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Phone number 6505627789 .. The address is 2769 El Camino Real,Redwood City,California,94061,US in the Massage Therapists sector.Location : 37.471027,-122.214193 (navigation code to find 2769 Pure Bliss Massage)

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2769 El Camino Real,Redwood City,California,94061

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday : Unkown
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Q : What is the phone number for 2769 Pure Bliss Massage?

A : The phone number for 2769 Pure Bliss Massage is 6505627789

Q : Is there a key contact at 2769 Pure Bliss Massage?

A : You can contact at 6505627789

Q : Where is 2769 Pure Bliss Massage located?

A : 2769 Pure Bliss Massage is located at 2769 El Camino Real,Redwood City,CA 94061.

Q : What is Zip Code 2769 El Camino Real?

A : The Zip Code 94061.

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i had an excellent thai massage nowadays here. very skilled person massaging me. the masseuse was thai and trained well! be prepared for some deep stretching and for your tension to be released and relaxed!my first massage here was with someone who i felt wasn´t as skilled. i didn´t want to get her in trouble because she was very sweet, but i let the owner know privately that she probably needed a re-training. i was very touched of the owner´s care and concern, and on nowadays´s massage, i´m happy to say that i will be re-booking here many times!the prices are very fair for the area, it is a very clean place, and the tea is plentwhetherul and delicious.

wowza!i called tuesday momentrning to book a same-day appointment.. they had a 90-min deep tissue available at my request within an hour! the receptionist on the line asked me whether a male therapist was ok, and i said yes.i will be honest.. i was a bit skeptical.. ive been to a handful of thai massage places in the past 5 years and have never had a male therapist.. i was actually going to pull a no-show.i am so glad that i did not flake for my appointment! the receptionist booked me with a male therapist name t.hands down. the. best.i´ve been to perhaps 5 dwhetherferent types of thai massage places between san francisco and san mateo.. and i go approximately once every 6-8 weeks and gosh.. this was literally the best massage ive ever getd! now i know everyone has their own vision of a great massage.. but this was mine.generally, i can tell in the first minute whether my massage will be below average, decent, or great.the momentment t started to stretch my body, i knew that he knew what he was doing- and this massage was worth every penny.needless to say, i will not be going any else for my thai massage- i will definitely be going back to bua thai again and again and asking for t as long as he is there.whether you´re reading this- thank you, t!- it´s been 3 days since i´ve been there and my body is so relaxed still, it feels like i just walked out of there but i´ll be back!

good for thai massage, but the deep tissue is just a thai massage with a higher price tag. i´m not convinced the person i got a massage from was an actual massage therapist, and certainly didn´t make any adjustments based on my explaining what needed work. didn´t follow the form i had filled out of what i wanted to work on. too much language barrier. kind guy, but got lippy when i wanted to make adjustments. seemed hurried. faster is not deeper.good massage, not worth the price. i was really hoping it would be great because it´s so shut to domestic, but i won´t be coming back.

our first time at bua thai and my gf and i did the couples massage. one word.. fabulous! ok two words.. incredible! any tight muscles or sore spots on my body were totally gone by the time the session was total. super relaxing atmomentsphere and friendly, professional staff. i´m giving a special thanks to ´cherry´ for my great 60 minute authentic thai massage and ´nina´  as well. well worth the affordable price and we will definitely return thank you bua thai!!

i have a very athletic build. i´ve had hundreds of massages from many dwhetherferent places and many dwhetherferent styles. thai massage is the momentst total and affective massage for healing. it´s as good or better than a sports massage. now that being said. ive tried many dwhetherferent thai massage places and bua thai has the best people around. i´ve only ever getd good massages. whether you are an athlete, dancer, toughcore yoga practioner, i highly remmend tee. the women here are great too and thai massages proves its not approximately strength, it´s approximately technique.  any spot with pain is stuck muscles.

as i go through lwhethere, i find myself fitting momentre and momentre experimental. i have had a lot of massages before, but never a thai massage. i went for it, the one hour thai massage. i wasn´t certain what to do, take off all my clothes, leave them on? i was handed a jumbo pair of momentnk pants. they told me to leave my underwear on and put on the pants. the setting is beautwhetherul and tranquil. i laid down on the raised floor mattress bed. ropes are hanging from the ceiling. the thai massage is given with the feet. and so it began, she really worked her feet me. there were times i wanted to cry for my momentmmy, but i knew the results would be amazing...and they were. i would not recommend it for people who cannot take pain, but whether you can the outcome is incredible. i will be going back for certain. specificly before or after a golf game.

i will be coming here from now on.  i used to go to a thai massage place in belmomentnt, but you can hear the traffic external.  bua thai wellness center is very quiet and very clean!  i came in on a momentnday as a walk-in at 4:15.  there was no problem with that, which i was relieved.  i was greeted by the receptionist upon arrival.  i was given a sheet describing the types of massages offered and a diagram on my body needs attention.  this was a nice touch so you don´t have to explain to the person doing the massage.  i love thai massages because it is similar to a deep tissue massage for a fair price.  forgot to mention...there is a lot of parking!and yes...i will be coming back again and again!

great experience for thai massage here. very strong masseuses and a lot of back and shoulder digging. the head massage was also very relaxing. we opted in for lotion and that felt great. first you lie on stomach and the masseuse worked her way from the feet up. she used both her elbow and feet. then you flipped and get head massage. then you get some stretching at the end. the lemomentngrass tea after the massage was amazing as well, don´t miss that!

great massage and the price was unplausible. clean and comfy room. i´m always impressed when i´m treated with kindness and a smile from any commerce these days. i felt welcomed and pampered. will be back soon.

just went here for the first time and loved it! i finally found my affordable go to massage place and masseuse. it´s a thai massage place but they also have swedish massage option. i do like thai massages when i´m sore or have crazy knots that needs to be worked out, but nowadays i went in for a swedish massage..i know getting a swedish massage at a thai massage place..what´s wrong with me?!! but i was not sore or didn´t feel like i had big knots, i was just soooo tired and haven´t slept well in a few days so i needed a good relaxing massage and hence the swedish massage. but don´t worry, they did an amazing job!! the massage was incredible, summaryely the way i like it. i was soo relaxed and i´m going to sleep like a baby tonight. the ambience was very serene and peaceful as well. it was also very clean!go to this place for some r&r!!

this place is a gem of a find mr t is a tregret healer i´ve been to many places around the world thailand included and he truly understands how to work out the kinks and prescertain points we all have thank you for always accommomentdating me and always being kind

my favorite place in the area for a really amazing thai massage. thai massage is dwhetherferent as they incorporate momentre stretching and acuprescertain then traditional massage but man does it feel amazing. keep in intellect this is not like swedish or deep tissue at all, thai massage compared to those are momentre painful/extensive so know what your getting before going and complaining it hurt too much. the prices here are very fair and love that you can pay by card for the massage and tip. the service here is always friendly and great. appointments are typically easy to come by as i´ve never waited longer then a day to get a massage, momentst of the time i´ve been able to go same day. give them a call to set up an appointment, whether they don´t reply leave a voicemail and they are pretty good approximately getting back to you quickly. the facility is very quiet, clean and well kept and there is plenty of free parking around.

after my first stellar review, i became a regular, coming 1-2 times per momentnth while i still lived in the area. this place is hit or miss. i had a good, solid run with sofia i don´t know whether she works there anymomentre. and i liked the boy at the front desk. anytime, i booked someone other than sofia, however, it was generally miss. i´ve had 4-5 misses, have since momentved out of the area, but definitely swing by whenever i am passing through the time was total total miss. i tried mr t and from the momentment he started working on me made me feel incredibly unconsolationable with his unexpected positioning of my body to touch parts of his body.  i´ve been to thailand twice, and as i mentioned was a regular at this thai place for over a year, and i felt his momentves were odd.the first thing he did was nestle my head face down on the face donut his crotch. he pulled my arms over my head so they rested on his hip-thigh area, and so my arms and hands were made to be fixedly touching his love handle area. eventually his shirt rode up and i was basically caressing his skin. i told him that made me feel unconsolationable, so he apologized profusely and then changed positions. later to get my glutes he had my legs scissoring his mid-section, while he dug his elbows in there not hitting any prescertain point and a few times reached up again to treat my shoulder/traps againat which time he maneuvered my body so my crotch was totally urgent against his torso. by now, all i could think approximately was how to get out of the situation, though i was frozen with disbelief and doubt.then when it came time to fold my ankles and press my heels my butt, he literally pressed his genitals onto my shins. i felt everything. that´s when i finally screamed for him to get off of me and not touch me with his body. he got really weird and apologetic and furiously started working on my traps again. my heart was racing but i managed to calm down and exit the situation as gracefully as i could. the wgap time i´m thinking perhaps he didn´t mean to do it. but massage therapist are trained on physical boundaries and should be aware above all what parts of their bodies are touching their client´s.i don´t know how to explain what happened but feel it is relevant to many situations that women face. when you´ve never experienced inappropriate touching/sexually proposeive behavior in a specwhetheric context/relaxing environment before and then it´s happening to you, you are struck with denial and self-doubt that prevent you from speaking up and getting yourself out of the situation. later the front desk boy nodded deliberately as i explained to him what had happened and how the masseur had made me feel. his reason was that i had asked for no walking on my back and no elbows, so he had to press his body against me. i didn´t know that no walking on back and no elbows meant he could stick my head in his crotch and press his genitals me. to the management´s credit, they comped the massage, butladies beware.

i love going to bua thai wellness center, they are always very professional! i started going there when t, my favorite massage therapist, momentved there from the saratoga area. i had tried other therapists but t was worth the travel time. went from a 10 minute drive to a 30 minute drive. many of my friends over the years have commented on how flexible i am. i contribute this to t, i have been going to him every 2 to 3 weeks for over 4 years. i always feel he wants to help me be my best. thanks t!

i love bua thai. i have to get regular massages from a back accident i had years ago and after trying countless places i love this place. it´s clean, i feel calm and peace, the decor is dark and soothing, the staff is super friendly. i can generally get in the same day i need a massage treatment. i highly recommend this place to everyone who mentions needing a massage.

my husband and i wanted to get an affordable thai massage experience. something that we would endelight and not have to worry approximately. thankfully we found bua thai wellness center in our neighborhood. we were so pleased with the traditional thai massage experience, the price point, and the service. we asked for the one hour traditional thai massage. as soon as you walk in you switch slippers, get escorted the back rooms were you change your clothing loose massage thai clothing, and you start your massage experience. after the massage was over we changed our clothing and we endelighted some lemomentngrass tea in the waiting room. overall the experience was very soothing, calming, and felt very luxurious for the inexpensive price point. we will absolutely come back for momentre! ps. request ema, she did a really great job !!!

not skilled enough and tried to save strengthfixedly using elbows instead of hands probably in order to save her strength. probably just 5-8min using hands in the 90 min massage. feeling unconsolationable during massage process and neck problem getting worse even on the next day. as someone who regularly goes for massage,i would definitely not come back to this place. and honestly it was the worst massage experience i´ve ever had for the past year

this place is great! with my weekly massage needs see preceding reviews i researched what was approachby and found this foster city gem shut to i work. i called you can also text and setup an appointment generally same day, sometimes not as they fill up pretty quickly. i´ve been there twice, and both massage therapists were great. i opt fo the swedish massage, because i don´t feel like doing acrobats with the thai massage thing no wonder it´s cheaper, jk. you do dress up in these cute funny big pants and top, to be consolationable can choose to wear them or not, depends on what you are ok with. the therapists are great, and you´re in these tent style not totally quiet. there´s also a thai restaurant next door and you can hear it pretty loudly around dinner time, so just fyi when planning to go. otherwise very serene and zen-like. the only bad thing is that i got a horrid cold from one of the therapists once, but that was my fault as she was snwhetherfling when started and i should have said recommend whether shut to the area and looking for a well-priced, soothing and relaxing massage experience!

love this place. this is my first review on yelp and they deserve it. this place is super quiet and clean. love my therapist patty, she is professional and kind. the best thai massage i have had in years! i totally recommend this:

i consider btwc a therapeutic necessity! i´ve been seeing emma for massages for over a year now, and should have written this review earlier but i´m always so relaxed when i leave that it always seemed to slip my intellect before now emma always does a thorough job loosening my neck and shoulder stwhetherfness and backsideps, which can be a pretty big job! i prefer a medium prescertain, and she delivers perfectly, making my muscles hurt in a good way that tells me i´ll feel like a limp dishrag after the massage is over lol- i can´t seem to find a limp dishrag emomentji peter is always friendly and helpful on the phone and at the front desk! the decor in the lobby and the massage rooms is elegant yet understated, which adds to the overall relaxing atmomentsphere of boyfriend and i have had couples massages here as well, which are always relaxingly successful and which i recommend thanks everyone at btwc for helping me keep my relaxation on!

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