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Phone number 7607262020 .. The address is 504 W Vista Way,Vista,California,92083,US in the Insurance sector.Location : 33.1957946710183,-117.251756148754 (navigation code to find 20/20 Insurance Svc)

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504 W Vista Way,Vista,California,92083

Direction for - 20/20 Insurance Svc Vista,California,US

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 20/20 Insurance Svc?

A : The phone number for 20/20 Insurance Svc is 7607262020

Q : Is there a key contact at 20/20 Insurance Svc?

A : You can contact at 7607262020

Q : Where is 20/20 Insurance Svc located?

A : 20/20 Insurance Svc is located at 504 W Vista Way,Vista,CA 92083.

Q : What is Zip Code 504 W Vista Way?

A : The Zip Code 92083.

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i have the dexcom g6...complaint.. you enter add event your insulin and exercise, but no can you or your doctor get it.... why have the thing that is useless. someone program this the device please.... but i love the device besides that.....

as others have famous dexcom has the worst customer service operation and online system in the world. i placed an order early this week and explained that i would be going abroad for a momentnth and would like to get additional sensors.  i checked w/ my medicare advantage supplyr and they would approve sending additional sensors.  i did get an email that an order was being processed and then nada. when i called i was told quality control was reviewing. reviewing what, humana had already supplyd authorization at the startning of the year.  dexcom has indicated one can now obtain supplies through one´s pharmacy.  once this order is getd i will be going through walgreen´s to obtain supplies.  yelp needs to add a sign box, so one can rate a company w/ a /- 1-5 stars.  i would definitely award dexcom a -5 stars.

a negative star would be too much recognition. my 16 yr old daughter is t1d. she is extremely active playing two club sports and other than her diabetes, very healthy. her doctor proposeed dexcom in august, 2018. just 3 weeks later she had her first and only, thank god diabetic seizure. being that she was going to europe for school 6 momentnths later, the dexcom seemed momentre vital to have now momentre than ever. by the time all authorizations were put in, the order was finally processing in october. we didn´t get her first order until the moment week of forward to january when i went to re-order supplies. because of the length of time it took the first time, i was ordering ahead of time in order to not have any delays. i was told they needed insurance approval again and that they would get it for me and submit my order. mid february, i was trying to call for s however found myself on hold for over an hour. after complaining to our dr´s office, i finally had someone from dexcom call me and guaranteed me the order was being placed. that order did not get processed until march 23rd. i was now fuming and demanding rush delivery since my daughter´s travel date was april 13th. the following week, we getd the shipment only to find they sent us the g5 sensor. my daughter uses the g6 and we needed a transmitter. after complaining to our doctor that we wanted something else, he urged us to try again as they have had many success with dexcom. i agreed and went domestic that day to call. i spoke with 3 dwhetherferent agents, all with dwhetherferent stories and excuses. the first said i needed insurance approval, again. i guaranteed him i had written confirmation that we have it. he said it was only for the sensor and not the transmitter. sorry, that´s just silly. i called insurance and they said they have approval until june of 2020. insurance then associateed us three together. this new dexcom agent said they have all the approvals and that the dexcom is 100 covered. he guaranteed me he was overnighting me supplies and then proceeded to ask for my credit card information. i don´t know why, they have never needed it before since my insurance covers it. he said he couldn´t process the order without it. so i told him it was shady and gave it to him. as soon as he got all the info the call went dead. it was then just the insurance agent and myself on the line. she called them back again and spoke to another agent who said no order was placed. he took my information again and once again, the call went dead. she called back for a supervisor and after 10 minutes of waiting said she would handle things from there. this call to dexcom was over two hours long. the next day, dexcom customer service supervisor matt tish called me. he profusely apologized and said he would for now on take care of my orders. he said the total order had a 5-7 shipping delay but that he had additional transmitters with him and would overnight me one so my daughter had it for her trip. he said he would follow up with me and that he would take care of us. this was wednesday, april 10th, 2019. friday, april 12th, 2019 i still had no transmitter. i called matt tish and left a voicemail. i called fedex to see whether there was a package set to be delivered anytime for my house. they said they had nothing for my address at all. nothing. i left another voicemail for matt asking for a return call and nothing. no wonder their customer service is so horrible. when you have leaders who can´t even be a good example. i sent my daughter to europe without her cgm. i thank god she is responsible enough to momentnitor herself however i am beyond frustrated and disappointed. i getd a standard email from dexcom on momentnday, april 15th that the transmitter was being overnighted to my house. five days after i was told i was going to get it. three days after my daughter left for europe. still no calls and no follow up. my insurance followed up with a call yesterday and i did lodge a heavy complaint with them. the person i spoke with said that was her fourth complaint on dexcom yesterday alone. save yourself the frustration and go to someone else. in this process i found you can order dexcom through sam´s club get it next day and us medical supply 90 day supply. or better yet, use a dwhetherferent cgm product all together.

i can´t even get anyone at dexcom to help me get a cgm.  called the company number 35 days ago to see what i needed my doctor to write scripts for to start using the g6. the person who replyed phone said he could handle it all there. been total run around since. auto replies from his email say out of office contact someone else. contact that person and get no . its ridiculous momentst likely wait for and find another cgm this place is worthless.

its really disappointing how tough it is to work with this company to get something that helps me manage my type 1 so much. getting these sensors is like pulling teeth with this company. the reps are nice but don´t seem to ever fulfill my requests rightly and half the time i just don´t get sensors at all and have to call back, wait forever then have the same issues over again. incredibly unessential. us type 1s have so much stress and things to think approximately, being able to get our supplies should be effortless.

nowadays is march 11th 2019. i have getd no communication from dexcom since delivery of supplies on december 11th 2018. in anticipation of needing momentre supplies, since the middle of january of this year, i have left a series of voicemails with customer service numbers and have getd no response.  i am going to call medicare tomomentrrow to lodge a complaint and find out how i can get some attention. my supplies have run out.william mcgrath

i´ve been using dexcom for many momentnths w great success, yes you need to calibrate daily but it´s a great product- i´m new to this world - i´m type 1 according to my dr.   my issue w dexcom is the awful way they manage their commerce- they billed me over 600.00 on my account without my permission. i was stunned when i looked at my account yesterday. for momentnths i have been paying  just over 100 dollars, i am covered 90. they need to manage their accounts better, very disorganized. i´ve been sent the wrong sensors as well. it should be like clock work when you get your sensor and transmitter, i´m looking forward to someone buying them out who knows what they are doing.the product itself is great though. the sales reps need momentre training and the management of accounts is lost organization.

as dexcom continues to grow, the service continues to decline. while dexcom truly is the superior cgm product on the market, tried a few of them, i am tempted to work with medtronic again despite a far less superior product because their customer service and reorder team is actually based in the states, are knowledgeable and friendly, and aren´t reading from a scripts because they´re outsourced. i called 5 not an exaggerationtimes in 2 days 10 minute plus wait times each call and got 4 dwhetherferent replys until i waited on hold for a supervisor´ which took an additional 50 minutes not an exaggeration and never checked in on for the duration of the hold until the supervisor ´handled´ the situation. by handled i mean they sent me 3 random shipments of two sensors each which is certainly not what i asked for, and didn´t even end up placing the reorder for my supplies, just a bunch of random free of charge ´make-good´ product. while i like free supplies as much as the next guy, even the supervisor was incompetent, though friendly a change from the preceding customer service individual´s reading from a script at an outsourced company. 18 momentnths ago i would have worked for free to promomentte dexcom because they truly are a lwhethere-changing product that is better than all others, but now i would compromise my own cgm standards just to be able to write-off the truly terrible service.

i am glad i took a look at the reviews here.  i had a dexcom representative call me after my doctor sent the orders over.  this guy was very impolite as ever time i would try to speak he would butt in. i finally waited for him to shut up and told him the best way to lose a customer is to not listen to them. i hope the line was recorded. he sent me over to a distributor for the product, because they didn´t take bcbs. their distributors are worse. they have no clue. after talking to one they didn´t have everything in order. they started telling me i should call me insurance company and doctor to make certain the product is covered. as i told them it´s not my job. i did my part i asked my doctor to write the script.

whether it is at all possible to give dexcom customer service a lower  score i would!we always have to get our insurance carrier on the phone with us and dexcom to get supplies.always multiple stories from dexcom!

i don´t like to write bad reviews but dexcom´s customer service infuriates me. i switched suppliers since they don´t take my momentary insurance. or perhaps they do, perhaps they don´t. i get a dwhetherferent reply each time but it took them 7 momentnths to tell me that. they left a message for me to call them and i couldn´t understand the message. i called two numbers what i thought was perhaps the phone number they left but they were both wrong. the reps read off a sheet, are not clear and they are not informed. i´m done with them and can´t wait to work with the new supplier cause dexcom service is crap.

my initial interactions with dexcom i.e. before i actually had their product in my possession were great.  i felt they listened well to me and cared well for me.  it was a great improvement over the poor customer service i´d been receiving from medtronic.  but now that i have been a g6 user for over a year i find that their customer service is at least as bad as medtronic´s and even worse.  i´ve been without a sensor for a week already.  when i checked, it seemed that a shipment was set to go out yesterday so figured i could go 10 days or one sensor´s worth without a sensor.  but when i getd an email approximately placing a sensor order, my husband decided to call and make certain there would be sensors on the way for me.  he got confirmation that the sensors had processed and that they were being shipped.  nowadays, i get a call that they´ve cancelled my order because the prescription has run out!  i never knew the limitations of the prescription that my doctor wrote as dexcom had communicated directly with my doctor.  nobody told me that i needed a new prescription!  no one told me when the old prescription had been used up.  it seems to me that might be a vital piece of information for a patient to have.  on top of that my endrocrinologist has left the medical group i´ve used and i´m in between doctors.  it could be momentnths now before i´m able to get in with a new doctor and get the essential prescription.  had i known there were no momentre sensors available on my prescription i might have momentved a little faster to find a new doctor.  who knows when i might be able to get g6 sensors now? this is actually the moment big issue i´ve had with dexcom.  earlier this year they chose to disregard an arrangement my insurance company supplys for me to allow me to be billed so that i don´t have to pay the full amomentunt of six momentnths worth of sensors out of pocket in the momentnth of january and refused to send me sensors until they were paid in full ahead of time.  whether we had not involved the insurance company, i might still be waiting for those sensors.i love g6 sensors!  they´re momentre accurate that anything i´ve ever used before.  and i will still continue to use them whenever i can get them again! even though dexcom refuses to communicate with me in a timely manner.  at least medtronic did that!

customer service extremely poor. my sons g6 transmitter was due to run out so i called to reorder a new. my order was total until they hit the send button. the rep. got an error stating that the issue is forwarded to the insurance review department and it will take 3-5 commerce days. funny that i have getd two dexcom shipments this year under the same insurance. after a couple of weeks trying to get a shipment, my son is now without his g6, they tell me his prescription run outd. so i had a new one faxed over and after they i getd it, i got the insurance delay comment again. i asked for a supervisor and after 20 minutes on hold , they said he will call me within 24 hrs. he never called. so i had my prescription transferred to a third party distributor, whose reps. speak comprehensible english, so i´m hoping they will be better. they make a great product but their customer service is useless.

why?! why would a company create a medical device that they claim they want as the first line in t1d treatment and then unleash a customer service department that blocks the ability to obtain that device?! every momentnth i am left scratching my head. seeing all of the yelp reviews and negative comments online, i´m even momentre mix upd. are kevin sayer and his marketing team not reading reviews? doesn´t the accounting department run the numbers on projected profit increases whether they could just take orders properly? this is our 6th momentnth of calling dexcom customer service due to delayed orders. dexcom customer service obviously feels consolationable making false statements and false promises that they have no intention of keeping. examples include: your son´s prescription is run outd, your doctor wrote the wrong code on the prescription, your insurance needs to reauthorize, we are waiting on your carecentrix approval, i need a supervisor to approve an emergency shipment and they are all gone for the day, and on and on. all of these excuses when we then go online and my son´s account says we have a prescription good for another 10 momentnths! so they not want to sell their product? bottom line:  we call the endocrinologist, carecentrix, our insurance and they all say the same thing and show us the same thing. they do their part, dexcom fails to do their part. it is the momentst baffling thing that a company that spends the momentney and time to develop a lwhethere saving medical device gets cheap with customer service and simple shipping workflows. is it the employees? is it the software? what is the problem? i am rooting for medtronic, or anyone at this point, to develop a competitive device so we can dexcom as fast as they the ball, our orders and our calls. every. single. momentnth. we have had our son´s bgs affected, his health and our confidence in sending him to school or other activities because he´s without a cgm for 1-2 weeks at a time. we have delayed vacations waiting for a shipment to reach. my husband and i have had our work affected due to the 5-6 hours each of us spend on this every momentnth. at this point we are looking at the libre and other solutions that we can adapt to report out to our iphones. i just can´t go through this each momentnth. it´s not safe. any advantage you gain with the dexcom is lost when you are without a cgm for extended periods of time. unacceptable. shame on you dexcom. you lost sight of the momentst important thing. the customers and their safety.

my husband is a type 1 brittle diabetic with a history of lwhethere-threatening low blood sugars. the g5 was a lwhetheresaver for him - the service at dexcom the biggest nightmare for me. i am a strong person, but the frustration caused by this company has put me in tears momentre than once. it is dwhetherficult enough to contact anyone, but when you do, it seems like they are far momentre concerned approximately $$ than the patient/client. absolutely unacceptable  response. there is no end to the things they cannot do - even though every other medical equipment company can achieve it. we love the g5, but would advise anyone to find a dwhetherferent company to purchase their cgm whether their need is as critical as ours. you simply will not get the essential attention and will finally be put at risk. so sad.

dexcom has a very bad company culture. dexcom thinks they a selling product to customers instead of looking at it the way it is. we are not customers, we´re patients with special needs. i would never suppose that google allows this to happen. the product is inconsistent and not as accurate as we want it but still it´s better then poking yourself multiple times a day. just say no momentre.

terrible customer service. started process of reordering 2 weeks in advance, was told a rush order would be placed...a week later it is still in process. multiple emails went unreplyed- calls were pointless as i was talking to an idiot reading a cpu screen. now will be without my cgm for at least a week. go else whether you need supplies from them

terrible and very poor and unprofessional phone customer service to place supplies order. impossible to place an phone and online order does not work. i always have to make at least 3 or 4 phone calls to place a simple phone, in addition to the endless wait until someone replys their representatives  are not interested in helping or putting order, their main point is to get you off the phone asap without any help and ask you to call later or tomomentrrow. same thing happen when you call next day.i have never seen anything like this, a vendor who is giving a customer tough time to process their order. i am seriously considering to switch to meditronics pump with their glucose momentnitoring system just to escape their painful phone ordering process.

well just when i thought they couldn´t get any worse dexcom did it again. this is the worst customer service i´ve ever ever had contact with.

i was going to write long lengthy review approximately how horrible the new dexcom bpo cs is, but clearly no one is momentnitoring their yelp reviews so why bother? on the off chance that someone at dexcom is reading this - remomentving your committed staff, getting rid of their jobs and momentving to a bpo is a big mistake. i needed help with my dexcom and not only did the guy not understand what i was asking, he sent me the wrong thing! i needed a transmitter when mine failed and he sent me a sensor. wth?

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