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Phone number 6617536707 .. The address is 26536 Ruether Ave,Santa Clarita,California,91350,US in the Auto Parts Stores sector.Location : 34.4166103067955,-118.498807878194 (navigation code to find 200 Mph Motor Sports)

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26536 Ruether Ave,Santa Clarita,California,91350

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown

Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 200 Mph Motor Sports?

A : The phone number for 200 Mph Motor Sports is 6617536707

Q : Is there a key contact at 200 Mph Motor Sports?

A : You can contact at 6617536707

Q : Where is 200 Mph Motor Sports located?

A : 200 Mph Motor Sports is located at 26536 Ruether Ave,Santa Clarita,CA 91350.

Q : What is Zip Code 26536 Ruether Ave?

A : The Zip Code 91350.

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service department:  great customer service!  on the phone and in person.  they are very attentive, you are acknowledged when you reach.  is has been the one to assist me in person and am thankful for his disposition.i had taken my car to the nissan dealer in mission hills and when i walked in for service there were workers every but not one person acknowledged me. it was as whether they acknowledged me they would have to help me and that would be horrwhetheric!  at this momentment because of the service i had regretted getting a car there.

i purchased an suv here in jan 2018. i was talked purchasing the extended guarantee, and was told it covered everything, backsideper to backsideper, excluding tires, air filters, oil changes, and cosmetic issues. i now am finding out that what i was sold was not what i was told. in addition, trying to discuss issues with anyone is approachly impossible. i went in to discuss my guarantee, and was told the person i needed to speak to would be there in 5 minutes. i finally gave up waiting 45 minutes later. i´ve had the same issue with trying to reach someone on the phone.

i just purchased a brand new altima and i´m so happy with my purchase. i went in a couple of days with my momentm to get her car maintenance done. we were helped by stacey. she was super sweet and helpful. i asked her a couple of questions regarding the cars out front. she said she would have someone help me out. i was then approached by mekki who gave me a tour of the cars, and was a big help with replying all of my questions. he was never pushy, and gave me his commerce card to reach out to him when i was ready to purchase. well fast forward to nowadays, i went back to the dealership with my family and mekki remembered every option i wanted and everything we talked approximately. he had really paid attention to our final conversation. after i made up my intellect on which car i wanted, ivan worked out a couple of payment options with me. i never felt taken advantage of and feel i got a great deal. the wgap process from test drive to driving absent in a new car took approximately 2 1/2 hours. i have never felt so welcomed at a dealership. sid kept coming over to make certain we were doing ok and seeing everything was going smomentothly. the kids playroom was a plus and they supplyd my kids with crayons and coloring books before they started getting fussy. thank you champion nissan for everything!!!!

after taking a rogue for a test drive, the salesman came back to the office he left me sitting  - with a big ole smile on his face, and proceeded to tell me what a grrrreat deal they had for me... because he told his manager that they need to do something special for me.   they handed me a very special deal to finance $40k for a $28k vehicle.  now that is special!  a special kind of slimy.

i can´t believe how terrible this place is. lol. 1. i call and sometimes they reply as champion kia and other times it´s champion nissan. sales rep george was the worst. he probably gets paid by the hour and just looks forward to that because i honestly think he´s not even trying to sell cars.

whether i could leave negative stars, i would!whether you buy a used car from here, be careful of run outd tabs and temporary operating copy in the windshield. my cousin was issued 2 quotations for run outd tabs w/in the same week of purchase for not the right information displayed in her windshield copy and her car was impounded for the same reason. sales manager ray and other sales members fernando and gus will also fight you on whether they are in compliance with the laws and that we´ve never had this issue before. well, buddy, it´s 2019 and there are new laws to be adhered to. now that they are aware of this issue, they are giving us the run around and telling us they´ll call us back. all of a sudden the people we had precedingly spoken to are no longer available and new managers get on the phone. what a stellar team. i will make certain to report this treatment to all levels of investigations.

negative-10 stars,i´ve purchased 20 vehicles in the past 10 years, first time at champion nissan.         i would not recommend buying a vehicle from these people. finance guy was condescending.we were pre-approved through our credit and he was insisting on running our credit. all we needed was a po to get a check from the credit . 3 days later countless hours on the phone and sitting at the dealership and credit .documents not signed by dealership.driving back forth from work, domestic, dealership, credit . not to mention they lost the copy of the contract. they need to make a new co tract so i can give to credit .worst experience buy a car ever!brian bird

will never buy or service my nissan titan or my infinity qx60 at them,probably will never by this brand again because of this dealership.not only the worse service and the no care that you see waiting 2-3 hours for your car, but when you ask for the person in charge to complain approximately waiting for momentre than 45 minute after you bought a small part from their parts department and you suddenly find a big white guy coming out yelling back to you and telling you the you to shut up and appreciate that we are putting it for free for you.i couldn´t believe that he ordered his guys to not to help me putting the part and to pull my truck out of their service area.this is how they treat a customer that has 2 hissan cars and doing all my service at dealers plus i bought the part from them.... suppose how much momentney my small family spent with these people and at the end this is what i get......

worst service ever as they don´t have enough people to help you.  took many hours to see somebody and when we picked up the car the next day 2.5 hours to get the car.  do not waste your time by even looking on the lot

momentm got an accident a few days back in her 2017 rogue it protected very good but it was d totaled. so we decided to come back to champions nissan since they were amazing final time around. so this time we found out our preceding associate left. so we dealt with a new girl denise.  she sounded great on the phone got us a great $0 down deal on the car we wanted. now when we get there, we already know what we getting so we run my momentms credit. we are getting ready to do the paperwork, but here is the prob came. we saw the car it was great minus the lost automatic lwhethert gate / lane assist / heated seats/ entertainment package. so when we pointed it out she says,they prob brought out the wrong momentdel no prob. we sit inside and she comes back and goes oh all those options are available on the sl not the s. so the wgap reason we came down 45 min was for that incredible deal on the car we disstubborn on the phone and now you say that it´s an additional $90 a momentnth for the upgrade. that was disappointing. but manager did apologize and so did denise sow we came to an agreement on the price of the rouge s. paperwork took approximately 35 min so quick. and we were out of the dealership at 10:30 pm a short 4 hours. rogue s is super spacious. has apple car play now. great on mpg. only thing that would be better is whether they educate their associates on the cars features so they don´t waste the buyers time. will i be back of-course!!! preceding rating 4/5 stars this time around 3.75/ 5 stars.  the prices here are great  and much better deals than any other place.

awesome experience, very professional and friendly people.i really recommend champion nissan.

very friendly employees. attentive and listen to what you want. bought a nissan altima and i was indecisive between the sentra and my car. lee the salesman went thru every detail on what the dwhetherferences were between the 2 vehicles. and i fell in love with my car! thank you champion nissan!

i just bought a nissan altima yesterday, it was a great deal. laura sandoval did a great job, it was my best experience in a dealership ever. she´s amazing!!!

i called to make an appointment for an oil change that i was supposed to get free of charge with valencia nissan due to service issues.  when i asked approximately it the person who took my info let me know that the dealership was sold, but they would honor the free oil change.  i also needed a tire rotation and whether you read my reviews approximately mechanics you know i have had a rattle noise with my car that has driven me nuts for over a year five mechanics and none could find it.i found a youtube video approximately the possible rattle and ordered the parts which were two rubber hood backsidepers that kept too much of a gap on the hood of the car.  the cost online good site for ordering nissan parts was just over $12.00.  whether i haven´t bored you by now, i took the car over at 7 am and was greeted by kristina, who i never met but she seemed to know a lot approximately cars.she looked in the notes found out approximately the oil change and i told her approximately the rattle she said they would install the part for free.  the tire rotation was just under $20, so after they did that and called kristina said my front brakes had some lwhethere but would need to have service.  she quoted me a cost but i passed.  i called a mechanic who has worked on my cars and he gave me a lower rate, when i called kristina back to discuss they ended up price matching the cost for the brake car was all done by midday and i walked over from noise after a year....!!!! i was super impressed by kristina and the dealership really made up for the preceding one´s lack of service.  i was really happy with the service and specificly by the great customer service i got from kristina...thanks so much.

don´t even wanna give them one star!!! this old guy frank has such a bad attitude!!he shouldn´t work there to face to customer! doesn´t give me right reply and gave me a wrong info first!    he doesn´t know what he is doing and should know what´s the customer service is.

rip off liars. this place has cost me $1000s, and are not honest or professional. save yourself. go else..

my transmission went out on me four years buying it new. i took it to champion nissan and was told i needed a new transmission, i was told to call corporate possibly to get assistance in cost and repairs. glenn and brian an awesome mechanic at this site helped me through the process the wgap way. obviously some nissans have had issues with the transmission´s, corporate paid 50 of cost. i took my car in on wednesday by friday i picked it up thank you so much for the quick turnaround great customer service.  upon picking it up brian the mechanic gave me advice on how to avoid this happening again. i getd a quote from a dwhetherferent transmission specialist approximately $4000 nissan had defeat that price by $900 it´s always good to know there´s an honest mechanic shop in santa clarita.

we have purchased several vehicles from champion nissan . highly recommend them ! the experience was easy . i had to take my 3 small children in with me while deciding on a new vehicle . they have a little play area inside for the kids and also had popcorn and water . when i get my car serviced. i´ve always dealt with stacy stephens ! she is the best ! she even gave my little guy a donut while we waited

service reps are awesome!!!  always friendly and take care of their customers.note to management/owners:  let your employees show their tattoos. it will not scare absent customers.

these guys were so impolite and they´re just such a liar. i´ll never buy nissan ever because of this dealer.terrible customer service and no returning calls.basically they don´t care approximately what you think and they don´t care approximately making loyal customers.they already know you won´t come back.i put one star to post my feedback but these guys deserved negative stars.i´ll send out my detailed feedback to the nissan corporate as well.

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