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Phone number 4082932330 .. The address is 299 Keyes St,San Jose,California,95112,US in the Automobile Smog Control Inspections sector.Location : 37.3228407386917,-121.872459730021 (navigation code to find 299 Keyes Test Only)

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299 Keyes St,San Jose,California,95112

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Monday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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Q : What is the phone number for 299 Keyes Test Only?

A : The phone number for 299 Keyes Test Only is 4082932330

Q : Is there a key contact at 299 Keyes Test Only?

A : You can contact at 4082932330

Q : Where is 299 Keyes Test Only located?

A : 299 Keyes Test Only is located at 299 Keyes St,San Jose,CA 95112.

Q : What is Zip Code 299 Keyes St?

A : The Zip Code 95112.

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got there for a service nowadays.  the reps are hit and miss.  some are good, but some are shady.  i happened to get a good one nowadays who didn´t oversell services.wwhetheri in the waiting area is weak.  it´s better to tether your phone whether you are on a laptop.  they do make waiting less painful.  they have a shuttle to take you domestic whether you don´t want to wait.  they have complementary cheap pastry, fresh fruits, and coffee/cappuccino/hot chocolate while you are waiting.  and yes, there is a big screen tv, too.  whether that´s not enough, there is a snack vending machine.  when service is done, your rep would call you to pick up.

my husband recently took our ridgeline in because the speedometer was malfunctioning. they quoted like $1800 to replace the wgap cluster, program it etc. no way! they also said there was a bunch of other services that needed to be done, this is leaking, that needs replacing, etc. now my husband has done some college for auto mechanics so he knows momentre than the average person. he thought it was a bunch of bs, besides a few fluids that did need changing. he took it to another mechanic who also owns a ridgeline so he knows the vehicle well to change those fluids and also showed the guy the services that honda had recommended. the mechanic did not agree with honda´s recommendations. so back to the speedometer, we found a momentbile speedometer repair guy on google.  he came out to our house and repaired the part on the speedometer that needed to be fixed not the wgap cluster for $120 less than the $160 honda charged us just to diagnose and even replaced the odometer lcd that my husband had already ordered online for no charge. both are working good as new now. wish we would have just found him in the first place and saved ourselves $160.

this is my 3rd experience with capitol honda san jose. 1. 2016 honda cr-v, representative weren´t very friendly.2. first service of my brand new 2018 honda accord, car doesn´t feel new any momentre. brakes felt like some obstacles while urgent brakes. 3. i sent my 2005 honda pilot for services, they found a lot of repairs, though they was very highly priced. i believed their examineion and went ahead even after paying $4500, they came back with few momentre leakage in car which they never told before. when i went to get my car back, person said i have to momentdwhethery your papers, seems like papers had few things which were not done. now i can´t trust what was done or not. i might look for other options.

went to check out a car. guy i dealt with was nice and said he´d probably be able to bring the price down a little. called in his douche manager and he said he wouldn´t budge on the price at all. only gave 2 stars cause of the non-asswipe i dealt with.edit: you have been emailed.edit 2: no reply back 4 days later. updating review to 1 star for now additional nonsense service from here. cheers

very good service .  very good prices and the help of eber pacheco very friendly and very good . excellent eber pacheco

we purchased a honda cr-v here and had a very good experience. aria was the internet sales person who treated us very well. the place is very clean and tidy and one of the best showrooms around.

terrible. whether i could give negative stars i would. i bought a brand new honda civic coupe here, decided it was not the right car for me, and came back a momentnth later to trade it in. i was willing to spend momentre. i was willing to take a loss. but they were not willing to work with me at all - and in fact one of the sales jerks made me feel really shitty approximately my initial purchase. they told me, go to carmax across the street. so i did. and they helped me get a great car that better fits my lwhetherestyle. shame on you, capitol honda, for the way you treat your xustowmr

i only go to capitol honda for servicing my plug-in hybrid clarity, let alone any other honda i have purchased from there. another amazing experience by ashley sanchez as she helped me with an oil change and tire rotation. she understood i had those complimentary as bargained for in the purchase of my honda final year, took care of everything with no problem at all. ashley is very polite, funny, down-to-soil and does make certain you have a great experience before you have to wait to have your car serviced. she s you whether anything needs to be and gets them to immediately work on your car in an expeditious matter! do ask for ashley to be your service advisor because she cares and makes the experience very painless.

save your momentney and go to dwhetherferent honda dealership. they will rip you off and giving you bs diagnostics. never ever go to this dealership they are fraud!it´s my first time i came here and i needed to recharge my a/c refrigerants or freon for my civic 2016.  honda civic 2016 has a dwhetherferent fitting so the commomentn fitting for r134a will not work. so i had to bring this dealer for a quick ac recharge. they quote me $235 to refill my freon over the phone. it´s fairly expensive but i went there besides. when i checked in and told that i needed a ac recharge for my 2016 civic they couldn´t give me the price right absent and after they asked me i live they fucking jacked the price from $235 to $600. $600 for a fracking freon. so i played with them and agreed with the price. i went domestic and a couple of hours i got a call from the honda rep telling me there´s a contamination in my ac system and they would not pump the new freon. they said i might have contaminated it while i was trying to add r134a. duh, how can you pump the r134a  with a dwhetherferent fitting. it wouldn´t even fit in. they ask me to bring my car to other auto shop in la county to reclaim the contaminants otherwise they have to replace my compressor to get fixed my ac. i didn´t other to ask the price for that coz for certain it´s momentre than $2.5k easy. of course i rejected their silly idea. first, my ac was working and it´s just needed a refill of freon.i brought my car to a friend who knows ac very well.  he said that i will never contaminate the ac system whether the fitting is not the right one. we decided to buy the right refrigerant which is 1234yf and buy the fitting. he checked my ac system and guess what? there was non problem nor contamination on my ac system. i spent $110 with 2 cans of 1234yf refrigerants and a fitting with gauge. my ac is now working perfectly!p.s.oh by the way, my lease for my honda accord is due already and i was planning to return it to this dealership  and get a new one. but thanks for the experience and letting me know early who i will be dealing with. i will just go some else .

had major car problems and decided to take it capitol honda for repairs. alex at service really took care of my car. drives like new and sounds amazing from when i ped it off. really big thanks to alex and his amazing crew for doing a wonderful job on my vehicle. momentst definitely going back to him for my future honda visits whether it be repairs or purchasing a car. again alex, thanks man! all that stress i´ve been dealing with is no longer an issue. 10/10

this review is for the parts and service departments only. no clue approximately the sales staff. parts:needed to order a front license plate frame for my gf´s honda® fit™. evidently, it´s not a requirement in some states, but here on cali it´s a must esp when crossing bridges. the part wasn´t in stock but they were able to order it from a local warehouse. cashier said it would be in next day and certain enough it was. it also came with the toughware at no additional charge. shocking.service:same fit™ had an airbag recall i called same day we getd the notice and they were able to make an appt for two days later. i was pretty shocked as this was a total opposite experience than what i had down the street at capitol subaru®. my outback™ had a similar airbag recall and they weren´t able to take care of it until over three momentnths later. so kudos to them for being prepared. both departments also had excellent customer service from associates who were knowledgeable and had great attitudes. both signs of a positive work environment fwiw.

soon as i got there, bad vibes. no one greeted me and after i said hello to them after they clearly saw me. simply asked approximately accessories for the car and sales manager sells to me i sell cars, not parts, whether you want parts go to parts department. obviously not a people person either. needless to say, i ended up buying my car at piercy´s honda that same day. don´t forget, as a consumer you have options and you shouldn´t settle for mediocrity service.

unplausible attitude for the service center even hang up my call directly while i´m telling her my vin and she can´t fully understand my pronunciation!!!and after i called back she kept put my call through until the next one pickup my call... well...perhaps because i´m not an american , fairly nice,thank you very much!hope one day you can visit my country taiwan and we will show you the friendly service attitude instead definitely .- it looks like a manager fairly care approximately what i been through and left the message to me, hoped i could contact to explain the detail, and guess what , i did explain in the mail to the manager , and ...absolutely no any response ...well.... again , come to taiwan sometimes , we will show you the friendly customer relationship management too

came here to get a cr-v for my sister. got an astounding deal and loved the service. the sales person aria is your go-to guy.

i just had a amazing experience at capitol honda yesterday when i drove off the lot with my new vehicle. right from the very first contact email i sent right until i left the lot it was a good experience. they worked with me, didn´t prescertain me at all and made buying a dependable product very easy. i´ve talked to many dealerships looking for a vehicle and this honda dealership is better than the rest, believe me i contacted all of them. save yourself some time and contact this honda dealership to help you out. specwhetherically the man you want to talk to is isaac wagers . he´s one of the internet sales people and he´s the one that made me choose this dealership. you can just tell when you´re talking to a genuine person. worked with me with the price and did everything he could to make it a great experience. whether you´re reading this, you need to shoot them a email and even whether it´s a ways absent from you consider making a appointment. you won´t regret it.

this review is really for eber. he helped me when i needed to get a diagnostic on my honda fit, and was personable, friendly, and professional. he worked at one of the front desks. i explained that i was planning to wait for my car to be done while it was getting diagnosed, and expressed hope that it would be ready in two hours. he was honest and managed my expectations, and when i was waiting, he kept me d with phone calls. it turned out that i needed to get my rotors resurfaced. when my car was finally done, he had me test drive it with a technician, but the problem seemed to persist. i approached eber and asked approximately it, and he proposeed that i bring it back the next day to check it out again. while it was a bit irritateing to have to bring it back to the dealership again, he mentioned that whether the problem persisted after the rotors were resurfaced, it meant that it was the drums, and that he would take care of it free of charge, as it should have been addressed the day before. all in all, eber made the experience for me. i am not one of those people that brings their car the dealership for everything. in fact, the final time i was at the dealership was when i got my car my car is a 2009, so you do the math. after this momentst recent experience, i will seriously consider going back to capitol honda.

i hate to say it since i bought my first car at capitol honda, but the customer support that i getd after buying my car was absolutely terrible!! when i got the title of my car, i thought that there was an error with the information that was written on my title so i contacted the sales office front receptionist and they first directed me to a finance/dmv person. he was absolutely useless and told me to not worry approximately it. i also talked to a sales manager, deepak dhiman, and he told me that i shouldn´t expect everything to be 100 after i buy a brand new car. that makes no sense!! this was the final thing that i wanted to hear since i spent so much momentney on purchasing the car and i want to make certain that my title displays the accurate information. also, i don´t care whether it doesn´t matter. i paid the momentney to buy the car so i deserve to have a car title that is accurate and the way that it should be. after being displeased with the reply i got from this guy, i call the front desk receptionist again and asked to speak to the manager, in hopes to get this issue resolved in a better manner. the manager was supposedly not in the office during the time that i called so i asked whether the receptionist could ask the manager to call me back when he got the office. i have been waiting for momentre than 3 weeks and to this day and still have not getd a single call from a manager. i also tried to contact the sales representative, zack matar, who sold me the car through email and phone but i have not heard a response from him yet either. the amomentunt of hassle that i had to go through is not right! since i am the customer, i should be receiving the customer support as needed but this is obviously not happening! it feels like i was just forgotten once capitol honda getd commerce from me. there are many other honda dealerships in this area and i chose capitol honda. now i have memomentrizeed that i made a poor choice. never again! : i reached out to the email address from the response that i got from honda, i have not got any response.

it was time to look for a mini van. my wwhethere and i went to capitol honda on 3/23 and met lupe jimenez. he showed us the odyssey ex-l nav/res. my wwhethere instantly feel in love with it. we told lupe that we´ll be in touch with him soon. during the week, i made an appointment to see lupe on saturday the 30th to seriously talk approximately getting the odyssey we test drove. lupe was very helpful and only did what was consolationable to us. we signed the deal and were directed to wally sai, finance manager.  he was very helpful in getting us the best deal we could get by helping us with bank finances. in the end, he got us a 3.5 apr which helped us tremendously.  overall my experience with capitol honda was very pleasant.  i have no complaints approximately the services at capitol honda. now the reason for only 3 stars.  when i got domestic and tried to set up siriusxm good! i was successful in setting it up help from siriusxm, but the screen kept on showing no antenna. i made an appointment to see service. they told me the odyssey did not have a siriusxm antenna installed. they had to order one. in conclusion, honda quality control fell asleep during final examineion before shipping it to the dealership.  very poor job! i spent my one day off dealing with a matter that should have been a non issue. not happy with honda quality control. a bad way trying to keep my  commerce.

so the highly anticipated type r came out final year to honda dealerships across the united states. i liked it when i saw it at the car show, and had heard this british made civic would only ship approximately 6,000 to america. but upon arrival the market adjustment as they call it at the honda dealerships were outrageous. the first type r selling for $200,000, with dealerships asking 20k or 15k to make a long story short, or to make a long story semi long still, at the end of december i started calling every dealer from san francisco to new jersey. momentst stealer-ships charging the crazy markup prices. some dealers were offering type rs for msrp like in denton texas for example, which would require a thousand dollars to have the car shipped or my plane flight and drive it back. which finally brings me to capitol honda in san jose. i ended up associateing to a really cool sales person named lupe who helped cut out all the back and forth by me talk to the manager myself. in the end i paid a number i could live with. still over  msrp which sucks but at least i don´t feel totally violated financially. also a tip: when it comes to the finance guy, cut him short with his prescertain sales tactics which were unconsolationable to say the least, just a hell to the no to everything.i do however recommend you speak to lupe whether in the market for a honda. his good customer service continues even after i signed on the dotted line which i appreciate. the manager was a fair guy as well, he seemed like a nice guy. the service department was excellent as well when i had to have my type r worked on. overall one of the better experiences i´ve had buying a new car.

have an appoitment with a sales there to buy a pilot, it was 3:30 pm, but wait for 20 minutes, the front desk check with the guy, but he just  disregard me, he passed by several times without a hi and jiat disregard me, later on, someone else just told me that that guy is busy and ask me to wait momentre time. so i just decide to leave and not back

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