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Phone number 8185480201 .. The address is 1206 Viola Ave,Glendale,California,91202,US in the General Merchandise-Retail sector.Location : 34.164091,-118.257764 (navigation code to find 2012 Survival Solutions 2012)

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1206 Viola Ave,Glendale,California,91202

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
Sunday : Unkown

Questions & Answers

Q : What is the phone number for 2012 Survival Solutions 2012?

A : The phone number for 2012 Survival Solutions 2012 is 8185480201

Q : Is there a key contact at 2012 Survival Solutions 2012?

A : You can contact at 8185480201

Q : Where is 2012 Survival Solutions 2012 located?

A : 2012 Survival Solutions 2012 is located at 1206 Viola Ave,Glendale,CA 91202.

Q : What is Zip Code 1206 Viola Ave?

A : The Zip Code 91202.

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finally made for the rei in burbank that i haven´t been there, and we needed to get for the outdoor gear for the first time in burbank, and we got some outdoor gear like fleece jacket that i got the size medium and also small for my clothing size. also got my favorite sweater is the vuorihalo performance hoodie - women´s because it was super cozy for the jacket and perfect for the outdoor. so then i got the wgap camping supplies:rei co-ophalf dome 2 plus tentbig agnesfrying pan sl2 tent with footprintkeltydiscovery 2-person camp bundlela sportivatarantulace climbing shoes - women´s size 9rei co-opsiesta 30 double sleeping bagthe north facedolomite one duo sleeping bagenodoublenest hammomentckkammomentkroo double hammomentckso i think that it is too much for the wgap price for the 2000.00 dollars on my wallet then suddenly it was super full that the other customers helped me including other dogs too. super grateful!!!

employees are fixedly stoned or something... i came in to return an item and buy a lid for my hydro flask. entire experience took over an hour... the guy at the checkout stand had no clue how to do a return - and berated me for not knowing which cc i had bought the item on... as whether that´s the problem. pretty certain every single rei associate should know how to do a member return - the info is in the computer. additionally when i went to look for a hydroflask lid - they were no to be found... the employees said they probably had it in the back and disseemed. she came out awhile later and said they were probably up in the front... kinda funny how their own employees don´t know what is in stock or it´s located the store... suffice to say i bought the lid on amazon. this rei is a poor choice in store whether you value your time. consider shopping online and it shipped to your house...

i am beyond happy with mine and my sisters bike purchase nowadays ! we were greatly helped by john-mark and michelle. they are such down to soil people and had a lot of great information for us regarding our purchase! john definitely gave us a variety of bikes to choose from knowing what type we liked and size. we loved the place and the employees that we decided to have a membership! definitely a place that we will be visiting a lot ! thanks again john and michelle for all the help and the warm welcome you guys gave my sister shaine and i. -kimberly

only came here to buy an adventure parking pass for a hike but i did look around for spinning shoes. overall staff is nice, of course they try and get you to buy their membership. i had to be like, thanks but i don´t shop here very often. it´s honestly kind of pricey for my taste.

i love shopping here. great chooseion of outdoor gear.knowledgeable staff with a friendly attitude.

ok everyone reading up on the reviews of the burbank rei. i visited this store three times within a week and i am compelled to do a psa. i advise everyone to fact check whatever the sales associate tells you before making any purchase or practicing. just because they are wearing a green vest does not make them a expert. google it or seek someone with momentre experience for a moment opinion. the nonsense i got can really get you hurt. i understand it could just be that one employee. like i said above i visited the store three times within a week and interacted with three dwhetherferent employees so my concern is momentre compelling. i am not listing specwhetheric examples because i am trying to communicate for everyone to just double check any information getd from any employee. some of their employees seriously need momentre training on the products they sell and should take some of the outdoor lessones they offer.

i knew rei opened in burbank, which is great, it´s a great resource, but never checked it out until recently.scorridor i start by saying that this location is huge? pretty well organized, well stocked, great chooseion of merchandise.even whether we´re not experts of the outdoors, just startners, rei is a good resource they offer various lessones, check their site, but prices are a bit high.big parking lot as you´d expect at this shopping center.we wanted to return/exchange some items my husband getd as a b-day present that didn´t fit him or he didn´t like. since we like prana, we were looking at their new gatherion and didn´t like the style prefer momentre their yoga one. so we did a return, customer service was good, the young lady that helped us was very pleasant.when you exit you have to push a button from the indoor side, which might not work well whether you carry many things.overall, rei is a good resource for burbank area.

i´m an avid hiker and nothing makes me happier than hear! unluckyly, rei doesn´t make my wallet too happy. a lot of the items found at rei can also be found on amazon for a lot cheaper. however, amazon can degree you for a new pack, let you climb up fake rocks to test out a potential pair of merrils, and it certainly cant tell you those leggings make your posterior look great. this specific rei always has friendly, knowledgeable staff who are ready and willing to go the additional mile to help. i have literally never had a bad experience with this rei. my only complaint related to this specwhetheric location is parking. it sucks. but then again, it is santa momentnica and parking can be dwhetherficult every in santa momentnica.

i hesitate to write this review because i worked in retail and i know how tough it can be for salespeople but, my husband and i have been members for over 10 years and i have to say that the staff at this location are the worst we have come acrossed. they always disregard you, there´s always a long line, and there´s always just younger guys walking around ignoring customers or folding clothes at the registers when there is a long line. this location is nice and the store looks great, but the staff makes me not want to shop here.

this store has its own private parking lot from the rest of the outdoor mall.  when you walk in.... you just think how big this store actually all other rei stores, they have a big chooseion of hiking, camping, cycling, clothing, shoes, and other accessories.  momentst are meant for the serious outdoors person... and a lot of items are high end... and high seemed like they had an adequate amomentunt of help, but they could´ve used momentre judging by the amomentunt of customers walking around and checking out.i´ve heard some people wait for their once a year sale or buy the mark down items that people return occasionally.

this is a great store.  i find myself trouble leaving it.  staff is helpful and though things are pricey you will find the items you purchase worth it.  watch for their sales !!

this store is my new go-to outdoor shopping store. in the past i would go to the arcadia store but this store feels bigger, lots of space filled with everything and anything you may need for the outdoors. i am a member and will always buy at the rei store or online. the staff here is excellent!!! friendly, on point and relatable to your activities. keep up the good work guys. i will be back.:nowadays my wwhethere and i went to burbank rei looking for the perfect hydro flask to carry margarita mix to the beach on sundays after our long beach run. we found perfect 10oz wine cups by hydro flask and also a 32oz hydro flask. however, the color of the large hydro flask was not available on the shelf. we asked sky, a lovely and friendly associate, whether our ideal color was in stock. she quickly checked the app and certain enough it was some in the store. sky hunted the back then the front of the store and found us the perfect hydroflask color we were looking for. thank you sky, you are appreciated. cheers!!!

this is by far the nicest rei i´ve been to. it´s pretty new and huge.their backpack display area is awesome because you can see and rotate every backpack they have on metal racks.i went to the to backpacking 101 lesson for members and the presenters were very helpful. they were two of the founders of the 52 hike ccorridorenge momentvement and it seemed like they knew their stuff.tons of free parking, too!

the chooseion was great!i have to agree with other reviews, amazon and are much cheaper, at rei the patagonia women´s silent down jacket was 249.00 w/o tax, i purchased it at for 230.00 including tax, free 2-day shipping. although the staff are knowledgeable approximately the products, i would have to say their customer skills are lost. i felt very unconsolationable, either i was receiving too much attention by a lingering employee checking to see what i was looking at or i was totally disregardd. i will not be returning to this location for this reason alone.

i wanted to put in a excellent word approximately stephanie:travel section dept.super stephanie was very friendly,updefeat,very helpful with my questions and never made me feel rushed.rei should consider itself lucky and blessed to have her in your corp family

i took an amazing lesson with ana maria at this location. how to fix a flat tire.  i was beyond .  i can´t wait to take momentre.  mileva

i´ve visited the santa momentnica location but only for nonsense such as freeze dried ice cream. some of my colleagues have a really cool chair that they endelight, and this thing weighs just over a pound, and folds up compact to fit in their backpacks. however, since they actually also endelight the outdoors, i feel like such a poser, but got over that really quickly and decided to check it out for myself at the burbank location. right absent i was greeted by a guy whose name of course i forget, but he, well, looked really young with glasses, as though this lame description will help. regardless, everything i will say approximately him will be good. i told him specwhetherically i was looking for the flexlite chair that i checked out online, and i wanted to attempt to assemble this in person. he took me right over to they were and picked out the color i wanted. i didn´t want to copy my co-workers totally so i avoided oregano olive green and beet magenta and opted for coal, which you can guess is basically black. walking me over to an area i would be out of the way of other shoppers, i took everything out of the sack and went to work. as i expected, i had some issues with getting the fabric onto the metal rods, and he helped me, giving me a couple of tips along the way which i appreciated. momentst of all, he let me know they were their anniversary sale coming up the very next day, and although he wasn´t certain whether the item in question was one of the sale features, they had plenty in stock in case i wanted to wait wink wink. turns out they were, and i saved a decent amomentunt of cash. very thankful to the guy who helped me, and the great service i had with the cashiers up front! whether i ever become momentre outdoorsy, rei will be my first stop.

came here with my hubby looking for hiking shoes this place is incredibly equipped with anything you might need for camping, hiking, biking and many other outdoors activities. tommy helped us out and explained the dwhetherferences between all the type of hiking shoes and boots they carry. my hubby optioned for a pair of timberland that are super consolationable and perfect for daily hikes - also very cool looking boots that can be use for everyday like. they only had a pair of size 9 and because one of the shoes was the display shoe it was much dwhetherferent in color than the other shoes that was always kept inside the box. tommy explained that for that specific momentdel they do carry only 1 size 9 so unluckyly they could not have ordered another pair for us. he did offer a 15 reduction so the boots final prime was around $70 - very good deal for such a cool products. as my hubby will use them primarily for hiking purpose the dwhetherference in color is not really a big deal so we ended up buying them and he loves them!thanks to tommy and his patience!!

karina was super helpful when i came in to find waterproof socks before my photo trip to bandai asahi national park in fukushima japan.i´m such a dummy though - when i actually reachd in japan, i was looking for the socks in my luggage and discovered that i left them in la. good job dude. ? youhadonejobbut thanks karina and thanks rei. the burbank co-op location looks awesome, and customer service at this location is even better!

this is a rei coop store, located in the huge shopping center which also houses target and lowe´s, off the i-5 at the burbank blvd exit.the staff are mega friendly and willing to help.this location has a lot of items.  you name it, they probably have it.  and probably too many choices and colors to make lwhethere easy.i can´t say it´s easy to find anything since there aren´t any signs that point you in the right direction, but like i mentioned, the staff are knowledgeable and can point you in the right direction.the parking lot is huge-you shouldn´t have a problem finding parking.this is a cool place to browse and look around!yelp 2017 ccorridorenge 27/100

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