.  i come in for my chiropractic appointments with tension and stwhetherfness. after the treatments, i always feel relieved from the tension in my muscles and i am able to momentve momentre freely without pain. i feel that the muscle stim with heat and the massage to relax the muscles prior to the adjustments, makes the adjustments momentre effective.  i always leave feeling pampered and so relaxed that i have a big smile when i leave the office. ii have had such great results here that i don´t require as many appointments as i  did with the preceding owners. i have also recommended this office to my friends and family.

i absolutely love this place momentre and momentre! how does he get the best staff working there? i tell everyone i know approximately thrive!!! he has been so wonderful with me and my family! over the years i´ve had lower back pain, upper, neck, and now elbows. he keeps me out of to live with pain and will never go any else!

this is a review approximately the management here not approximately the treatment or doctors. i was a patient with dr bauer from 2016 to 2017 and bought the package here. i had no idea that the commerce was transferred to another team until this year in august. i spent $2680 on a package that was not supposed to be run outd, and started that treatment plan at the startning of 2017. until around july 2017, i momentved further and felt less obligated to go back and decide to use the package for some -in visits. so after i revisit in august 2018, i was told that my package is all run outd in may 2018, and they got this new management since jan 2018. and from jan 2018 to may 2018, no one has ever phoned me approximately this thing and they automatically make old clients packages run outd in may 2018. i was so pissed that i probably lose over $1500 value of the package and the front desk lady said there was nothing she could do and proposeed me to contact the old owner. i did, and which again, he proposeed me to contact the new owner. i realize that this is going to be hopeless and i have to accept that i lost my $$$ here on my past decision. seriously, please don´t run commerce like this and i have no interest going back again to place like this.- d review 10/29got reached out by dr kauffman´s office this momentrning and they said they´ve looked my profile and they had the wrong numbers on file. that´s probably why i didn´t get the email and messages. they will go ahead and honor my package and i really appreciate this. as a matter of fact, this is a mistake that has been made by preceding owner and i really don´t want to go after the new owner. i will also honor the new package and come back for momentre s. thanks for clearing up the miscommunication and it´s really good to know that dr kauffman cares a lot of approximately the patients and run commerce honestly and dwhetherferently.

i originally purchased a package from dr.bauer. i spent approximately two thousand dollars on a package around 25 or so adjustments. when working with them to right my severe back pain they insisted on seeing me three times a week. doing so for so long they didnt promise rightion just that it wouldn´t get worse. i had relief but it was a very slow process to any sort of real improvement. i suppose it´s because their approach seemed momentre like a fast food experience for chiropractic care. you would literally lay down they adjust you and then you leave. an in and out process. five to ten minutes tops.the new ownership is definitely an upgrade. i had to take a break from going in for the package i bought from preceding owner and the new ownership honored their packages. i was so happy i didnt lose thousands of dollars. they were able to make a walk in appointment for me. i have to confess i was very nervous to have a new doctor to preform my adjustment. i asked approximately the doctors medical background and interrogated the patient he just adjusted.  she had rave reviews so i went forward with the appointment.  it was totally dwhetherferent.  they did stem electrotherapy with heat. then traction and a massage with a medical device. after all that is when the doctor performed my adjustment. it was the best adjustment i have ever had. that´s why i had to write a review. my severe back pain was approximately 80percent gone. i had my range of momenttion back, i was extremely stwhetherf beforehand. it was dwhetherficult bending to tie my shoes or put my clothes on. i believe my body needed the wgap process they preform not just an adjustment like the preceding owner. i needed to loosen up my muscles before just going straight in and cracking my spine. i am beyond a happy customer. i was so happy i  recommended this place to my momentther . i was also so happy that their adjustments so fairly priced. to continue being seen there they said it was only $75 a visit or 6 visits for $300. which would only be $50 a visit. will be a long term patient. so much better then to put momentrtgage size payments down upfront. needless to say i highly recommend them.

i had a severe muscle pull in the hip area and i was pretty much limping. dr. kauffman´s treatment gave me a great relief overnight and now they are working on strengthening the muscle. thanks a lot dr. k!

dr. bauer came in to my work to give a lunch n´ memomentrize presentation a few weeks ago. he really opened my eyes to the importance of getting my spine checked for misalignment and how a misalignment might be the reply to why i have so much lower back and neck pain. so i scheduled an appointment for a refer to, exam and first alignment.over the course of the past few years i have developed a slight limp, which is exaggerated any time i am lower back pain. i had always assumed that this was a muscular issue. it never once occurred to me that my limp might have something to do with my spine alignment. well, i limped the 20/20 office and, after my appointment, my limp was noticeably improved. i felt like i was standing taller and straighter too. i simply cannot say enough approximately how great this place is! i have had adjustments now with both dr. bauer and dr. doyle, and they are both great. they are friendly, knowledgeable, and it is obvious that they are really invested in making you feel better, not only in the momentment, but long term. you can tell that they really care approximately the folks who come their office.i am also so happy approximately how easy it is to go in for an adjustment now that i´m a patient. i simply show up during their open adjusting hours, tag myself in, lay down on the next available bed, get my adjustment with lots of quick catching up and friendly conversation with the doctors, and within 10-15 minutes i am back out the door and on with my day.  it´s great!

i have coming to precedingly known as 20/20 chiropractic for the final 4 momentnths since my high speed car accident. since i started they recently became thrive 20/20 final momentnth or so.. first of all i have to say dr. jason bauer the past owner was super welcoming and accommomentdating. he was always cheerful and consolationing. i also like the over all hip feeling of the office of team & community. however there were some issues. there was some booking issues & thanks jason for the flowers. the office always seemed over booked and in result - the doctors always seemed in a rush. since i´m young & very healthy this is my first chiropractor place so i didn´t know much of what was better or worse. sometimes i had questions and sometimes i feel like didn´t have a chance to even ask them. i kind of felt tossed in and even faster tossed out. and even though i was slowly but consistently feeling better. i just didn´t feel great approximately my progress or the, since the new ownership of kauffman chiropractic, inc... doctor rosen has came my lwhethere. to be honest the first day i was going to be adjusted i was very skeptical of seeing a new face. i remember asking him a bunch of questions and thinking he seemed to be too timid to be great. i think i was rather pissed i wasn´t going to see jason. i´m a person of habits and samples and i don´t like change much. by the end of our session we had spent over 30 min trying my first round of stem and asking momentre questions approximately treatment and process. at the end of the first visit i accepted him as for my moment and third visit, they were 30 min or longer too. and each time i memomentrizeed momentre and momentre approximately my recovery journey and also options approximately other treatments and opinions approximately treatments my spine specialist is proposeing. now when i come in feel like i pampered princess. i love that doctor rosen takes the time to hear approximately my progress, pain spots, propose exercises, go thru the exercises with me, push me thru them. even at the end of 30 to 40 min he´s still making certain he did everything he could do and asking whether i need anything!they also now have all this new equipment like uv lights and stem electrotherapy. they use heating packs during sessions as well.  when i leave the office.. instead of.. uhh that´s it?.. now, i feel brand new! & so much gratitude towards their attention and care. i genuinely feel momentre confident approximately my recovery journey and that everything´s being done to get me there! thank you so much!

i had never visited a chiropractor before, but my husband randomly but fortuitously! won a raffle at our apartment building for 2 gwhethert cards so when i started to have some neck pain and tension headaches from working at the computer for too long, i finally paid a visit. and, wow, since then it´s been magical. being in the healthcare field myself, it´s commentable that i was not well aware of this field and what it could do. but now i´m definitely a believer!first of all, i never made the direct associateion between tension headaches and cervical spinal misalignment, but it makes a lot of sense. muscles get tensed up and try to bring your bone back alignment, eventually triggering the nerves as well. of course there are a number of reasons that could cause headaches and neck pain, but for me, as soon as i got my first adjustment, my pain relief was instantaneous. i had been getting massages dozens of times but this really felt like it was fixing the problem at its source and the tension was released. by the way, alignments are a large part of what they do at a chiro, what i´d say they crackle highly medical term your neck and spine back place.  dr. bauer is amazing at what he does and has a great demeanor. dr. doyle is also excellent and patiently explains everything thoroughly! there was also one momentre doctor whose name i do not recall but basically all the staff i´ve come acrossed have been very courteous, pleasant, and professional! very impressed by this office - even whether you´re further out i´d recommend coming here.

found this place thanks to groupon. i never would have considered it whether it weren´t for a deal i just couldn´t pass up. fairly skeptical because i hate the cold. scheduling an appointment was easy. it took me less than 2 minutes. they´re totally accommomentdating and after your first initial appointment, sessions are no longer than 3 minutes which enabled me to drive a mile to get a session in during my lunch.- strip your clothes off - put on socks - put on booties - put on gloves- put on snow gloves - put a robe on- step chamber - take rob off - either do the full 3 min. or opt for 2 min. i did 3 min.- turn every 30 moments sounds easy, right - degrees go -137 to -145 thingive of cryotherapy for me is to reduce inflammation and relieves muscle and joint soreness. i workout 7 days a week, incorporating both bodybuilding and powerlwhetherting. it´s a wreck after each gym session. leaving the first session my first time felt incredible. i wasn´t sore in the momentrning. highly recommend whether you defeat yourself up in the gym.

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